Are White floors an anti-depressant?

hello friends!  My goodness its dreary out here in Philadelphia and I’m craving creamy, dreamy white interiors.  Nothing lifts my spirits more than a clean, bright, cozy room that feels a bit like heaven on earth. 

The most important ingredient for an ethereal retreat?  White floors of course.

White Floors!  Perhaps not the practical choice for someone with a black dog and penchant for red wine drinking and chocolate eating, (Who me?) white floors constantly attract me, nonetheless.

nuevo estilo
There’s something about the way a white floor blends into a white wall that tricks the eye and makes one believe that the room goes on and on.  No boundaries here, and no limits to what you can design within the space.
I truly relish the way every detail and color pops in a white space.  The pattern of a rug, the curve of a wood chair, the edited use, or non-use of color, is all amplified.
justine hugh-jones via desire to inspire

It doesn’t matter if its polished concrete, or painted wood floors… each call my name.
 vicente wolf via veranda
Layered white, creamy neutrals….
The Milla Boutique, via the Right Bank
Or a white space peppered with color…
Don’t you dare make me choose!! 

And just like that… I feel better.  Do white floors make you happy too??

A long white bath… with a view!

What a gorgeous space!  When I saw this bathroom my eyes lit up.

The marble floor, the breezy curtain behind the sleek corian tub… and best of all that huge window!  Clean, neutral with a touch of nature thrown in.  I think the curtains are key- not only for privacy, but also they add a necessary layer of softness to the space.  Personally I would have thrown in a colorful rug… but that’s because I habe a hard time with no color at all.

The back wall features an open shower with views of the greenery outside.  Could you do an open shower?  I like lots of heat, so they aren’t for me.
Such a stunning view from the front.  Even though the space is quite long, the laong run of cabinetry helps to keep it in scale.
Notice the wall cut-outs on the right side?  Fun spots to store pretties.

I also enjoy the clever towel storage built-into the tub.
Overall I adore the look of the space, but it does seem quite large.  Would you do a bath like this?  Or waste of space?
Bathroom by Musso Design Group, pictures 1,3 & 4 from Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Tulip Tables

I have two large, white bookshelves in my dining room that dominate the majority of the wall space.  Because of that, I feel strongly that I must have a wood dining table to balance out all the white.  But if my situation were different, I’d sure love to have a Saarinen tulip table with carrara marble top.

I really enoy the silhouette of the table and it pairs so perfectly with just about any chair!  And if you’ve read this blog a bit, you know I have quite a thing for chairs.  Plus there is something so organic and social about a round table.  Each person is equal distance from their dining partners, encouraging conversation, sharing and food fights.  Ok, maybe I’m too grown up for a food fight…

So lets review some pretties and some chair pairings, shall we?

Cantilever chairs.  Yum, like it.
Bertoia chairs, with cushions so they aren’t painful.
Not quite as pretty as non-cushioned, but much more practical!
I would mention the chairs, but I’m too fixated on the dark wall and copper pendant…
looks great with traditional upholstered chairs with nail head trim.
Rolling chairs?  Yes, No, Maybe?
Yellow and metal Beaut’s
Are these Milo Baughman?  Anyone?
Ghost chairs alone would seem to empty for me, 
but I like it in combination with the banquette.
Tulip chairs are the expected pairing with tulip tables.
A little too matchy for me, but I can’t argue that it works…
With another banquette and Baahhh I want to make out with that lighting fixture.
Upholstered chairs… don’t love the style but I enjoy the splash of raspberry.
Eames molded plywood chair.  Not my favorite, but Sure.
West Elm’s Overlapping square’s chair.
This one is a fail for me, maybe its the chair back competing with the Imperial trellis wallpaper.
Maybe its the square shape with the round table.
What do you think?