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Greenwich Village Arty- Parlour Level

Welcome back to Greenwich Village Arty! Today we are revealing the Parlour level- a sun filled space with soaring ceilings. Architecturally this floor is a pretty strong contrast to the Garden level as it is much more traditional; with a classic marble fireplace mantel, high ceilings, large mouldings and wood floors. If you haven't yet read the Garden Level reveal, please check that out HERE for both details on that space and a background on our client.

While we tackled construction alterations on the garden level, the parlour was perfect as-is and just needed to be re-decorated. We were able to transform original state with paint, wallpaper and furnishings. One of our goals was to bring the Parlour and Garden levels more in alignment stylistically. When we first toured the home, each level felt like it belonged to a completely different house! We helped create a harmonious design through use of color, pattern and irreverent whimsy.

BEFORE: The Garden Level (Left) and Parlour Level (Right) felt like two very different homes.

Our first task was to define use and function for each room of the parlour. We knew this was going to be the entertaining level; a place for larger dinners, social gatherings but it also needed to be a place where our client could work. This level is divided into three spaces: a large room in the front, a room in the back that looks onto the garden and a narrow entry hall. We divided the large room into two sections with a large dining table towards the front windows and a lounge/seating area occupying the rest of the space. The back room made a perfect lady lair- or office- for our client, with a desk and a chaise lounge by the fireplace.

With our space plan set, we begin to design the mood and furnishings- first in the office. Initially we planned to keep the original wallpaper and ceiling paper in this room because our client really loved them. This helped establish the color story for this entire floor. Unfortunately there was large flood that damaged this room and we were not able to source these exact papers again. We took cues from the original look, while updating to better suit our client's personality. Cheetah trellis for the win!

Original Wallpapers

Updated papers with furnishings

We loved how this glass desk floated in the room. Sculptural chairs in a slivery vinyl provide a nice comfortable grounding moment without being too heavy. A white credenza with chic gold detailing hides all the mess.

Black is a consistent accent throughout this home and we love how these oversized lips provide a bold defining moment in this room.

A closer look at that cheetah trellis paired with the original marble mantel.

Fireplace Wall BEFORE

Fireplace wall made cozier by a chaise lounge in blush velvet, a fluffy sheepskin and a fiddleleaf fig.

How amazing is this luscious green view outside?!?

Parlour BEFORE

Our first décor move in the large parlour room was to tweak the color story to better align with the office and downstairs. We knew we wanted to keep the fabulous faux-marble mouldings, but we wanted to lighten up the walls and add more presence on the ceilings. We were inspired to make this room feel like a gallery, where white walls provide a backdrop for statement art and furnishings.

Parlour AFTER

With the walls painted a crisp, clean white, we were able to have a pop moment with a cheerful blue on the ceiling. We liked how this tied into the wallpaper in the office and helped this space feel a little more energetic. Continuing our black accent theme, we added bold black and white striped curtains to the front windows.

This massive live edge table is the perfect spot for dinner parties. The butterfly head chairs were previously used in our clients Philadelphia home (which we designed for them as well.) We were pleased to be able to incorporate them so seamlessly into this new home design.

Orange was a defining accent used downstairs in the Garden level and we enjoyed sprinkling in orange moments up in the parlour space as well. And of course we can never get too much black in this home! I love this shot because it also shows a good detail of this amazing faux marble baseboard and casing. We inherited it from the previous owner and had to make sure our designs worked well with it.

Parlour into Office BEFORE

The lounge section of this room was designed for conversations. A cozy emerald bench-seat sofa can easily be a place for a nap or a chat session with friends. When designing rooms that are meant more for talking than TV watching, we prefer our upholstery to have firmer seat; still comfortable, of course, but easier to get in and out of. A wingback chair and armless banquette round our the lounge area. We also were mindful to leave a generous amount of floor space, knowing that people tend to stand or mill about in social gatherings as well.

This photo was taken before styling (and even before the leak happened in the office- you can see the old paper in there!) but it showcases the layout and pairing of furniture styles. we liked how the banquette felt as much like an art piece and functional place to seat.

Parlour into Office FINISHED SPACE

I love the play of contrasts in this room to room view- white walls vs cheetah trellis, an aqua blue ceiling vs leafy greens. Accents of citron and pink repeat in both spaces without being matchy or obvious.

With the entry hall and stairs being dark and narrow, we knew we wanted a bold paper to add some vibrancy to this space. After searching far and wide we ended up selecting the mural that we previously used in this same client’s Philadelphia entry hall! While we have a rule that we NEVER repeat patterned wallpapers, this one just worked so perfectly in the space and our client didn’t get to enjoy the first iteration very long before moving back to New York. It's seriously almost perfect how this paper has aqua, green and orange to complement the other rooms on this floor.

This shot is an "ugly i-phone" photo but I wanted to show the stair wall down to the gallery level. Our client has a large art collection we loved carving out interesting areas for it to be showcased.

We dressed up the front radiator giving it a new cover with three functional drawers. Now its a functional and beautiful spot to welcome you into the home.

And that wraps up the parlour level. Can you envision enjoying wine and cheese in the lounge or a festive dinner party at that huge live edge table? Would you be a productive worker in that fabulous office? I'd like to imagine I'd have lots of fun on this level. I certainly hope our clients are enjoying it immensely.

Last up on our tour are floors 3 and 4 which feature some most spirited bathrooms we have ever designed. Stay tuned!

Finished photographs by Raquel Langworthy.


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