Morocco Part 2- My Favorite Architectural Moments

With January winding down already, I find myself holding onto my Morocco memories as long as possible.  Two weeks ago I talked about all the rugs I saw (and bought!) so today I want to talk about from of my …
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Another Day, Another Rug Store: Morocco Part 1

I am back from Morocco!  What an incredible trip.  Morocco is a such a beautiful country.  The natural landscape for one is stunning (and quite varied!)  The people are also incredibly talented artisans.  Intricate Mosaic Tile, woodwork, plaster, metalwork, leather, textiles, …
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Moroccan Curves in the bathroom

One of my favorite elements in the bathroom design I featured last week is the curvy shower valance we plan to hang over the tub.  The curves remind me of a Moroccan archway and they feel like the perfect eclectic …
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White Moroccan Splendor

Black and white interior, Moroccan accents, modern furnishings, intricate architectural elements and worldly accessories.  Need I say more?  Oh yea… the view. Dang my Philadelphia flat sure feels boring right about now. scanned from Elle Decoration UK


We are all attracted to drama a little bit, aren’t we?  While I’m try my best to purge it from my own life, I don’t mind drama in the form of over sized accessories.  That huge lantern?  What an attention …
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