Moroccan Curves in the bathroom

One of my favorite elements in the bathroom design I featured last week is the curvy shower valance we plan to hang over the tub.  The curves remind me of a Moroccan archway and they feel like the perfect eclectic surprise in an otherwise classic room.  With all of the tile and hard fixtures, bathrooms are just begging for a little warmth and softness.  Whether it’s a fabric valance, a built-in or even a mirror, these curves are my new favorite accessory for the bath. 


We are all attracted to drama a little bit, aren’t we?  While I’m try my best to purge it from my own life, I don’t mind drama in the form of over sized accessories.  That huge lantern?  What an attention whore.   Those ginormous vases?  Who do they think they are showing off like that?  I say bring it on.  Sometimes our visual scales need to be rocked a little bit.

image: elle decoration uk, diversion project

neutral rooms + moroccan tables

I find that I’m drawn to many rooms with Moroccan tables.  They are the perfect size for a little end table or make a pretty coffee table cluster.  Whether is a hexagonal wood variety (with pretty inlay, please!) or a brass tea table, I love the flair they add to a room.

While they look great in a typical bohemian pad- layered with beni ourain rugs, kilim rug pillows, pierced metal lanterns and ethnic textiles- I  prefer them in a more neutral room.  They create an attainable, eclectic feel.  I’d sure love to stumble upon one… or three!

Canadian House & Home via All things bright and beautiful

I think if I had one of these I’d end up moving it all around my apartment so that I could enjoy it in many ways.  That, and I’m crazy.  Where would you put a Moroccan table?

window shopping Horchow’s Sale

right about now I’m feeling pretty pissed off that I will likely be homeless in a month or two. It’s not the whole “no place to sleep” thing that’s bothering me; I’m sure I’ll figure that out. It’s more the “no place to put the stuff I want” thing that’s getting me all riled up. You see, today and tomorrow (11/19-11/20), Horchow is having a little private sale- 30% off everything. So I get the email and I hop on the site and I ooo and ahhh over tasty little (or big) items that could be mine all mine. Alas, I have no house. And why make a shopping list of beautiful furnishings, lightings, and accessories if I know I will never buy them? Because I’m a glutton for punishment. When it comes to design at least.

Before I start my list, I should mention that Horchow can be a little frou-la-la for my taste. What does that mean? A lot of items are gawdy, ornate, super traditional and over-all my interior design nightmare. Buttttt, when edited down, they do some things really well. So take a look. Just a warning: I would suggest avoiding the dining room section completely. Not. My. Thang.

First on my want list is the Dusk Sofa.

Gray, Tufted, Deep, Solid back… need I say more? I love that it has clean lines and feels kind of masculine, yet still has my tufted back that I so adore. Plus no open bottom. That’s a bonus when you have a dog like Bailey, who likes to lose his toys and scratch at the sofa until I’m forced to climb under and retrieve them. The charcoal color is rich and a perfect complement to just about any color combination. Gray is the new neutral, folks.
It’s $1,629 normally, but at 30% it’s $1,140- so within my budget! I’m tempted to buy it right now, even without the whole “house” thing. It could make a comfortable bed for the streets…

Let’s see… Horchow is also really good at mirrored furniture. They even have a specific section for it. I wouldn’t want to go mirror-crazy, but a little splash of mirror in each room really adds a nice touch. Here are some faves:

How cute is this Mirrored White Tray Top Table. Was $699, Today $489. It’s totally versatile. I could picture it in a bedroom, living room, or even in the bathroom holding accessories.

Milk Mirrored Chest. Was $2,449, Today $1,714. White and mirror make such a crisp combination. Love those ring pulls.

Gracie Cocktail Table. Was $469, Today $328. Classy, clean, reflective. Yes sirreee.

Rugs: They have a wide variety of great rugs, including a large selection of Animal Pattern Rugs. Holy moses its like a zoo. The popular Cowhide, sheepskin and Zebra rugs are joined by other critters like tiger, leopard and reptile. Ok… some of these are too much, but don’t you want to cozy up with this sheepskin?

And despite the fact that I have a black dog, I’m swooning for this pearl cowhide block rug.

Realistically the Pemberton Rug would be a better choice. Love that Morccan tile pattern. This kind of trellis rug can mix with any pattern or decorating style!

Two other faves are the Silkens Medallion Rug and the Reflections Shine Rug. Can you tell I’m liking blue and gray these days??

This mirror has an antique panel with a new mirror. I’m drawn to the geometric pattern and the cut-out frame. Imagine it on a black or turquoise wall? I would like so see some color pop behind it. Was $795, Today $557

Fretwork Round Mirror. Was $250, Today $175. Classic pattern, great shape. Restraining myself from purchasing it for my entry…. don’t. know. if. I. can. do. it….

Lighting: Quite a few fun, unique lighting options
Comet Chandelier. Was $495, Today $347. Crystal accents orbit around this pendant. Just. Dazzling. Te quiero.

Abalone Shell Chandelier. Was $1,450, Today $1,015. A fabulous reinterpretation of the popular capiz shell variety. It’s nice and large, but doesn’t hang too low. 32″w x17″h

Rattan and Shell Lamps. Was $295, Today $207. What funky little balls! I like the natural materials, and the light effect they create on walls and floors. Superb on the floor or a side table. I prefer them on the ground…. just wondering how I can get Bailey not to chew on them?

Fans of Turquoise, rejoice! They have a few beautiful handpainted casegoods.

A glossy, tufted, cube ottoman. Why wouldn’t I want this??

Petite Carved Sofa. File this under the category, “My boyfriend would never go for this because its too girly.” I can still appreciate the gray wash frame and golden velvet upholstery from cyber world, though.

Three Piece Glass Chrome Cocktail Table. Was $754, Today $528. This is exactly the table I’ve been searching for. Square, substantial, metal, glass. It’s still more money than I want to spend on a table. Especially since I wouldn’t use the side tables. I don’t like matching side tables. But I guess I could use them elsewhere…

Blue Wash writing desk. Today $630. What a great desk with personality. Just because you do work on your desk doesn’t mean it needs to be plain! Personally I want more stimulation.
This one has great color without being bright or childish. Hate it paired with that rug and purple walls, but I can ignore that.

X-Frame white wash desk. I’m a sucker for X-frame furniture, so this desk had me at hello. It’s simple and lovely.

Crocodile embossed ottoman. Like that greek key detailing at the bottom. It adds a touch of class to this mod piece and somehow makes it feel less chunky.

Metallic Silver Resin Elephant Table. These elephant tables are quite popular. I think they are charming. I especially like this one because its silver. Just say NO to boring end tables!!

Elizabeth Curio Cabinet. I like the diamond shaped glass doors and contrasting interior color. I’d be inclined to repaint that white beadboard another color. Purple? Orange? Chartreuse? Wallpaper? Oooo wallpaper would be great….

And I’ll end it with some more Morrocan Trellis pattern. Abruzzo tile patterned curtains. Subtle, shimmery, and divine.

Even though I can’t utilize the 30% off sale doesn’t mean you should miss it. Enter the code “FRIENDS” and enjoy some savings.