Styling, Rugs, and small transformations

Oh man.  I’m back from Puerto Rico with so much to say and the blog gods are just not smiling upon me right now.  I’ve been working on 4 different posts to share with you and none of them are coming together at the moment.  The hour is turning later and later and I’m really just starting to hate the internet and computers in general.  So please forgive the post with lack of thougtful words and grainy pictures, but I’m just shooting from the hip here.

This is a little bit of Design Manifest, unfiltered.

Yesterday I finished another room for a longtime client.  It is a this small pass-through room that connects this living room…

1 living room- wide

(image by courtney apple)

with this family room

11 familly room - wide

(image by courtney apple)

Challenge number 1 is that these two rooms are pretty different,

so the middle room had to somehow tie the two together.

Challenge number 2 is that the room is small, with lots of openings.


study before 1

study before 2

The window opening above looks onto this table and chairs in the family room…

13 family room- table

(image by courtney apple)

Small space needed a little drama, and my client was down for some color on the walls.  The common color in both the family room and living room is blue, so we chose a bold hue to unify the three rooms…  {Don’t have a source for the blue, sorry!}

study empty

This room needs to function as an office and also a bar/ staging areas for gatherings.

We decided on minimal furnishings- a glass desk and a bookshelf.

Why overcrowd a small space?

With clean modern selections for furnishings, I knew I needed to find the perfect statement rug.

Luckily, my client shares my passion for gorgeous rugs.

These are the rugs we have sourced and purchased for her house.

design manifest rug sourcing- tribal, overdyed, flatweave

Oh baby.

For the office, I found a vintage tribal rug in the most exotic pink tone.

Processed with VSCOcam

This modern bookshelf does a nice job of filling the one long wall.

bookshelves empty

I sourced a few accesories for my client and also shopped the house to fill in the blanks.

Processed with VSCOcamS

We also filled in with a few accessories in the bedroom.  It just didn’t feel finished with out them.  Sometimes its really subtle, but the right accessories can really make a difference in a room.

Lonely, naked console table

bedroom console no styling

Console table with a few pretties

bedroom console styled


Lonely, naked dresser

bedroom dresser no styling

Dresser with a few pretties

dresser styled

dresser top

bedroom 4

Sometimes its just a little thing, like a basket under a nightstand to hide wires and messy stuff.

green and blue bedroom design manifest

Sorry for the cruddy pictures.

I’m curious if you enjoy these “real life” decor updates, or if you think it is more impressive to wait see the finished the professional shots.

One Room Challenge: Bachelor Pad Edition Week 5

Welcome back to the Holy Crap Challenge!!  It’s at this point in the ORC that I start to get all tweaked out about meeting deadlines.  I’ve got custom furniture pieces being built and delivered last minute, pillows delayed from Uzbekistan  and a whole room in my own house full of accessories that need to be unpacked and selected.  I have no idea where anything is going, but I’ve been shopping like crazy and we have some gorgeous pieces to work with.  I’ve been lying awake at night arranging pillows in my head, debating if I have enough trays (are there ever enough trays?,) planning necessary greenery and flowers and freaking out as if Architectural Digest were coming to shoot the place or something.  What can I say, the word, Challenge, drives me to nuttier perfectionist levels.

The goal is to make my client’s space feel warm, vibrant, collected and most of all, finished.  Come hell or high water I’m showing you guys the completed living and dining rooms next Wednesday.

Before I dive any further into week 5, if you are new or need to catch yourself up, I’m decorating my client’s living room and dining room.  Be sure check out the progression below…

Week 1 –(Before Photos, Inspiration)

Week 2 – (Floor Plan, Paint, Rugs)

Week 3 – (Vintage, Casegoods, Lighting)

Week 4(Seating)

Week 5– (Custom Furniture and Accessories peek)

Week 6– (The Finale)

All good?  Excellent.  Let’s discuss Styling.  That magical final element that really transforms a space into a home.  Placing accessories is the last thing I do, but I’ve been collecting items for weeks.  I’ve found some fabulous vintage items that you will have to wait until next week to see.  But here is a taste of some of the accessories we are using…

gentlemans bachelor pad accesories

Besides hoarding accessories like crazy in my guest room, I’ve also been filling in the final furnishings.


gold gold gold (table setting)

Confession, I’ve been too busy photo-shopping my apartment pics and messing around with blog headers to go for the gold today.  Lucky for me, Brandi showed off her snazzy dining room which features this lovely gold decor on her table.  Swooning over her vase and dice, aren’t you?  Go check out the whole room!  Brandi, thanks for helping this lazy blogger, out… and do share; where is the vase from?

florals and lanterns

I’ve got this stuff on my mind.  A little thinking about my sister’s wedding.  A pinch daydreaming about my bedroom.  A healthy dose of of indulging in the floral craze I’ve seen popping up everywhere.  Seriously, after checking out loads of designer fabrics at the design center last week I came to the solid conclusion that florals are in.  And paper lanterns.  OK, maybe I just want them to be in.  
Florals, plus paper lanterns.  I’m starting that trend.  Tag, I called it.