hippie haven

sometimes all it takes is one room, one picture, to send me on a tailspin of design fantasies. One peak at page 120 of this months House Beautiful made me scream out loud “I NEED SHELVES ABOVE THE DAY BED IN MY OFFICE!!”

I too have a sheepskin on the bed and am planning to fill in with lots of patterned pillows.
Of course, how had I not thought of this earlier?  Its a great way to add pizzaz to my black wall.  I also think that random collected treasures will enhance my bohemian-hideaway atmosphere I’m trying to create.  Surely better than just a single piece of art.  Boooring.
Love the vintage kilim pillows?  I did until I found out they were $275-$600.  Ohhh to be a rich hippie.
I was delighted to find that the rest of the home was equally boho chic.  Designed by Commune, it’s pretty much a textile-lovers paradise.
Have I mentioned that I love modern furnishings mixed in with ethnic, colorful textiles?  Yea, well I do.  Let’s not forget lots of metal and wood.
Designer Roman Alonso isn’t afraid to mix chrome with gold.  Me too!  He also seems to be big into art collections on the ground and leaning in piles.  Me too! (just because I’m lazy.)
Doesn’t this home feel so cozy?  I picture it being the spot where friends would gather for hours- listening to music, smoking pot, drinking wine and having intellectually engaging conversations.
Bailey is diggin the hippie thing now, too.
Happy Monday, peeps!
all pics, except Bailey, via House Beautiful

more rug stalking

I have really been all over the place with rug ideas for the new home.  I’ve flirted with the idea of a black and white geometric, a Persian, an Uzbek, an Afghan, a flat weave, a high pile, or an animal skin.  I love them all but I just can’t commit.  Yep, if my metaphorical rugs were lovers, I’d be a huge slut.

This week I’ve gone back to stalking colorful ethnic rugs on Ebay.  Mostly vintage Persians.  I really love ’em because they are cheap and gorgeous.

I’m favoring the idea of one of  these pretties in my dining area.  Pairing an ornate, colorful rug with more modern table and chairs just makes me giddy.  In a living room, it could quickly turn too traditional.  I’d really have to watch my use of color with all the accessories.  But in the dining room, It can do its thang, and read eclectic, bohemian, modern.  Just the way I lubs it.

Loved the rare colors here- orange, purple and green!

This 5×9 is presently bidding at $41, with free shipping. Amazing!

Most of these rugs are 5×8 or 5×9, which is a little small for under a full-sized dining table.  You don’t want your chairs half way off the rug onto the wood floor.  My genius idea is to layer with Jute Boucle Rug from West Elm.  Which is also a steal- $199 for an 8×10.

I like the mix of textures and the layered look feels rich yet casual to me.  But do I like it enough to take the plunge?  Or will I continue on my long and tangled rug flirtation?

Dining with BRNO… Yes? No? Too Low??

Let’s talk about the BRNO chair, shall we?

Designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, this modern cantilver chair consists of a steel frame and upholstered seat and back.  It comes in two varieties- tubular (left) and flat arm (right.)  I scored two tubular chairs reproduced by Knoll Studio for quite a steal.
My first thought was to use them as side chairs in a living room.
But more often they are used as dining chairs.  They work double time- delivering a streamlined look AND comfortable seating for your dining room.
I like it paired with a wood table.  
I love how the pink upholstery is such a cheery surprise in this room, but not overly girly.
You also often see them with round tables….
James McInroe via dallas morning news

After deciding I favored a loveseat in my living room, my genius idea was to use my BRNO chairs as captains chairs in my dining room and pair them with complementing chairs.
How to best pair the chairs?
Go with my first love and hope the two metal frames would tie them together?
tolix chair and brno
– $245 per chair
EHH don’t think that’s working.
Go with a similar leg style and clean, modern seat?
tobias chair and brno
-$100 per chair
LIKE that the clear seat takes up minimal visual space
Go with a similar leg style and nod to mid century modern?
breuer chair and brno
– found set of 4 for $125
LIKE the price, but somehow the two styles seem to be competing…
Then, before I made any hasty decisions, I pulled my “Captains” chairs up to my table last night.  What did I find?  They felt too Low!!  Like I was a little kid who needed a booster seat.
Am I the only one who thinks this?  Is my table possibly too high?  Doubt it.  Are my chairs oddly too low? Don’t think so, they aren’t a wonky knock off.  
Why don’t they feel right?
So now I might not use them at all.  Which is a total bummer.  Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions for these BRNO chairs??  Or are they just destined for my basement :(

can I make this awesome?

So despite everyone’s best advice- be patient, tackle one project at a time- I’m jumping around again and I’m back to thinking about my settee.  During my lengthy search for a cute armless loveseat, what I failed to mention is that I actually already have a loveseat.

This guy is a little worndown, and he’s not armless, but his proportions are right.  So my question to you is- Do you think I can work some magic with reupholstering?
What if I did away with the skirt?
And changed out the legs for the cute little curved feet I like?  Why can’t this…
Turn into this
And I would need to choose new upholstery fabric, because this guy has seen better days…
I think I would just do away the wimpy tufting on the back… it’s not doing a lot for me.
What do we think?  Can I achieve the mood and spirit of this piece?
Or should I sell mine off, and buy this great, inexpensive piece from Overstock?  (Thanks Nelya and Erin!)  Only $320!
While that is a great deal, I am spending SO much money on this house, every little bit hurts.  Plus I would still want to reupholster it with a more snazzy fabric.
So, guys, for real…. give me your opinions!!!  What would you do?

no fatties allowed

I really adore this Studio Sofa by Nate Berkus for Home Shopping Network!  The green is the perfect olive hue I’ve been lusting after.  The velvet fabric adds a touch of richness, while the curved front feet make it a sophisticated little beauty.

I really like an armless loveseat paired with a sofa.  It allows you to mix and match pieces without having to worry about how two different arms coordinate.  Typically the sofa is the place you go to really relax and recline against the arms. Loveseats aren’t for sprawling, so I don’t think arms are a must-have.
This piece would be the perfect traditional foil to my other modern furnishings (sofa with mid-century flair, Eames lounge chair.)  I mentioned before that I didn’t want my space to be too modern or boxy.  I’d like a mix of modern, with softer, timeless pieces.  Plus lets not forget a touch of boho, and a shimmer of metal.
At 46″ long, it’s quite petite, but would actually fit perfectly in my large front window well.  Just enough space for two butts.
And, at $499, the price is quite reasonable.
So why aren’t I picking up the phone to order right now?  The weight limit is 250 pounds.
Meaning, in theory, two girls weighing 130, would be too fat to sit on this studio “sofa.”
My boyfriend and I (slim people) would surely cause it to fall apart.
Does this seem a little bit ridiculous to you?
I know Nate was trying to make an affordable piece, but why make a sofa large enough for two, if it cannot sustain the weight of two adults?  And while usually only one person would sit there at a time, I would like to have flexibility for when we have parties.  And what about some of J’s friends who are over the 250 limit on their own?  Would I have to ask them NOT to sit there because, ahem, they might break it?
And WHY does the video show Nate and a grown woman together on the sofa??  Damn you Nate!  Damn you for teasing me with your sexy little sofa and then Not delivering the necessary goods.
Don’t you just hate pretty things that aren’t practical?