One Room Challenge: Bachelor Pad Edition Week 5

Welcome back to the Holy Crap Challenge!!  It’s at this point in the ORC that I start to get all tweaked out about meeting deadlines.  I’ve got custom furniture pieces being built and delivered last minute, pillows delayed from Uzbekistan  and a whole room in my own house full of accessories that need to be unpacked and selected.  I have no idea where anything is going, but I’ve been shopping like crazy and we have some gorgeous pieces to work with.  I’ve been lying awake at night arranging pillows in my head, debating if I have enough trays (are there ever enough trays?,) planning necessary greenery and flowers and freaking out as if Architectural Digest were coming to shoot the place or something.  What can I say, the word, Challenge, drives me to nuttier perfectionist levels.

The goal is to make my client’s space feel warm, vibrant, collected and most of all, finished.  Come hell or high water I’m showing you guys the completed living and dining rooms next Wednesday.

Before I dive any further into week 5, if you are new or need to catch yourself up, I’m decorating my client’s living room and dining room.  Be sure check out the progression below…

Week 1 -(Before Photos, Inspiration)

Week 2 – (Floor Plan, Paint, Rugs)

Week 3 - (Vintage, Casegoods, Lighting)

Week 4- (Seating)

Week 5- (Custom Furniture and Accessories peek)

Week 6(The Finale)

All good?  Excellent.  Let’s discuss Styling.  That magical final element that really transforms a space into a home.  Placing accessories is the last thing I do, but I’ve been collecting items for weeks.  I’ve found some fabulous vintage items that you will have to wait until next week to see.  But here is a taste of some of the accessories we are using…

gentlemans bachelor pad accesories

Besides hoarding accessories like crazy in my guest room, I’ve also been filling in the final furnishings.


gold gold gold (table setting)

Confession, I’ve been too busy photo-shopping my apartment pics and messing around with blog headers to go for the gold today.  Lucky for me, Brandi showed off her snazzy dining room which features this lovely gold decor on her table.  Swooning over her vase and dice, aren’t you?  Go check out the whole room!  Brandi, thanks for helping this lazy blogger, out… and do share; where is the vase from?

florals and lanterns

I’ve got this stuff on my mind.  A little thinking about my sister’s wedding.  A pinch daydreaming about my bedroom.  A healthy dose of of indulging in the floral craze I’ve seen popping up everywhere.  Seriously, after checking out loads of designer fabrics at the design center last week I came to the solid conclusion that florals are in.  And paper lanterns.  OK, maybe I just want them to be in.  
Florals, plus paper lanterns.  I’m starting that trend.  Tag, I called it.

a rainy day registry of colorful accesories

I’m making myself a dream registry.  Just Because.  It’s a little late for gifts for my birthday, and quite early for a wedding, but sometimes it’s just fun to have pretty things to lust after.  Per usual, I’m craving colorful accessories from all over the globe.  Shapely pieces.  Texture.  A little gold.  All the good stuff!

1. Birdcage, Crate and Barrel $99.95, 2. Watercolor Petals Dinner Plate, Anthropologie $24, 3. Malachite Jewel Box, Furbish, $115, 4. Lame porcelain Vases by Arteriors Home, Classy Cottage $300 for set of 3,  5. Parasol, Wisteria $299, 6. Capiz Chandelier, Nature Company $149.95,  7. Ripe Melon Pull, Anthropologie $6, 8. Cloisonne Chrysanthemum Pull, Anthropologie $10,  9. Tinned copper soup Tourine, The Loaded Trunk $200, 10. Vintage Suzani Pillow, Jayson Home and Garden $550,  11. Moroccan Tea Glasses, Furbish, $32 for set of 4,   12.  Cockatoo Birds, Revival Home and Garden $155-$275,  $6, 13. Vintage Indian Poster, Loaded Trunk $75,   14. Carthage Lantern, Maison Luxe $42-180,