DM Shops Emporium Home

Hey guys.  Sorry for playing hooky yesterday.  I wish I could claim I took advantage of the absolutely gorgeous day, but instead I was stuck in bed with some sort of icky stomach bug.  I couldn’t even muster the strength to give myself a much needed pedicure.  Anyone else besides me excited for sandal season?!

The good news is I feel tons better.  What’s also great is I’m over at Amber Interiors taking part in her fun little series “Babes Behind the Blog.”  Nothing like buttering a girl up by calling her a babe and then asking personal questions.  Go check it out if you want to learn a dirty little secret, or two.

Next, let’s talk shopping.  One of my favorite sources I discovered at New York International Gift Fair was Emporium Home.  They have gorgeous lighting, chic leather-embroidered pillows, a crystal encrusted end table (!), fun mirrors.  I’m in love with their style.

So without further ado, let me present you with Emporium Home.  Feel Free to thank me, if she is new to you…

They have jewelry too, Oh yes they do.  Want!

{To the Trade and sold through fine Retailers}

The large gilded mirror

Dear Antiquing Gods,

I know I’ve been lucky in the past, but I’m really going to need your help in this next venture.  I’m seeking a large rectangular French mirror.  Gold and substantial would be best, but please not too ornate, except for a little embellishment on top.  Something like below, would be perfect.

Faithfully yours,


Atlanta Homes/ Amy D Morris

Lonny Mag/ Lauren Gold

I want to place this type of mirror over my clients’ fireplace mantel.  But don’t these mirrors look equally good behind a tub or perched between two windows?  

Must find one!

New York Gift Fair Highlights

Yesterday morning I woke up early and hopped a train to the City to attend the New York International Gift Fair (NYIGF.)  It’s huge event that occupies two buildings and a convention center.  With limited time (plus a cold and “weak feet”) I opted to only go to Pier 94, the Home Division.  Lucky for me it was chock full of goodies and I found a lot of good inspiration and new sources.  Those of you who follow me on Facebook and Twitter may have caught a few of my faves as I was walking through.  Here are 12 of my favorite finds below.  

One more note about NYIGF…  Going to these types of events always makes me incredibly nervous.  Navigating the crowds and stands, asking questions, trying to look like I belong there and doing it all alone is NOT something that comes easy to me.  Sometimes I feel like I am very much a wimp.  (Like how I spied both Anna Spiro and Heather Clawson and was too hesitant to interrupt them and say hello.)  But each time I stretch myself I feel stronger and more confident.  I think we are all capable of a lot, we just have to go to that scary place in order to keep growing.  Anywho, that’s my philosophical thought of the day.  Happy Tuesday!


We have been doing a lot of bathrooms lately!  If I had to analyze the economy based on my small microcosm, I would conclude that many people aren’t quite ready to tackle big projects like kitchens and additions, but are itching to make smaller improvements.  The next best thing is the bath!

In preparation for design and construction I have been digging up lots of inspiration and will be sure to share some in upcoming weeks.  One of my favorite ways to add a little flavor to the bath is with mismatched mirrors.  Who says two sinks need identical mirrors?  I like the idea of each partner choosing a mirror that best suits their own style.  Good design = thinking outside the box plain medicine cabinet.

What do you think about this look?  Would you mix two decorative mirrors in the bath?