Welcome to our Shop! Design Manifest’s Favorite Textiles

Today is an exciting day because I have finally opened our Design Manifest Etsy Shop!!

This has been a side, back burner, forgotten projects for many months.  After my amazing shopping experience in Morocco, I knew it was time to finally list some of our favorite textiles.  We have wedding blankets, we have tribal rugs, we have pillows, glorious pillows.

If all goes well, I intend to continue adding pillows and rugs to the shop.  Naomi has lots of goods and she needs to unload.

Below are a few of my favorite items.  I hope you’ll check out the shop.  You can find it HERE.

tribal rug against wall

tribal rug detail

Stunning Tribal Rug $1850

silk ikat pillow

These silk pink/ blue / raspberry ikat lumbar pillows $140/ea

colorful stripe detail 2

This Moroccan Wedding blanket with colorful embroidery stripes.  $425

(Goes great with Pink! 😉

leather trimmed white mudcloth pillow

These 24″ white/ivory mudcloth pillows trimmed with black leather cording.

diamond mororccan wedding blanket

This Moroccan Wedding blanket featuring a diamond sequin pattern.  $525

black floral pillow

This black floral pillow.  (Possibly my favorite ever.)

Happy Wednesday & Happy Shopping!


Another Day, Another Rug Store: Morocco Part 1

I am back from Morocco!  What an incredible trip.  Morocco is a such a beautiful country.  The natural landscape for one is stunning (and quite varied!)  The people are also incredibly talented artisans.  Intricate Mosaic Tile, woodwork, plaster, metalwork, leather, textiles, ceramics, color, pattern, there was just so much to take in everywhere you looked.  While overwhelming at times, it was also incredibly dazzling and inspiring.  We would walk the city medinas and see brass tabletops being etched by hand and tiles being chiseled into perfect little mosaic stars.  Vendors would put a flame right on a pouf you were eyeing up just to prove their leather was of the utmost quality.  (Which apparently means not flammable or burnable in anyway.)  But by far my favorite shopping was of the rug variety.

chefchaouen medina

{A typical street we walked in Chefchaouen, Morocco}

rug piles in fez

{so. many. choices.}

Oh Moroccan rugs, You put a hurting on my wallet for sure.  But I don’t have a regret.  Their rugs are ART . Little handmade masterpieces.  We visited Tangier, Chefchaouen, Fez and Marrakech and I bought at least one rug in each city.   The saying between my friend (and traveling buddy,) Maria and I was, “another day another rug store.”  I would drag her around from shop to shop and never cease to get excited about the options.  Luckily she was an obliging accomplice.

Photo Dec 27, 5 55 51 PM

{Despite my best intentions, I succumbed to rug shopping my very first day in Morocco}


marrakech rug store

{I couldn’t walk buy this rug display without stopping in.  3 rugs later we did our best bargaining of the trip.}

A few things about Moroccan rugs:

They are made by hand and dyed by natural materials.  You want yellow?  You need saffron.  

loomed rug

{We watched a young lady work on this rug.  It looks like it’s gonna be a beaut.}

tribal rugs

{We went gaga for these candy colored tribal rugs in Fez.  The symbols on the rugs are Berber.  Each rug tells its own story. Our guide translated our rugs for us.  It was so cool!}


Most are reversible with a beautiful pattern on the back.  People will flip them to the back side during warmer months.  This also helps clean them.  

backside of moroccan rug

{The backside of a prayer rug I bought for my brother.}

Rugs are made from a variety of materials.  The best wool rugs are “live wool” meaning it is shaved from the animal while it is still alive.

beni ourain rug unwrapped in guest room

{I picked up the most scrumptious live wool Beni Ourain rug.  It is currently occupying my guest room.}

Other common materials for rugs are camel hair (tufted rugs that are not quite as soft/shaggy) or bamboo silk (flatweaves with a bit of sheen.)

camel hair rug in naomis lounge

{This pretty pink and yellow camel hair rug came home with me.}

silk bamboo flatweave morrocan rug detail of magic carpet

{Detail of a bamboo silk “magic carpet” I bought for my 3yr old niece.}

Some Moroccan have high pile, some are flatweave… some are a mixture of several styles of weaving.  Some are neutral (think Beni Ourain or moroccan wedding blankets) and some are quite colorful.

