a rainy day registry of colorful accesories

I’m making myself a dream registry.  Just Because.  It’s a little late for gifts for my birthday, and quite early for a wedding, but sometimes it’s just fun to have pretty things to lust after.  Per usual, I’m craving colorful …
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Bulldog Stool / table

Forget the ever-popular elephant stool, I want this wood carved bulldog table. How could you NOT love this mug? Plus the little fella makes a handy-dandy table or stool Handcarved Wood Stand, “Faithful Bulldog“ $255 via NOVICA Do you think …
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elements of my dream home

I am continuing this week’s theme of slightly unrealistic things that make me happy.  Today, I plan to visually construct my dream home.  Unless you are very new to the blog, you probably know that my boyfriend and I are …
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my neighborhood is my therapy

I had a lonnnngggg weekend. The kind that makes you need a weekend from your weekend.It wasn’t all bad. Some key highlights (in chronological order) were: canoodling in the pool with my beau, sharing a mixed fruit hookah pipe at …
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Wave Table

One last table from Kenneth Cobonpue.I swoon for this Wave Table.