A local event + three lustworthy items

My recipe for a well designed room?  1 part bix box store (good lines at good deals) + 1 part high end (quality where it matters) + 1 part vintage (for the soul, and occasionally the wallet.)  Mix those all together and layer well, and you should end up with a lovely room full of depth and personality.

My favorite big box store that delivers the jams at great prices?  West Elm.  They’ve really been bustin out the hits lately.  On my want list? 
(secret admirer, please take note: these would be the perfect presents for me…)

Gold grasscloth Pillow.  Need. Me like shiny.
Faux Fur Throw.  Need.  Winter is coming, must cuddle.
Deconstructed Swirl Pillow, plus whatever chair it’s on.  Need.
Can you tell I’m digging lots of mixed textures right now?

If you feel the same way, and you’re a Philadelphia resident, you’re in luck- The local West Elm is throwing a party next Thursday and you are invited!  Here’s the deets….

I’m going!  So if you do stop by, try to find me and say hello.  I’ll be the girl who has gathered up the gold pillow, deconstructed pillow and faux fur throw and is huddled with them on a sofa stroking and purring. 


PS- I can’t stop thinking about this chair West Elm used in their shoots…. And no, they don’t sell it.

This would be the example of why you need 1 part vintage in your home.  Deeelish.

happy moments

Hello… Monday again is it?  How was your weekend?  Mine was lovely-  A night out with the girls, a few hours at the beach, and a bit of shopping.  I hit up Restoration Hardware’s Outlet (disappointing) and made a trip to Terrain (Anthropologie’s garden store.) 

So many pretty visual treats there!  I just really enjoyed walking around and taking it in.  Didn’t hurt that they are having huge sales right now.

We really wanted this trunk!  Marked down to $130.
But its too big for our home.
Vintage Doors.  Not for sale, but gorgeous.

 The wall of mirrors is very Anthro.

Loved the railing!
Industrial Light bulbs + Ceiling
We ended up buying a wood pot for our front stoop.  (City life = no grass)

My Guy filled it up with pretties.

Best part of the weekend?  Lorenzo was returned to us.
Or little chihuahua ran out the door Thursday morning and was missing for 30 hours.
He traversed 20 city blocks, and was found in a construction site hiding in a pile of dirt.
Here he is, a little beat up, but sleeping safe on the sofa.
Yes, I love decor.  But family and dogs come first!!

(all pics from my I-phone)

local vintage gem

This is for you local Philadelphia folks.  This past Saturday my sister introduced my to a fantastic furniture warehouse in the Germantown area.  Owners Karl and Gayle scavenge estate sales and clean out old houses and have stocked their store full of antique and vintage finds.  It was a lot to take in, with something to see in every square inch.  It really felt like a treasure hunt- especially since everything was being sold at bargain prices.

One of my favorite items was this embossed leather mirror.  I could picture Horchow selling it for $700.  This one was huge, in perfect condition, and $175.
I also enjoyed the lamp in front of it.  Chinoiserie in feel, but the orange and pink colors were unexpected.

These caned-back dining chairs were just begging to be revamped.  I highly contemplated buying the set, spraying them royal blue and reupholstering in a fun modern fabric.

Same with this Bergere chair.  A little paint + some new fabric = statement chair.

 I oooed and aaahhhhed over this crystal chandelier.

They have loads of art and mid-century pieces.
I came THIS close to carting this 4′ gold ostrich home with me. Unfortunately money is a bit tight this month, and I’m am trying to stick to essentials.  So while I could rationalize the ostrich statue as awesome, or odd, it wasn’t something I really “needed.”  Sad.

The Great Antique and Estate Contents Warehouse is located at 48 W. Queen Lane in Philadelphia, between Germantown Ave and Greene St.  I’m looking forward to stopping back soon!

my neighborhood is my therapy

I had a lonnnngggg weekend. The kind that makes you need a weekend from your weekend.

It wasn’t all bad. Some key highlights (in chronological order) were: canoodling in the pool with my beau, sharing a mixed fruit hookah pipe at a new local restaurant, mojitos on a rooftop in Brooklyn, skeeball, a homemade fireworks display that involved spinning sparklers and GI Joe trucks, someone telling me I could be a hair model, dancing away to disco tunes, beach time in Sea Side Park, and Jill’s amazing ribs.

Unfortunately all of that was overshadowed by an unfortunate incident late Saturday evening. I don’t want to elaborate, lets just say I was “that girl” at the party.


The weekend left me feeling exhausted and uninspired and completely incapable of working a Full Monday. I decided to treat myself to a half day and spend the afternoon catching up on laundry and wandering around my neighborhood.
Nothing clears my head better than wandering around the 10 block radius around my pad. I can see it all- teenage goths on South St, street musicians drumming away on Broad, Antiques on Pine, Drag Queens judging my outfits outside Woody’s, not to mention great window shopping, people watching, and house stalking (I have a few favorites.)
This particular trip required a trip into Capogiro for some extra therapy- ie blueberry and thai coconut milk gelato. I also poked into Luxe Home, West Elm and Open House to see their displays. Open House is adorable, by the way- cute modern furniture, housewares, gifts and more!
All in all, my walk was a success: I feel much better today. Off to conquer the world and hopefully NOT embarrass myself this coming weekend. A girl can dream…

Great Used Furniture!

Woo Hoo! Just discovered today that Uhuru Furniture has a blog.


Now I am a follower and will know whenever they get a great new (used) furniture item in their stock.

For those who don’t know, Uhuru is a non-profit furniture store on 12th and Spruce.

They pick up donations- so you should always think of them when getting rid of unwanted stuff.

Proceeds go to African People’s Education & Defense Fund.

Used furniture is great- not only is it usually inexpensive, but its also environmentally responsible. It can also add great character to your home.

Had I been following earlier I could have scooped up this elephant coffee table.

Talk about a conversation piece. I would have liked to paint those elephants white… it could have been a really cool table.

I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for another coffee table that may work in my space.