Cottage Update: Moving Day

cottage move in

Today is the day.  I’m not gonna claim we are ready.  The kitchen isn’t done.  The painting isn’t complete.  I haven’t even gotten to see the wood on the first floor properly revealed (they are still covered in paper) but nevertheless, …
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ORC Fave Week 1


So tell me the truth, did you get to check out all 20 participants for the One Room Challenge?  I did and I’m pumped for all the various projects!  It’s always interesting for me to see how other people approach …
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Scenes from Mexico

scenes from mexico

Mexico was amazing.  Pure Heaven.  The first two days, in typical Me fashion were purgatory.  I was totally sick and the weather was cold and rainy and let’s just say my spirits weren’t high.  (Literally, I couldn’t drink while my …
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DM has a New Home!

Hey Guys.  I’m checking in from (mostly) sunny Mexico to say goodbye!! Ok not really goodbye, but this is my last post on Blogger. From here on out you can follow Design Manifest on our new site.   Too see …
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About Free Stuff and My Character

Last week someone left a comment about me on another blog along the lines of this:  (I may be paraphrasing as the comment was deleted by my friend before I had a chance to see it.) “I’d be careful about …
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