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the Wayne challenge continues

If after reading our last post, you thought our large Wayne Renovation project ended there ...WRONG! We had a whole second floor to tackle! The second portion of #Edgehillrenovation included an addition and a major space plan reconfiguration within the existing master suite. A lot of time was invested into ensuring effective use of space. Some of the major parts to this project included moving a hallway, creating a brand new master bathroom, master dressing room and laundry room. We worked on this project along with Architect, Warren Claytor and Dilworth Builders, who built the addition.

Two major changes allowed our project to fall “magically” into place. The first element was a two-story addition, which became the new master bathroom. The architects helped us scale this addition to be an appropriate and comfortable size without going overboard, on both square footage and expenses. The second element involved moving a hallway. This was a big space saving solution, expanding the existing laundry room and allowing square footage to convert the small existing bathroom into a gracious, enviable dressing room.

Building the new master bathroom from scratch was a lot of fun! The blank slate allowed us to put the bathroom fixtures anywhere our hearts desired. We came up with a pleasing symmetrical layout. The tub is front and center and flanked by matching his and her vanities. Opposite that is a privatized toilet and a generously sized marble shower. The entire room is pulled together by the mosaic marble “rug” that helps accentuate the space and adds unique character without overwhelming the room.

The architect had the great idea to add vaulted ceilings, thus allowing the room to feel larger than it actually is.



By relocating the master bathroom and the moving of the hallway we were able to create a dressing room for our clients. In this space we worked closely with Closets by Design to help bring the space to life. We were even able to fit an island. It's hard to recognize this is even the same room.


The last part of the second floor space is the laundry room. We used stunning cement floor tile as our jumping off point, then we wood counter and waterfall to wrap the laundry appliances. On top of being quite handsome. We painted the ceiling blue for a little fun. Colorful ceilings are such an easy pop in smaller room!

Our client came up with the brilliant idea to have a laundry basket accessible from both the dressing room side as well as the laundry room side. (I wish I could take the credit for that one!)

Space Planning Before & After: The window seen at the back center of this picture turned into the doorway for the master bathroom.

Our breath is taken away every time we walk through the doors. The tub as the focal point, the tile “rug”, and the natural light... it truly is a serene retreat.


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