#TBT Throwback Thursday- My Bench

When it comes to furniture, I really believe that if you buy what you love, it can work well in any home.  As someone who is a bit of a rolling stone, (I’ve had 5 homes since starting this blog in 2009) I’m no stranger to fitting my stuff into new places.  I’m not one to do the same thing over and over again.  Instead, I really love translating and styling my furniture in new ways each time I’m in a new setting.  Case in point: My ottoman.  It was a bit of a splurge when I first got it, but it’s gotten lots of use and I still love it today.  In honor of #TBT, I thought I’d take a mini walk down memory lane with my ottoman/ bench…

Design manifest coffee table ottoman la fiorentina tan white geometric pattern{2010: I left it bare and mixed with my Martin Sofa, pre-slipcover}

design manifest la fiorentina simone ottoman

{2011: I used it as my entry bench in my loft.}

design manifest la fiorentina ottoman suzani

{2013: Back in use as an ottoman, I’ve layered it with a vintage suzani.  My sofa (the same as above) is slipcovered.}

For many of you who have asked:

The Ottoman/bench is the Simone by Ballard Designs,

upholstered in custom fabric (La Fiorentina by Lee Jofa.)

PS- the Naomi’s Stuff tag is a great resource if you are looking for a source for any of my pieces!


So I know it’s been forever since I’ve shown any real progress on my loft.  Sorry about that.  I promise it’s not due to lack of effort.  I’ve been spray painting, sewing, upholstering, hanging stuff, zhushing and spray painting some more.  I feel so excited about where the space is, but I’m still only about 95% done.  I’ve scheduled a little photography shoot in exactly 13 days.  I’m hoping the deadline will give me the final oomph I need to wrap this loft up into a pretty little package.  

Since we have a bit until the big reveal, I thought I’d show you just a few tidbits I’ve been working on.

Do  you remember the gold-leaf debacle of ’11?  Yea well I failed.  My bergere chairs looked like gold tinfoil disasters.  I opted to strip and give ‘em a nice spray job.  Much better.  Not perfect… but for a Craigslist score, I’m pretty happy.

I’ve been sewing.  A LOT.  

I took a risk and sprayed my woody mirror teal.  Only it ended up turquoise.  Zoinks!  Me thinks I need a redo here.

… And that’s all I got.  It may be spotty ’round these parts this week, I’ve got a lot on the plate.  As always, thanks for stopping by.  You guys really toot my horn.



A quiet long weekend was exactly what I needed so I’m feeling quite happy on this Monday Tuesday morning.   I was able to push a few projects along in the loft, do some fantastic shopping and spend time with good friends.  A girl can’t ask for much more, can she?

Here’s a little round-up of some new happenings around the loft.

#1 While shopping for vintage accessories for my clients I scooped up the most beautiful little rug for my bathroom.  

#2 Finally got around to hanging some art on my Blue wall.  

#3  Picked up a sweet little incense holder at that movie set sale a few weeks back.  I paired it with my coral (previously on the bookshelf) and I’m diggin the new coffee table vignette.

#4 Three words: Vintage Suzani Tablecloth. 

I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend too!  And since I don’t think I say it enough… Thanks so much for stopping by my little spot.  I really do appreciate each and every one of you readers, commenters and lurkers.  Keep it snazzy.

sweet baby Jesus, what have I done?

Friends, I fear it’s going to be a long, messy day.  A day that may end in the destruction of my sweet French chair.  Death by gold leaf.

I’m obviously a complete idiot for thinking I had the chops to tackle this project.  As I sit here with gold bits attached to my fingers, hair and apartment floor, I’m questioning why I didn’t hone my gold leafing skills before tackling my pretty chair.  Like, why not test it out on a block of wood, or some crappy piece of furniture I didn’t care about ruining?
Impatience is surely one of Decorating’s Seven Deadly Sins, and I’m the worst sinner of all.
Bri, not gonna lie, kinda blame you for giving me advice and making me believe I could do this.  OK, not really, but you make everything look so easy!
There are just so many curves and angles on this dang chair.  And my clumsy fingers are not navigating the sticky gold leaf so well.  Sigh.
I’m going to keep at it.  I thinking layering upon layering must fix some of this disaster.  I just may need to take a break and do some real work soon.
OH, And the scariest thought of all?  
There are two of these chairs.
(sorry for the crappy iPhone pics, just had to share my despair)

craigslist champion

I am unofficially crowning myself Philadelphia’s craigslist champion of the week.  I’m not trying to gloat, but it feels good to be a winner.  In the past 5 days I successfully completed the furniture purchasing for my apartment.  You hear that World?  No more personal furniture shopping for Naomi.  I’m done.  I feel ready to settle down and begin a long term relationship with all my furniture.  Ok, truthfully, if I stumble upon the perfect petite end table, I’ll probably scoop it up.  But I’m most definitely committed, otherwise.

Here are the new-to-me goodies that will round out my collection.

Dining chairs.  As much as I liked my danish set that I reupholstered, (just last year,)  I’m heading away from the whole mid-century vibe and they just weren’t jiving with the rest of my stuff.  I wanted to UP the glam factor in my apartment, so I was hoping to find something with a little Hollywood Regency feel.  (I’m going for a Bohemian Chic look.) 

I was so happy to stumble upon this set of 4 faux-bamboo, caned-backed dining chairs.  Some serious internet stalking transpired, and now $160 later, I am thrilled to call them mine. 

I have already given them a makeover, and I’ll share the  “new” version next week!

Living Room Chairs.  I have always always wanted a set of French armchairs.  I just love the ornate frame, the upholstery possibilities and the sophistication they bring to a room.  I especially enjoy them when mixed with modern furnishings, so I knew they would be a great fit in my loft.

I scored this pair of bergere chairs yesterday, for $260.

The upholstery, while not my ideal choice, is in great condition, I may keep it for a while.  I still have a few changes I’d like to make though- namely painting the frame.  (Sorry wood lovers, it just doesn’t work for me!)  I’d love to hear what you would do with the chairs.

So there ya have it- $420 and 6 chairs later I am officially a chair hoarder.  But I’m a happy chair hoarder.  I may nominate myself for chair hoarding president and rule with grace and style.

PS my BRNO chairs are still available for a great price!!  Just because I’m taking a bit a modern out of my place, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be a fantastic addition to yours :)