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  • Do you have a minimum budget requirement?
    Our minimum investment is $75k for a project that does not involve renovations.
  • What are your budget guidelines for projects?
    Our projects typically call for the following minimum budgets, which are inclusive of design fees, materials and labor: • Kitchen full renovation $175k+ • Structural renovations to improve or increase space $250k • Decoration $75k+
  • ​What are your design fees?
    After our initial consultation we will prepare a proposal for you outlining the estimated design fees for your project. When hiring a designer it is a good rule of thumb to figure on 15-20% of project cost going toward design fees.
  • What are the average timelines for project completion? When can we get started?
    We normally have a wait time between our initial consultation and the start of your project. Our client intake coordinator can give you more information on what our projected new project start dates currently are. Please fill out our contact form HERE to get in touch! Once we begin your project we typically require 3-4 months for design development. Once a full design is approved, major renovations average 10-11 months, and decoration-only projects average 7-9 months.​
  • When should I contact you about my project?
    Because we do have a wait list at present, it’s a great idea to reach out as soon as possible. In general we recommend at least being under contract on your home before reaching out, as it will be hard for us to advise you in a meaningful way without an address to reference.
  • Where do you work?
    We work primarily in Southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey, however we are open to travel for the right project.
  • Are you a design-build firm?
    We are an interior design firm; we do not provide construction services. However, we have 20+ years of construction experience and work closely with our general contractor’s to create as seamless an experience as possible.
  • How do you work with contractors and tradespeople?
    Depending on the scope of your project we will bring in our preferred GC to bid your job as well as possibly having one other trusted GC submit a competing bid. Our relationship with our primary GC enables us to function like a design-build with really seamless communication and problem solving. Once you have decided which contractor you wish to hire, your contract and payments for construction will be directly with them. We will be responsible for project management, communication with GC and problem solving regardless of who you hire. For decorative trades such as upholstery, window treatments and wallcoverings, we have our trusted trades that we will bring to you.
  • Do you do Project Management?
    Project management is an integral part of full-service interior design. This means everything from inspecting every piece of hardware that comes in for flaws to site visits for all key stages of construction to ensure the design is executed as intended.
  • Will you pick paint colors, choose window treatments, finish a room with select furniture, art, accessories, etc? Do you do room styling or ‘finishing’ of mostly decorated spaces?
    We currently only offer full service design where we are able to space plan, conceptualize and finish a room in a holistic way.
  • What is the Design Manifest process like?
    We begin by measuring your spaces, inventorying all items that will want to be stored/incorporated in your new design, and conducting an in-depth interview with you to learn about how you want to use the space, lifestyle considerations, tastes etc. We follow this meeting with a ‘rooms review’ where, based on what you have shared with us about your style, we show you a wide range of rooms to get deeper into the minutia of your likes and dislikes - color, pattern, hardware, lighting, wood finishes, art, everything! The next meeting we will share layouts, itemized budget estimates and a curated “mood” for your design. Once we have finalized a layout, we move into specifying all of the design elements - all finishes, fixtures, furniture and décor. We present these final designs to you with 3D color renderings, product boards, finish samples and swatches.
  • How involved will I have to be in the design process?
    We do the heavy lifting in this process and we have limited, focused meetings with clients. These will include the Design Interview, Rooms Review, Schematic meeting and Design meeting. Each of these takes around 1 ½ to 2 hours. We may be in touch as needed with emails and the occasional quick zoom as well, but in general the problem solving is on us - not you!
  • What if I don’t know what my style is?
    We haven’t found the client yet who we couldn’t tease inspiration out of and nurture that inspiration into a full blown concept. We pride ourselves in being very intuitive designers, tuning into your personality, likes and dislikes, and using our knowledge and resources to bring out the very best, most stylish version of you.
  • Can I use any of my existing furnishings?
    We are happy to incorporate, reupholster, or refinish good quality existing furniture, as it makes sense within the design goals you outline for us.
  • How does purchasing product work with your company? Do you offer trade discounts?
    We manage all purchasing for our projects. We source from a wide variety of to-the-trade vendors that we know will stand behind the quality of their products, and we sell product to our clients typically at or below MSRP.
  • What happens during an initial in-home consultation?
    During the initial consultation we walk you through our process and help you understand our services, background and philosophy as a design firm. This meeting gives us a chance to view your home, hear about your goals, timeline and budget, and for both parties to determine if we are a good fit for each other.
  • How do I know you’re the right fit for my project?
    Our clients are typically considering enhancements to a home they see themselves in for a many years to come. They want the work to be done right. They don’t want a cookie cutter look, instead they are hoping for a designer who will customize a design to fit them and their home. Lastly, our clients value having experienced professionals to lead them through the complex process of renovation and decoration and do the ‘heavy lifting’. Our team’s background in construction design uniquely enables us to find the best, most efficient solutions for your home, and our incredibly diverse stable of vendors and tradespeople means we can dream up and execute highly customized designs.
  • How do I get started?
    Reach out to us via our contact form HERE and be sure to include your full address including zip code, and as much information about your project as you have. Our client intake coordinator will be in touch with you shortly thereafter to schedule a complimentary discovery call.
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