One Room Challenge: The Master Bedroom

Yay it’s the first day of the One Room Challenge!  I am so pumped to transform my bedroom from an empty space to beautiful, finished room.   I plan to do it up in my signature Preppy Bohemian Style and I won’t be afraid to use a little color along the way.  I’m probably totally crazy for agreeing to take part in this 6 week makeover challenge when I haven’t even moved into my home yet!!  (I’m moving in next Tuesday.)  I’m not going to lie, I’ll probably get a little crazed along the way, but I work well under pressure and nothing like a deadline to help you git her done.

As a reminder the One Room Challenge (ORC) is a 6 week start to finish makeover of one room.  I am doing my master bedroom because a girl’s gotta have a place to sleep.  20 total bloggers are taking part in the challenge and I will share all of their details below.  This isn’t an actual competition, but as I’m uber-competitive  I will treat it as one in my own head.

Here is the culprit.  I plan to decorate it hard.

master bedroom before

closet wall before

Cons: the room had several choppy wall sections plus the wall color and carpet weren’t working for me.

Pros: The big bay windows, Light on two sides, My bed fits.  Pine floors hidden under the carpet.

We made a few construction changes to the room which I shared on Monday.

(Including tweaking a few walls and refinishing antique pine floors.)

You can see that post Here.

Here is a little mood board of what I am planning for the room.

In my own home I always edit as pieces fill in, so I may change it along the way.

cottage bedroom scheme design manifest

What does it all mean and how will I use it?  You’ll have to stay tuned every Wednesday to see!

I’ve already taken the first necessary steps in completing the design…

Painting is complete!

I wanted the room to be moody yet also energetic, so I went bold with a teal wall.

1 bedroom painted main wall

I used Benjamin Moore Naples Blue on both the walls and trim.  (Eggshell for walls, semi-gloss for trim and doors.)

2 bedroom painted slanted wall

And, just in case you are wondering, NO I don’t think a dark color makes the room look smaller.

I think it makes it more fabulous and enchanting.

3 bedroom painted three doors

There are 4 windows and 3 doors in this room and I didn’t want them to make the statement.

When I use white  it will be a purposeful pop in this design!

4 bedroom painted bed wall

Enough about my room for this week, here is a list of all the amazing bloggers taking part in ORC this time around…

ORC Banner Blog Headers

Amazing talent here, guys!  I can’t wait to check every single one as soon as I’m back from my vacay.

You can follow along with their makeovers as well.   Take a little peek at the links below.

Coming Up Next Week:  Since I move in on Tuesday, I will be sharing the room essentials next Wednesday.
Previous Bedroom Updates

A Rental-Friendly Living Room Design

One of my favorite things to do is help my best friends decorate their homes.  I’m at the phase where many of my friends are buying their first houses and are ready to make small investments in furnishings.  Others reside in city apartments, but are sick of dorm room settings.  My friend, Jenny, is in the latter department.  She is stylish and fabulous and ready to take her apartment up a notch, but not in a position to make huge commitments.  I helped her fill in the blanks without breaking the bank.  I can’t wait to see this one come to life!

How do you decorate a big white rental when you don’t know if you will be living there in a year or two?  Start with a rug.  The floor is a great place to add color.  We picked out this blue trellis flatweave 2 years ago for her place so it felt less sparse.  Next, mix in pillows and a secondary color.  Back in December I came up to visit and we scooped out some adorable pillows at C Wonder.  Finally, upgrade key furniture pieces.  We are ditching her dinky TV stand for a handsome buffet that doubles for storage.  We are splurging on quality with her gold leaf/antique mirrored coffee table.  A coffee table is a safe buy because you know most any apartment will need one!  Tip- Don’t overspend on bookshelves which can be hard to move and may not fit in your next place.  Just pick a white clean set and paint the backs a color of your choice.

Bookshelf / Ikea
Pillows / C Wonder (no longer online)
Coffee Table/ Worlds Away
Rug/ Surya
Sideboard/ Home Decorators
Sofa / West Elm  (Similar, we are reusing her old sofas)

Designing around a Red Sofa

I’m working on a family room design right now that is to revolve around my client’s existing red sofa.  This is a (fun) challenge for me as I don’t often use red in large doses.  Red can often be overdone- the wrong shade on the walls, or just too much of it everywhere- but with the right design it can be powerful, warm, happy and chic.  Since the sectional is such a big piece visually  I’d prefer not to over-saturate the room with more red.  Instead, I want to find a way to tie it to other colors that will complement it.This is the sofa…



I plan to introduce new colors with a rug and pillows.  Here are my favorite color schemes that work well with red.  Which is your favorite?

I love red mixed with powder blue for a preppy, happy feel.  Tie in a powder blue rug with a pillow that features both red and the same shade of blue.
Interiors 1 2 3
I love red mixed with pink for a romantic yet vibrant room.  Mix in black to add a tailored edge to the space.
Interiors 1 2 3 4

VOTE for my Bathroom Design… and the President Too

Well, I figure I have about one more bathroom design post to go before I drive you guys bonkers and make myself look like an indecisive idiot.  This is probably why I’ve never shared my design mid-process before, because I change my mind a lot!  (Particularly for my personal projects where there is no client sounding off on my ideas.) 

So here’s what its come down to- in honor of today, I’m asking that you vote for your favorite design.  I can’t promise you I’ll choose the winner.  Actually I can’t promise you I’ll choose at all.     

I tend to be a crazy perfectionist when it comes to designing my own home.  I think I feel particularly pressured in the bathroom since I’m a bathroom designer and therefore mine should be amazing, right?  But this isn’t my forever home and this isn’t a dream bathroom, it’s just a 5×8 room that I’m hoping to update and enjoy.

Option number one featuring my dreamy open metal sink console, crisp white beadboard and contrasting tealy / bluey / greeny type walls.  (Wall color TBD.)

** editors note- I promise you I will pick a pretty wall color, so if this looks off on your monitor its just because each computer is so different!

Option number 2 featuring the 2-drawer vanity I already bought, painted a classic gloss black. 
My thought is that the dark color will reduce the ripple drawer look and make the whole piece look more sharp.  
I’m not even sure the beadboard will look good with the black wavy doors.   That’s the problem with mood boards- they aren’t REAL. 
But hopefully it works and I can contrast the white beadboard with a pale pink.  (Wall color TBD.)

So which do you prefer- #1 Open Metal or #2 Black Drawers?  We are talking looks and function here.  Kinda like economy and social rights, only much less important.  VOTE AWAY!

And of course I hope you’ll vote in the election today, too.  I don’t care if you are Democrat or Republican or something else entirely, we all should let our voices be known.

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