The one in Which I Butcher Two Innocent Chairs

Once upon a time (10 weeks ago to be exact) a young designer (that would be me) stumbled upon 3 vintage rattan chairs for a very good price.  They had seen better days.  They had a shabby-chic french faux finish and plastic floral seat cushions that would make Laura Ashley proud, but this girl knew they had potential.

She sent the one that was in the best condition off to her upholsterer to get a professional makeover.  It came back lacquered red and recovered in Oscar de La Renta and now lives in Mr Boy’s bedroom.

The other two specimens, she decided to keep for her office.  Being that her office makeover budget was very very tiny, the designer decided she could handle the DIY.  Afterall, how hard is a little spray paint and cushion recovering?  

Her first pivotal mistake?  Spray painting the chairs without developing a design scheme.  Before the tone was set, before the white zebra bench was recovered, before any solid color plan was adapted, this impatient, crazy designer spray painted her chairs lilac.  Because lilac is “fun.”

Turns out lilac is also very similar to an easter egg.  Design Fail number 1.

So then she thought long and hard about the colors that actually worked with her rug and her tile floors.  Coral!  Coral is “fun.”  Picking the right coral was tough.  Erin helped all the way from Texas.  And the end result wasn’t bad.  Peppy, fun and very “her.”

But then she found her chandelier.  It’s so sophisticated and special that she really felt the whole room should be more muted.  Less pops of color and more interest through shapes and textures and patterns.  Less “fun” and more edited.  So she painted one of her chairs the 3rd time.

And this is where I have run out of steam.  The mint is too bright.  It’s needs to be grayed out with a stain to look just right against the upholstery.  The second chair is still coral.  So I have one mint chair and one coral chair.  Due to my impatient, rushed, half-assed nature, there are brush strokes, drip lines, and 3 colors showing through on various nooks and crannies.  These poor little chairs are butchered.  

So what is the moral of this story?  

Designers are crazy when working on their own rooms.  Always fully develop your plan before reaching for that can of spray paint.  Professionals are better at refinishing furniture than you are.  Instagram makes any crappy makeover look better.

The End.

Happy Friday, y’all!

New Bench Cushion for Showroom

While the showroom makeover has mostly been on the backburner due to client work, I have managed to make a few decisions.  I’m obsessed with this creamy zebra weave and decided to use it on my showroom bench.  I got my cushions back on Friday and have been enjoying the change.

The old bench fabric was matched to the island top and while pretty, made the whole piece feel heavier.  I like how the new fabric is the perfect compliment to the island/bench.  It blends together and feels much more neutral, but still has a bit of zeeebrah personality.

{Rug – Bench- Granite}

I’ll be taking the showroom in a much more neutral direction.  Instead of matching my fabrics to my blue/green island top, I’ll be complimenting them and layering on neutrals.  I think it will make for a much lighter, diverse, sophisticated-hip space. 

{Still trying to decide if I will keep the drawer hardware or not}

I’m also working on a little chair redo in my spare time.  Hopefully I’ll be able to share that next Monday.

Did you all have good weekends?  I got zero accomplished and it was absolutely wonderful.  Sometimes being lazy is so damn luxurious.

Vintage Acquisitions

On Friday I stopped by a few of my favorite local antique spots and ended up walking away with a few beauties for myself and for clients.  All were had at amazing steals.  I love shopping vintage!

I have this beaded crystal chandelier on loaner and may end up hanging it in my showroom.  It’s a ceiling mount which is great because we end up moving the table a lot for events and can’t have a low lying fixture.  I have to decide if it mixes well into my scheme.  It’s a really lovely piece and actually within my budget.  The big question for me is what I would use for pendants over the island.  I’m thinking something more modern to contrast and balance out this ornate lady.  Anyone have any ideas?  (See the layout here.)

I picked up this gilded mirror and it will be headed to GirlyGlam Dressing room which we are installing next week!

