a rainy day registry of colorful accesories

I’m making myself a dream registry.  Just Because.  It’s a little late for gifts for my birthday, and quite early for a wedding, but sometimes it’s just fun to have pretty things to lust after.  Per usual, I’m craving colorful accessories from all over the globe.  Shapely pieces.  Texture.  A little gold.  All the good stuff!

1. Birdcage, Crate and Barrel $99.95, 2. Watercolor Petals Dinner Plate, Anthropologie $24, 3. Malachite Jewel Box, Furbish, $115, 4. Lame porcelain Vases by Arteriors Home, Classy Cottage $300 for set of 3,  5. Parasol, Wisteria $299, 6. Capiz Chandelier, Nature Company $149.95,  7. Ripe Melon Pull, Anthropologie $6, 8. Cloisonne Chrysanthemum Pull, Anthropologie $10,  9. Tinned copper soup Tourine, The Loaded Trunk $200, 10. Vintage Suzani Pillow, Jayson Home and Garden $550,  11. Moroccan Tea Glasses, Furbish, $32 for set of 4,   12.  Cockatoo Birds, Revival Home and Garden $155-$275,  $6, 13. Vintage Indian Poster, Loaded Trunk $75,   14. Carthage Lantern, Maison Luxe $42-180,

elements of my dream home

I am continuing this week’s theme of slightly unrealistic things that make me happy.  Today, I plan to visually construct my dream home.  Unless you are very new to the blog, you probably know that my boyfriend and I are actually gutting and renovating a home.  This is very exciting, and I feel most fortunate for the opportunity, but I should be clear that this is not my dream home.  We are being constrained by budget, time and space. Budget being the biggest evil, of course.  Today I am forgetting the South Philly Rowhome, and living in dream land.  Join me, wont you?

Architectural Dream home requirements:

1.  High Ceilings, with Wood or Metal beams.  Or Both.  Because I love the character they bring to a space- slightly rustic, slightly industrial- not too clean or too new.

mariana coriasco via interior divine
(Hello Peacock Mirror… )
workshop apd via desire to inspire
yvone baker via interior divine
2. Iron Windows.  Lots of them.  If they are arched, even better.
 Jill Brinson Sharp via House Beautiful
2A.  If my windows can’t be iron, they should either be arched, or floor to ceiling.  Awesomeness is required.  And LIGHT.
 light locations
 living etc
 3.  Indoor/ Outdoor Space.   A must.  I want to move seamlessly from my kitchen to my patio.  An of course my outdoor space should be divine and filled with lots of plants.
 gary hutton via desire to inspire
 contemporain studio via Apartment Therapy
workshop apd via desire to inspire
4.  Herringbone Wood Floors.  All Over.  Because they invoke history, romance, subtle pattern and beauty.  And I smile Everytime I see them.
 lazaro rosa violan via desire to inspire
 erin featherston via Right Bank
robert gervais 
 ina garten
5.  Loads and Loads of White Bookshelves.  Because storing and arranging the pretties is fun and the clean white lines make me feel fresh and sane
 katie leed
elle decor
annsley interiors
6.  A fireplace.  For warmth- physical, emotional and spiritual.  And because its the perfect place to unwind… sipping wine, listening to music, and watching those flames…
 via living etc
Karl Anderson via desire to inspire 
Well that is just the tip of the iceberg.  I never realized how demanding I am!  But if you’re going to dream, dream hard, right?  Perhaps I’ll follow up with the decorative elements of my dream home.
What architectual elements did I miss?  What makes up your dream home? 

my neighborhood is my therapy

I had a lonnnngggg weekend. The kind that makes you need a weekend from your weekend.

It wasn’t all bad. Some key highlights (in chronological order) were: canoodling in the pool with my beau, sharing a mixed fruit hookah pipe at a new local restaurant, mojitos on a rooftop in Brooklyn, skeeball, a homemade fireworks display that involved spinning sparklers and GI Joe trucks, someone telling me I could be a hair model, dancing away to disco tunes, beach time in Sea Side Park, and Jill’s amazing ribs.

Unfortunately all of that was overshadowed by an unfortunate incident late Saturday evening. I don’t want to elaborate, lets just say I was “that girl” at the party.


The weekend left me feeling exhausted and uninspired and completely incapable of working a Full Monday. I decided to treat myself to a half day and spend the afternoon catching up on laundry and wandering around my neighborhood.
Nothing clears my head better than wandering around the 10 block radius around my pad. I can see it all- teenage goths on South St, street musicians drumming away on Broad, Antiques on Pine, Drag Queens judging my outfits outside Woody’s, not to mention great window shopping, people watching, and house stalking (I have a few favorites.)
This particular trip required a trip into Capogiro for some extra therapy- ie blueberry and thai coconut milk gelato. I also poked into Luxe Home, West Elm and Open House to see their displays. Open House is adorable, by the way- cute modern furniture, housewares, gifts and more!
All in all, my walk was a success: I feel much better today. Off to conquer the world and hopefully NOT embarrass myself this coming weekend. A girl can dream…