a tolix quickie

I realized its been quite a while since I’ve paid homage to my favorite dining chair, the tolix chair.  Now that I have some tulips in my home, it will probably quite awhile until tolix and I cohabitate.  For now, I continue to lust from afar.

Tolix, thanks for being so beautiful.

nuevo estilo

via greige
Christina’s (from greige) dining room
While I have more than enough dining chairs for now, I COULD be tempted to pick up some bar stools for my future kitchen island…

Industry West High Back stool, $155


Tolix Chair knock-off

Home Decorators has knocked off the Tolix Chair.

They call it the Garden side chair, and are selling it for $99.
What do we think?  Cheap substitute for the Marais A chair?  The Marais A is crafted of sheet steel, while the Garden chair is brushed aluminum.
The official reproduction, $250, Design Within Reach
Or good option for someone on a budget?
The “garden chair” in a dining room setting.
 I thought they looked a little stout next to the “real” chairs, but they are actually the same dimension.
One more view to analyze….
I don’t know if I’m sold.  But it sure is tempting to get close to the look and save some serious dough.  (6 chairs, $150 less, you do the math.)
I like them better than Crate and Barrel’s option.  But at least it seems CB was doing their own interpretation, and not a blatant copy.
Lyle Chair, $199.

Robert Redford, You Sly Fox

(Left to Right: Brickmakers Table, “1934 Chair” its the Marais/Tolix obsession of mine, Firefly pendant, Spice Market Kilim Rug,  Sphero Chandelier, Modern Factory Stool, Tugboat Console, Richardson Reeves Bed.)

(Left to Right: Monopolie Iron Bed, Scrivener Stool, Gramercy Pendant, Turville Table and Gridwork Chairs, Antique Sari,  Willowcreek Slipcovered Bench, Amba Batik Pillow, Gearworks Table.)

I don’t typically think of Sundance catalog when I want to do home-furnishing lusting, but today Mr. Redford’s side project got me excited.  So many delicious goodies!

I’d gladly take every item above, but I am particular excited about these factory stools.  It’s height adjustable so it could be a table, a chair, a sculpture.  I’m diggin’ the red, but the white and black are cool too.

Oh and check out their outlet center!  This Bolinas Trestle Table is marked down from $1,595 to $995.
I’m outta here like Vladimir.  Happy Weekend Peeps!

Lighting inspiration: Colorful Coral or Bamboo?

I was perusing a new favorite blog, when I fell Head Over Heels for this orange, coral chandelier.  Here’s a better look at her:

Hello, Pretty, You must be mine!
My first thought was to buy this chandelier from Ballard Designs and spray it a lovely fiery orange hue.  But I’m not sure I want to spend $299 for this piece.
Look at what Mr Ebay is offering me… this beaut’s starting price is 30 dolla dolla bill!  I can totally turn this into a stunner, right?
no one else better bid on this bitch!
Isn’t it fun?  A little something like this.  
(chandelier designed by Oriel Harwood via House of Beauty and Culture)
(pic via decor8)
I like the idea of adding selective color to my dining area, as my table will be wood and metal and my chairs will be hopefully these puppies (or a budget version of them as they are not recession friendly.)  Other than a few pretties on the shelves behind the table, this area will be clean and simple.  A colorful chandelier and bouquet of flowers would complete the space!

Or what do we think of a faux bamboo chandelier like I show above?  Pieces has sold several of these Pagoda chandeliers recently for 1,000+ dollars!  Zoinks.

J’s grandmother has one of these and I always drool over it everytime we visit them.  This chandelier is a little less organice in feel, but I love the vintage charm in an otherwise modern space.
Ebay has a few offereings for me…. like this puppy at $199.
Or this red version for $695?
Hmmm the $30 coral offerings sounds more and more appealing, but am I just being cheap?
I guess before I start a bidding war I should see if my boy likes this style.  Because of course his opinion is Most Important!  So, what do you think, Babe?  Pretty pretty please with a bottle of orange spray paint on top?

dining room inspiration

Let it be known on this 15th day of December Naomi is not talking about the Holidays. She is not making a wish list or a gift guide, or giving tips on original holiday decor.
Go to a real blog for that.
Today, Naomi is talking about her dream dining room. Which i guess is a little bit like a wish list. So Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to you. May snowflakes and candy canes fall from the sky and may the forces that be give me this dining room some day.

… Because its just what I want. (plus a nice chandelier to go over it, pretty please)

Why it wins my heart?
1. Chunky-beat up- wood top table with metal legs
2. Marais dining chairs. (ignore the stadium seating, give me more Marais, please)
3. View, View, View

In my dream home, my dining room will be in the back, open to the garden. The kitchen will be in the middle, and the living room will be in the front. That way kitchen is accessible to all areas and truly the heart of the home. And the dining can feature a full wall of windows with no cabinets obstructing the view to my city garden of Eden. Yes, my dream home is a city townhouse. There aint no suburbs in my dreams. For now.

Another view…. those chairs, those legs… I swoon! (Images via light locations)

My dining chair obsession as of late has been the Marais AC chair. I love its shape, I love that its metal, I love that is French, I love that its Awesome.

It’s currently on sale for $213 at Design Within Reach. So yes, for this girl, a whole set of these would be a bit of an investment.

I also could go for the Redsmith Dining Chair from Anthropologie aka and copper version of the Marais Chair. This one is $198 for all you fools out there, but four times a year I can get for $119. (I’ve said if before and I’ll say it again, you should really become close personal friends with someone who works at Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie) I can’t decide if the copper really works in my color scheme. I think I like the gunmetal better.

My fave table had been Jayson Home and Garden’s Chelsea Dining Table.

CB2’s Darjeeling Table could also fit the bill.

But neither of them have those cool metal tube legs. Now that I’ve seen the industrial look I’m inclined to go out and find myself some 1-1/2″ plumbing fittings and make my own table. And by “make my own table” I mean smile sweetly at my father and hope he makes it for me.

Also known as the Tolix Chair. Oh how I Love that metal against wood. (Image via Desire to Inspire)

Mixed with something a little bit aged? Such character and charisma! (image via cumbersome)

Hey Look Marais Chairs! A step to the patio! I love the idea that you can open your big doors and you are essentially dining outside. The vanishing threshold, right? (Image via light locations)

Extra bonus? Indoor/Outdoor friendly. (Image via DWR)

And since I have problems with design monogamy, I should probably show you my other dining room love…

The table looks mid-century (and awesome) and I have a mild obsession with Bertoia Wire chairs… especially in white. This room just makes me happy on the inside.
But a quick check with Dr Reality tells me that matching that table would be damn near impossible. Plus, while the Bertoia chairs could cut it for barstools, they would be far too uncomfortable for a long, social, appetizing, lingering meal.
Which is really the only kind I stand for.
And by stand, I mean sit. But you know what I mean….

So a wood/metal dining table and Marais chairs are definitely on my wish list.
I won’t get them by the 25th, but maybe someday.
Hope your design dreams come true someday too.


last image via black rooster decor