a tolix quickie

I realized its been quite a while since I’ve paid homage to my favorite dining chair, the tolix chair.  Now that I have some tulips in my home, it will probably quite awhile until tolix and I cohabitate.  For now, I continue to lust from afar.

Tolix, thanks for being so beautiful.

nuevo estilo

via greige
Christina’s (from greige) dining room
While I have more than enough dining chairs for now, I COULD be tempted to pick up some bar stools for my future kitchen island…

Industry West High Back stool, $155


Tolix Chair knock-off

Home Decorators has knocked off the Tolix Chair.

They call it the Garden side chair, and are selling it for $99.
What do we think?  Cheap substitute for the Marais A chair?  The Marais A is crafted of sheet steel, while the Garden chair is brushed aluminum.
The official reproduction, $250, Design Within Reach
Or good option for someone on a budget?
The “garden chair” in a dining room setting.
 I thought they looked a little stout next to the “real” chairs, but they are actually the same dimension.
One more view to analyze….
I don’t know if I’m sold.  But it sure is tempting to get close to the look and save some serious dough.  (6 chairs, $150 less, you do the math.)
I like them better than Crate and Barrel’s option.  But at least it seems CB was doing their own interpretation, and not a blatant copy.
Lyle Chair, $199.

Style VS Comfort

Ahhhh the age old battle.  In one corner of the boxing ring we have Design Diva; she wants everything to be stylish, gorgeous, and pleasing to her keen, aesthetic eye.  In the other corner, Practical  Princess; she wants her butt cushioned, back supported and her furniture smart and sturdy.  Here they are duking it out for the opportunity to furnish MY new home.  Problem is, I don’t know who to root for.

Now before you get your panties in a bunch- Yes, I realize there is furniture out there that is BOTH stylish and comfortable.  It seems, though, that the pieces that I LOVE are a little bit more beautiful to my eye, and slightly less comfortable for my bum/back and other parts.

Dilema 1: Beds… well headboards actually.

(Left is Wisteria’s French Country Wood Headboard, 
Right is West Elm’s Grid-Tufted Grasscloth Upholstered Headboard)
Lately I’ve been hot-to-trot for wood carved headboards.  Everytime I see one I fall a little harder.  I love the detail, the richness, and character they bring to a bedroom.  I want my headboard  ornate, and the rest of my bedroom furniture simple and clean.  Of course we would fill in with pretty accessories, lighting, knicknacks and a vase of flowers.
 I adore the intricate carving of the bed mixed with this colorful quilt.
Simple, pretty, PERFECT.  All I need now is a concrete wall!
(Both images from Indian Summer)
(via country living mag)
I could even recreate the second headboard, if I wanted.  Vivaterra offers a 60×60 teak lotus carved panel that could stand in for a beautiful backdrop for my bed.  On sale now for $498. 
But would I regret my choice to forgo the cushy comforts of an upholstered headboard?  I don’t know; I’ve never had a headboard.  Right now Mr. Drywall (and a bunch of pillows) support me while I sit in bed.
Does anyone have a wood headboard and really regret it?  Does anyone have an upholsted headboard and have an undying love for it?   Tell me peeps!
Dilema 2: Dining Chairs
(Left is Design Within Reach’s Marais A Chair
Right is Restoration Hardware’s Vintage French round side chair)
I haven’t been a bit shy about announcing to the world my complete love and devotion to the Tolix Chair. I love the industrial chic look, I love the lines, I love how it complements any decor.  I have even sat in in and loved how it felt…. for 5 minutes.  And then I had to get up because the DWR employees were starting to give me weird looks.  But will I still love them after a three hour dinner party?  Will my friends hate me for forcing them to sit in drop-dead-gorgeous metal chairs? 
(nina gotlieb via design sponge)

I guess the big question is- Is it crazy to spend over $1,000 on 6 chairs that don’t even have a cushion?
After all- I do enjoy Louis XVI chairs a whole lot.  And they can rock the industrial vibe with the right table…
(Restoration hardware flatiron table)

BUT, I don’t love them as much, and they are even More money than the Tolix chairs.

