Thank You, Thank You

No, this is not a post about the Oscars.  Instead, I hope you’ll indulge me while I toot our own horn just a bit.

Design Manifest has had the good fortune of receiving awesome local press lately!  We are always grateful when anyone features our work, but getting a little love in Philadelphia is extra special.  Just yesterday I rushed to the grocery store to pick up my copy of Philadelphia Magazine.  This month is their “Amazing Spaces” issue and features our Philadephia Modern Bohemian project.  I was standing there in the check out line grinning ear to ear just waiting for someone to ask me why I was so happy.  I would have non-nonchalantly pointed to the photo and said, “oh that’s my work.”  Alas, no one noticed or cared and I went home without bragging.  But that’s what the blog is for, right?

So here’s a quickie run down of where we’ve been featured…

The Philadelphia Inquirer included us in a great article about design trends.  That’s our Bachelor Pad dining room below.

philadelphia inquirer feature with design manifest(You can read the article and view the slideshow here.)

Here is Philadelphia Magazine‘s feature I mentioned above…

Philadelphia Magazine feature with design manifest

AND one of our favorite Philadelphia furniture stores, Host Interiors, is featuring me in their designer spotlight.  You can read the little interview and see sources HERE.

naomi picksI’m super excited for Host to open their new flagship store in Ardmore this spring!

The fact that it’s only just March and so far this year, the two biggest media publications in Philly have featured our work just blows my mind.  We are VERY grateful.  And if anyone is new to us from these source… welcome neighbor!  I hope you’ll stick around.  We have quite a few NEW projects we plan to reveal in upcoming months.

We also have a select few design/build slots open for the spring.  If you are interested in renovating your kitchen, bath, or living spaces, please feel free to reach out naomi (at)  We are already filling our summer construction slots.  It’s not too early to get planning.

Happenins’ 2/22/13

Exciting Week over here at DM!  Yesterday I get a little message in my inbox from Roxy telling me I’m featured over on Huffington Post.   Whaaaaaat?!?  Its crazy, exciting, flattering and I am thrilled.  If anyone has found me through Huff Post, welcome!  I hope you enjoy the Cottage renovation and I also recommend a tour of my old loft.  Stay tuned because I’ll be sharing a new project next week.

Here’s a little excerpt, but you can see the whole piece HERE.

huff post piece

Had I’d known the interview had been picked up by a major news source I may have used 6 less exclamation points.  Ooops.  Hehe.

Double Dose:  My work was also featured in this month’s HGTV Magazine!  If you see the March issue flip to page 69- Van Deusen Blue was my fun creation for a young client.

hgtv magazine pic

Blog Highlights:  My DIY Curtains made me feel like a major success.  I’m still so pleased how a little greek key trim can add so much sophistication to a basic white curtain!

Sneakity McPeekity:  Speaking of curtains, we hung my shower curtains.  Yes I have two.  Still need to steam them.  More on those soon.  Other bathroom posts HERE.

shower curtain

Elsewhere:  Two great posts about blogging.  Manrepeller and Erin both made me think.  I have to admit that I often have negative and confused feeling about this whole blog world.  It’s still relatively so new… we are all pioneers in a way.  Yet I’m still so grateful for all the opportunities it has brought my way!

Off to a very busy day.  Have a great weekend All!

Happenins’ 11/9/12

When this post goes live I’ll be on the train down to DC visiting this girl.  Yep it’s a 30 hour girlfest with my bestie Erica!  She just moved to our nations capital and as I haven’t visited since I was a school girl (shame on you Naomi,) I thought it was time for quickie trip.  DC blog friends, I’ll surely be down many more times now, so hopefully we can plan a little get-together soon!


DESIGN: We are using this fabric for a client’s headboard.  Hell to the Yea for awesome clients!

MANIFEST: We finished this gorgeous two-tone kitchen.  I’m gonna style it up proper and shoot it soon.  It’s such a great before and after.


I obsessively obsessed over my bathroom design here and here.  I also shared 5 trends I’m itching to use in my cottage.


We shared bar cart styling tips on HGTV plus my cart was highlighted on Apartment Therapy.  My bathroom pinterest board was named a top 15 favorite by iVillage.  And my old wallpaper was featured in a great article on Houzz, “10 Home Areas that Likely need a Pro.”  (Ironic Sidenote- I actually hung that paper myself and didn’t hire a pro, but I probably should have!)

Wow that’s a lot now that I Look at it.  I’m so lucky!

Gotta run- Have a great weekend everyone!

Happenins’ 11/2/12

Well it’s been another busy week here at DM!  We were extremely lucky to emerge from Hurricane Sandy unscathed.  Obviously, many others have suffered greatly.  My heart goes out to all of those who have lost their homes or been displaced to due flooding or power outages.  Wanting to do something, I contributed RedCross Disaster Relief.  You can too, if you feel inclined.

But, as they say, the show must go on.  Once the storm quieted down we were back on a jobsites pushing projects along.  My Chestnut Hill job got some wallpaper in the dining room.  This is going to be such a pretty space when its done!

My house has been a complete mess this week- with more drywall being torn down to do complete re-wiring.  Turns out the old wiring was done all wrong and was a complete fire hazard.  LOVE it when people cut corners in construction.  Sike.

I did get a tub and that was exciting!  

It’s modern and deep and I’m quite pleased with it.  (It’s the Mirabelle Edenton that I talked about here.)


I shared a Living Room project yesterday and you guys were so awesome with feedback.  Thank you to everyone who blogged and pinned and tweeted my work.  Sharing is caring!  Each and every comment means so much to me.  I love hearing about which details were your favorite! 

Also, I was absolutely frickin thrilled to be featured on House Beautiful’s blog this week.  Check out “Bloggers Tips for a Happier Home.”  First step website, next step in print, right?

And let’s not forget the lovely Thanksgiving Brunch feature I attended over on HGTV.


Sabra threw the wedding shower of the year.  You must check out her posts here.  I’m admittedly anti-shower, but this is one party I would have loved to attend.

A Thanksgiving Day Brunch on

Recently, Philadelphia local, Jeanine Hays from Aphro Chic, invited me to participate in a “Thanksgiving Brunch” she created for  It was held at one of my favorite places, Terrain at Styers, and the talented Ryan Jane Co helped style the event.  (They also did my sister’s wedding last year at Terrain and it was beautiful!)

Image Leon Belt via Aphro Chic

I mostly just stood around and ate pancakes, but it was be fun to be part of such a lovely day.  The other ladies at the event were awesome and the food looked amazing.  (We didn’t actually get to eat most of it.)  They did so many nice touches that I hope to recreate at a dinner or brunch party soon.

See the whole post HERE