I nearly stole this frame, it was so cheap.  Love the detailing.  It will either go into GirlyGlam, or I will keep it for myself.

And that’s it for now.  I have a 3 hour dental procedure at noon (boo!), so I’m trying to squeeze in some work before then.  I hope you all had lovely weekends.  Mine was perfection; shopping downtown, art viewing, day drinking, paint sampling, boyfriend snuggling.  I can’t complain.  Other that the dental work…

Rug talk continues: Stenciled Idea for Showroom

Kim Myles recently debuted a new stencil line and I am in love with her “Indian Inlay” pattern.  It’s designed to create the look of intricate mother of pearl inlay furniture.  Of course I want to further complicate this DIY by stenciling it on a rug.  I’m guessing it would be time consuming, but the end result would be gorgeous!

This is the area of the showroom that needs the runner.  I like black and white for the runner because I really want to ground the area and keep attention off those stupid tiles.  The light rug that is there now is close to my color scheme, but is too small and doesn’t have impact.

(Sorry for the messy counters.  Just keepin it real.)

For your viewing pleasure, I got all photoshoppy and plopped the stencil rug in place. 

It could be fun, but if I do this rug here, I’ll have to really simple window treatments. (I’ve been contemplating both a clean geometric, and a really big scale floral.  Big scale floral would not work with this.)  So now I need to decide if I want my intricate pattern on the floor or walls.

A stenciled rug is definitely a DIY I’d like to try at one point.  I’d also like to take an IKEA lack coffee table and try this stencil on it as well.  So many projects, so little time!

To see Kim’s whole line of stencils, click here!

Three years Two days

So I’m little tardy in celebrating my blog birthday, but I just checked it out and I wrote my first post 3 years ago!  (Plus two days.)  When I began blogging I didn’t read other blogs.  I didn’t study formats for success and I didn’t know about commenting or promoting myself.  I dove in ignorantly and thought I would take over the world.  Insert eye-roll here.
Nearly 600 posts later, I think its safe to say I’m not exactly the biggest, best design blogger ever.  But I’m ACTUALLY really happy where I am right now.  (This is coming from a perfectionist who believes that nothing she does is ever enough.)  Three years ago I could only dream that my work would be featured around the world and thousands of people would drop by every day to read my thoughts.  Sometimes my blog stats actually scare me.  Who are all of you?  Having this platform has enabled the decorating end of my business to blossom and I will be forever grateful for that.

It hasn’t all been roses and cupcakes.  There have been several times I wanted to quit.  Moments I felt discouraged, frustrated, jealous and alone.  All over a blog.  But it wasn’t just a blog, it was ME.  It was my dream and I didn’t feel like people were getting it.

Instead I chose to work harder, design projects that would get me noticed and forge relationships with other like-minded bloggers.  It took me nearly a year to make my first blogger friend.  What’s up with that?  Maybe I’m awkward, or shy, or feel easily overwhelmed by the internet.  Either way, now I can count quite a few treasured friends that share my same obsessions.  Some I have yet to meet, (some day!), and some live in my own city.  That has been such a great gift.  I’ve even encountered a few readers in person.  Let me tell you, nothing makes me more delighted than learning someone reads my blog.  
I think I’m reaching my word-attention capacity, so I’m just going to wrap it up by saying thanks.  Thanks for reading.  Thanks for enabling me to grow.  Thanks to the early followers who stuck with me when I sucked.  Thanks to the brave readers who gave me my first decorating jobs.  Thanks to my guy and my family for listening to me vent, obsess and dream about this little venture.  And thanks to myself for sticking with it.  You done did good, Naomi.

Off to do what I love- Design Homes.  I hope I get to do it forever.

PS- My First Post is still highly true.  (But lacking in pictures, tisk tisk…. see I didn’t know anything!)  

PPS- Just need to share some current musings on the showroom to reward you guys for finishing this gratuitous post.