the perfect selection of moroccan wedding blankets

{We were on a quest to find the perfect wedding blanket for Maria.  Spoiler alert: we succeeded.}

tangier rug showroom boucherouite

{I came really close to buying a rag rug or a boucherouite, but I chickened out.}

Rugs are everywhere in Morocco.  Every hotel, every restaurant, every house- humble or grand – were full of rugs.  I noticed it was more common to use a few smaller layered rugs in key locations as opposed to one large rug.

Photo Jan 02, 3 24 56 AM

{I lusted after this colorful rug in our modest, family run hotel.  Note the layers of rugs.}

faded vintage pink and red moroccan rug

{This old rug was in a roadside restaurant.  I loved it so hard I considered making the owner an offer on it.  Kicking myself that I let it go.  I Loooove old faded rugs.}

I tend to favor the tribal patterns made by Berbers in the mountains.  there are other styles local to Fez and other areas of Morocco.  We would commonly see striped/patterned carpets with lower pile and lots of symbols.  I found them to be a bit busy, but I know Maria liked a few of them.  These rugs are like art- selecting the right one for you can be quite personal.

Photo Dec 30, 3 45 05 PM

Rug shopping in Morocco is a non-linear adventure.  Bargaining is the way it’s done there.  You never know a price and it can be quite hard to tell if you got a good deal, or were terribly swindled.  Ultimately what was important to us is that we felt good about our purchase.  

naomi contemplating rugs

{Me, in the midst of haggling with a rug dealer.  Which ones did I really, really want?  Deep thoughts.}

morroccan rugs

{By the end I was so bargained out that I walked away from these pretties before even asking their prices.  I just didn’t have the energy that day.  Sorry pink geometric rug.  You were special}

In the end I am super happy with my purchases.  I know they are excellent quality, authentic and one of a kind.  Plus I have a great story behind then :)

I’m still sorting through what I can keep and what just won’t fit in my house.  The good news is there are few pieces I will offer up for sale.  Definitely a few GORGEOUS wedding blankets and possibly a bit more.  Stay tuned for news on that very soon!!

I hope you enjoyed my Moroccan rug round up.

For me, this trip was such an amazing escape and source of inspiration.  It was the perfect way to start 2016.  I’ve gotten my decorating juju back and I’m excited to dive back into it.  Happy New Year guys!  Thanks for the continued support.



Styling, Rugs, and small transformations

Oh man.  I’m back from Puerto Rico with so much to say and the blog gods are just not smiling upon me right now.  I’ve been working on 4 different posts to share with you and none of them are coming together at the moment.  The hour is turning later and later and I’m really just starting to hate the internet and computers in general.  So please forgive the post with lack of thougtful words and grainy pictures, but I’m just shooting from the hip here.

This is a little bit of Design Manifest, unfiltered.

Yesterday I finished another room for a longtime client.  It is a this small pass-through room that connects this living room…

1 living room- wide

(image by courtney apple)

with this family room

11 familly room - wide

(image by courtney apple)

Challenge number 1 is that these two rooms are pretty different,

so the middle room had to somehow tie the two together.

Challenge number 2 is that the room is small, with lots of openings.


study before 1

study before 2

The window opening above looks onto this table and chairs in the family room…

13 family room- table

(image by courtney apple)

Small space needed a little drama, and my client was down for some color on the walls.  The common color in both the family room and living room is blue, so we chose a bold hue to unify the three rooms…  {Don’t have a source for the blue, sorry!}

study empty

This room needs to function as an office and also a bar/ staging areas for gatherings.

We decided on minimal furnishings- a glass desk and a bookshelf.

Why overcrowd a small space?

With clean modern selections for furnishings, I knew I needed to find the perfect statement rug.

Luckily, my client shares my passion for gorgeous rugs.

These are the rugs we have sourced and purchased for her house.

design manifest rug sourcing- tribal, overdyed, flatweave

Oh baby.

