Before and After- Condo Kitchen Details

kitchen before wide

Wow, can you believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow?  I don’t know where November- or this Fall for that matter- has gone.  Something weird is going on with me this year.  I’m feeling the urge to decorate for the holidays.  I am …
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Thank You!! {Post One Room Challenge}

Guest Room Art wall Design Manifestjpg

Hey guys.  Thank you SO much to everyone who took the time to check out our One Room Challenge Reveal.  Your comments and support really meant so much to me.  We worked so stupid hard on this place and I’m …
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ONE ROOM CHALLENGE ~ The City Condo ~ Week 6

modern neutral eclectic living room - Design Manifest- One Room Challenge

Party Time!  It’s finale day of the One Room Challenge and the condo is done. The condo is actually DONE.  You have NO idea the feelings that come up when I say that.  Giddy exhausted disbelief.  I don’t think I …
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ONE ROOM CHALLENGE ~The City Condo ~ Week 5

ikea leather tufted sofa black white

Ikea to the Rescue.   We have a sofa.  It’s not my dream sofa but it has mid-century lines and it’s leather which should make it easy to maintain.  I waffled back in forth at the store between the black …
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ONE ROOM CHALLENGE ~ The City Condo ~ Week 4

martin sofa

EPIC FAIL.  MY SOFA CANNOT FIT INTO THE CONDO. We hired two guys to deliver the furniture, carry it up two flights of stairs and the damn thing wouldn’t fit through the door.  I had a tantrum and then I …
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