How many times can you change up your bedroom before you are deemed certifiably crazy?

At least a dozen, right?  After all, you have to crack a few eggs to…

design manifest black block print bed ikat suzani gold pillow

{I originally bought these ikat pillows for a client but then couldn’t give them away}

{Gold pillow was moved from living room}


The NEXT post I do will be on this Darn DIY bed, promise.

That means it may be awhile… hehe.


With travel plans falling through last minute, I found myself home this weekend with no plans on the books and a huge feeling of relief.  Life has been so hectic recently so I luxuriated in some quiet time.  I puttered, I ran errands, I vacuumed and I began to decorate.  Inspiration was flowing and I was roaming the house “tweaking” and moving things around.  I’m weirdly ADD when I decorate.  I tend to get inspiration in bursts and follow it wherever it leads me.  I’ll be working in the living room, run upstairs to grab a pillow, end up getting distracted and start messing with my bedroom, only to grab a water downstairs and be lured again to my living room arranging.  It’s a miracle I get anything done.

But I did!  Furniture got moved all around.  Art arrangements were hung.  Art walls are a challenge . For me it is always a big experiment in balance.  Still tweaking, but I’m glad I’ve at least made a few holes.

Also, Pillows were styled.  I had myself a grand experiment, grabbing every pillow in the house and piling them on the living room rug.  I mixed and matched and cocked my head and analyzed how each arrangement brought a different personality to the room.  Pretty much every pillow I own looks good in my living room.  I guess that’s the joy of a neutral backdrop.   While each of the rooms in my house are distinct, I am able to intermix pillows between them to switch up the look of the space.  I felt the urge to mix it up and now my bedroom, guest room and living room have their summer makeovers.  Shopping in ones own home can be quite fun.

I’m still tweaking the final arrangement, but in the meanwhile, here are a few pairings that I thought were cute.


mint and coral pillows on a neutral sofa with black accents- design manifest


Pillow Party- Eclectic and Colorful

It’s been awhile since I’ve thrown a pillow party.  Today I’m dedicating my party to a fabulous group of young female entrepreneurs who are chasing their dreams and making our world more beautiful.  This almost-spring day had me feeling a little punchy.  Something about a purple-orange-green combo is unexpected and fun.  I hope you like my pairings.  And shop away, my Dears!  Links to these gorgeous pillows are below.

#1 Purple Pillow with orange Trim- Shop Furbish

#2 Diamond Patterned embroidered Pillow- Shoppe by Amber Interiors

#3 April Showers Bring May Flowers Pillow- Society Social

#4 Mumbai Pillow- Shop Furbish

#5 Colorful Pagoda Pillow- Shop Furbish

# 6 Tangerine Lotus Pillow- Caitlin WilsonTextiles

#7 Vintage Orange Flower Suzani Pillow- Shoppe by Amber Interiors

Happy Friday Loves!


I came, I styled, I collapsed.  The photo shoot of my loft took place yesterday.  After a whirlwind decorate-my-ass off weekend, it was a delightful day and I cannot wait to see the photos!  I worked with Courtney Apple, who is so fantastic.  My sister, Megan, helped style the shoot and the three of us noshed on cupcakes and Prosecco while we worked.  Not a bad day, right?  Of course by the end of it I felt like I had run a marathon  and slightly regretted that last glass of sparkling wine.  (I needed it to get through the headshot portions of the shoot.  Sober Naomi = awkward, cheeky, deer-in-headlights photos)

I’d like to give 4 big thank yous to: My Mama, for arriving hours early to help me sweep, mop and dust my neglected areas; My Man, for hanging, drilling, spraying and encouraging me to get it done; my Sister, Meg, for being the best assisternt ever and always being my design sounding board; and Courtney for shooting the space with ease and being so very patient with me.

It’s back to the paying design jobs now.  While I catch up on work, I’d like you guys to enjoy some of Courtney’s photos

(for the Society Social shoot)

And speaking of Caitlin Wilson- I insist that every one of you go check out her website that launched yesterday.  Pure pillow and fabric bliss, I tell you!  

(Hint, her pillows will make an appearance in my loft!)

Pattern mixing made easy, stylish and affordable.  Go shop now!