So what do you think…. how important is a cushy seat when you eat?

And what other style vs comfort items plague you?

Anyone want to take bets on who wins the fight?
I’ll tell ya, Practical Princess takes a beating everytime I scour design blogs….

Robert Redford, You Sly Fox

(Left to Right: Brickmakers Table, “1934 Chair” its the Marais/Tolix obsession of mine, Firefly pendant, Spice Market Kilim Rug,  Sphero Chandelier, Modern Factory Stool, Tugboat Console, Richardson Reeves Bed.)

(Left to Right: Monopolie Iron Bed, Scrivener Stool, Gramercy Pendant, Turville Table and Gridwork Chairs, Antique Sari,  Willowcreek Slipcovered Bench, Amba Batik Pillow, Gearworks Table.)

I don’t typically think of Sundance catalog when I want to do home-furnishing lusting, but today Mr. Redford’s side project got me excited.  So many delicious goodies!

I’d gladly take every item above, but I am particular excited about these factory stools.  It’s height adjustable so it could be a table, a chair, a sculpture.  I’m diggin’ the red, but the white and black are cool too.

Oh and check out their outlet center!  This Bolinas Trestle Table is marked down from $1,595 to $995.
I’m outta here like Vladimir.  Happy Weekend Peeps!

birthday wish list

It’s my birthday week.  I am NOT a birthday person.  This year, is particularly hard as the house renovations have me totally tweaked out to the point that I barely feel human right now.  I thought it might make me feel a little better to devote the rest of this week to things that make me happy.  So today I have compiled an imaginary birthday wish list.  Just a few self-indulgent items that make me twinkle for a few bright moments.
In no particular order…

1.  These pillows by Madeline Weinrib, because I can never, ever have enough pillows.

And I love these two combined together- the crisp black and white chevron against the colorful embroidered Suzani.  While I enjoy the designer pillows, and would surely appreciate the quality, I’d also happily settle for discounted fabrics like this and this sewn into new covers for my existing cushions.

2.  Photography classes and a great camera to help me capture moments of beauty.

wish I could capture Philadelphia the same way Scott Frederick does…

3.  Three Moroccan lanterns to go over my dining table.   A mixture of spheres or shapely pendants would suit me nicely.  It works triple time- Romantic lighting for dining, Bouncing Reflecting beams for our dance parties, and pretty pierced metal for every hour of the day.

4.  A really good book that I am unable to put down.

5. A week in St Thomas with my hunny and some good friends.

6. A bubble Bath

I don’t care for Christina Aguilera, but I do dig her bathroom.

7.  A new bag.  Something lovely and designer, that makes me feel like a million bucks.

8.  My chairs.  My dear Marais A / Tolix chairs.  I’d sure love 6 of them….
I’ve tried to forget about them, but NKP keeps posting images that leave me lusting…
 Stop taunting me, Girl!
 9.  Tori Burch’s modern moccasins.  And the ability to walk in them without being in Pain.

10.  Cocktail Rings that I adore and remember to wear.

via shop found studio
11.  Wisteria’s Peacock Mirror.  Because every time I see it I gasp with delight…
 This one actually IS an antique!
12. A few shopping sessions with a personal stylist.  In general clothing and acessories leave me dumbfounded.  I’d love some help better matching my personal look to my interior aesthetic.  These would be nice…. (note they include my bags mentioned above!)
13. Cooking Classes.  As I want lots of tasty dinner parties in our new home.
14.  A headboard.  Because I do not have one, and I wont feel like a proper adult until I do.
 But I would settle for anything that is wood and carved with an antiqued feel.
 like this.
15.  A Really Good Mix Tape.  That I can dance to all by myself. 
16.  This Uzbekistan embroidered silk suzani tapestry.  I enjoy the tree of life.  Could be a nice throw over a sofa, or at the end of a bed.
17.  Flowers.  Bi-Monthly.  Delivered by My Boyfriend, with a Kiss.

…. So there we have it- a slightly outrageous birthday wish list.   Do I feel better?  Not really.  But it was fun to play anyway.