Is it just me?

Horizontal stripes.  
When summed up in the most concise way; they make me uneasy.

I can appreciate the desire to add intrigue and the graphic effect.  That hallway excites me a lot.  But, NO, not for me.

No, when it comes to wall stripes, I’m vertical all the way.  I’m strangely monogamous on the matter.

You know that I love black and white, and that of course I love color.  But right now what I’m digging most of all is nude stripes.  Barely there but just that extra layer.

So tell me… is it just me, or are you monogamous about your stripes too?

PS- We did stripes in a foyer I finished last year and everyone went gaga.  Hoping to share the space soon.

(images: Sarah Richardson, uknown, Country Living, Lonny, Lonny, Domino)

Cray Walls

I’m too chicken-shit to go for crazy pattern on the walls, but I sure do like to peek at homes that really go for it.  When your walls are so bold, you really have to edit pieces wisely, so I also like investigating the bits and accents.

I f you aren’t quite ready for that kind of statement, there’s always art.  This is less intense, but still gives off a similar vibe.

Source: via Naomi on Pinterest

Or check out a new favorite fabric of mine.  It’s called Vortice by Clarence House and I think it would make the coolest curtains.  Pillows too for a little punch on the sofa.  Black Swirly abstract goodness!

So what do you think?  Could you get a little Cray? 

 (And by “Cray” I mean crazy.  You do know that, right?)

How to transform the personality of a room with just paint and mouldings

My clients’ dining room before … Light walls accentuated the bumpy plaster’s texture.  Teal trim made the crown look odd. 

Various paint samples exaggerated the wall problem…  Disco plaster?

This is when I came into the picture.

My clients dining room after we added crisp white wainscot, white crown and painted the walls dark gray (flat paint)…

See the new panton chairs?  They are getting some furniture friends soon and then we will really have a party…

bare beauty

So while I would consider myself to have modern styling inclanations, I still tend to be of the “more is more” design philsophy.  More color, More pillows, More pattern, More stuff.  Let’s just skip the ruffles and florals, pretty please.

But this room, by Jamie Bush, is making my heart sing a different tune.  Even though I only spy three pillows, one pattern and virtually no color.  The lack of “stuff” in here is made up for with great texture (stone fireplace, concrete wall, fluffy rug I could do headstand on) interesting shapes (Chair crush alert!) and one tantalizing set of stairs.

Yup, I love me some open stairs.  The more of a death trap, the better.

On another note- I have an arc lamp like this.  I bought it in Montreal while slightly tanked.  Drunk furniture shopping = never a good idea.  I think its slightly too large for my living room, but I’m trying to make it work.  I’ll be posting another living room update in the next few weeks!