For the office, I found a vintage tribal rug in the most exotic pink tone.

Processed with VSCOcam

This modern bookshelf does a nice job of filling the one long wall.

bookshelves empty

I sourced a few accesories for my client and also shopped the house to fill in the blanks.

Processed with VSCOcamS

We also filled in with a few accessories in the bedroom.  It just didn’t feel finished with out them.  Sometimes its really subtle, but the right accessories can really make a difference in a room.

Lonely, naked console table

bedroom console no styling

Console table with a few pretties

bedroom console styled


Lonely, naked dresser

bedroom dresser no styling

Dresser with a few pretties

dresser styled

dresser top

bedroom 4

Sometimes its just a little thing, like a basket under a nightstand to hide wires and messy stuff.

green and blue bedroom design manifest

Sorry for the cruddy pictures.

I’m curious if you enjoy these “real life” decor updates, or if you think it is more impressive to wait see the finished the professional shots.

Favorite Finds of the Month- Soft, Sweet and a little Exotic

I tend to vacillate between a few design moods- loving bold,dark and exotic, favoring neutral, layered, and textural, etc.  This month I’m really feeling color, but in a very soft way.  I want pale pink, coral, soft blues, grays, maybe just a touch of yellow.  I like the sweetness of pastels balanced by touch of global influence: a bench that looks like it belongs in Morocco, a gilt mirror with an Italian flair, a chandelier with an exotic shape.  Pastels can get so girly and that’s just not my thing.  You need to throw in something rough, patina, something not so perfect.  Finish off with a few modern and masculine elements and you have yourself a winner.

Here are a few pieces that I am totally crushing on this month.  They all fall into this soft, sweet spot I’m loving with interiors.

DM faves soft and sweet

pillow / chandelier / painting

rug / bench / mirror

And a few rooms I’m feelin’…

colorful melbourne home

{Miranda Skoczek’s home}

nuevo estilo space pastels

{Nuevo Estilo}

soft pink boho room skona hem

{Skona Hem}

ellen pompeo trailer

{Ellen Pompeo’s trailer}

Goes so well with my fave vintage flatweave rug we have for sale on our instagram (@designmanifest)

armenian vintage flatweave rug design manfiest

striped multi-color vintage flatweave rug- design manifest

38″ x 102″

$400 with free shipping to US

email naomi@designmanifest.com if you would like to purchase!

see more details – http://instagram.com/p/yX1hRPmHS2/?modal=true

Guest Room Overdye Rug Review

Yesterday I posted a picture of my guest room rug on Instagram and it generated a lot of interest, so I thought I would pop over here and give a little review.  Overdye rugs have been popular for a few years now, but sometimes I forget that they are still new to some people, or hard to find for others.  The most beautiful ones are vintage handmade silk and wool turkish rugs that have been dyed brilliant colors and are wildly expensive a serious investment.  (See ABC Carpet and Home.)  Others are new, machine made, quite reasonable but definitely not as cute.  That would be my rug.  The 5×8 violet beauty was all of $290.  But don’t get so excited yet- it has its pros and cons- and I’ll quickly break them down below.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


NuLoom Colour Series Genisa Overdye

(Looks to be sold out, check here or here.)

Machine Made- 100% Polyamide

violet overdy rug detail 2


It’s cheap!

Since its machine made, and essentially plastic, its super durable and easy to clean.

You could hose the damn thing off.

It doesn’t shed.

violet overdye rug detail


It’s Fake looking!

It’s not woven and you can tell.

The pattern looks printed on up close.

It’s not as soft underfoot… a little plasticy and rough.  Still softer than a flatweave, though.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Overall, I’m happy with it in my guest room because it is half covered up and adds a nice richness to the room.

It’s not the focal point, it’s just a vibrant accesory.  Plus it helps the space feel warm underfoot.

I wouldn’t like it in my living room where are of the finishes are nicer. It’s fakeness would stick out like a sore thumb.



Guest Rooms


A space where you have already invested in fine pieces or vintage pieces.

(It will bring the whole quality of the room down.)

So basically the rug will be perfect for some, and not right for others.

Hope this little review helps.