Chinese Lattice Designs

My mom knows me so well.  While thrifting, she picked up “The New Book of Chinese Lattice Designs” for me.  It’s filled with 372 designs that were sketched from windows all over West China during the first half of the 20th century.  I just adore these intricate patterns.  I’d love to turn them into fabrics, wallpapers, stencils or O’verlays. I think their complex geometric nature is both modern and ornate and blends so well with many other patterns.  Here are just a few of my faves… (sorry I’m hoarding the rest for myself.)  

Do you like them too, or are they too “ethnic” for your taste?

Fabric Pairing of the Day

I will never tire of a good geometric/ floral pairing and I’m really feeling NAVY BLUE right now.  

What is it about dark florals that make me so giddy?  I think it’s because they bring the drama and tone down the girly aspect that typically comes with florals.  

This pairing is feeling traditional yet hip to me and I just wanted to share with my fabric-loving friends.

Floral- Bassett Mc Nab “Cassandra”

Geometric- Kravet “Xu Garden”

geometric inspiration

I’m still feeling the pull towards intricate geometric patterns.  As screens, these two pieces are pretty stunning.  But my mind works in crazy ways, and I’m thinking they would be extra special recreated as doors.  Can you imagine your kitchen pantry in mirrored greek key?  Or closet doors with gold fretwork embellishment?  Why not.  Details like these could take cabinetry or doors from builder grade to custom beauties.  Yes, please!

These guys make gorgeous geometric inserts in custom sizes.  I’m just hankering to use them to zhush up a boring white wall cabinet.  White geometric on white cabinet would be subtle, intricate perfection!

screen 1, screen 2

all things la fiorentina!

A lot of people have asked me about the fabric on my ottoman.  It’s La Fiorentina by David Hicks for Lee Jofa in the Ivory/Camel colorwave.

My Ottoman
I love this tan/white combination.  The geometric pattern gives you a a strong graphic element, but the colors keep it neutral.  If you like mixing patterns and colors, but are a little nervous about doing it, this is the fabric for you It’s easy, I promise, and you can still maintain a clean aesthetic.
I’ve been thinking about putting a tan cowhide under my ottoman.  Looks like I’m not the first person who has done this!
Here it is in one of my favorite living rooms by Angie Hranowsky.  Looks great with that fabulous marble fireplace, and accents of purple and yellow.  See how it pairs so easily with a graphic rug and a large scale suzani (other seat cushion)?
I also love it as curtains.  I like how the pattern changes with the pleats. Is it geometric, is it abstract?  Who cares, its fabbbbulous, darling.
It wasn’t right for my home, but my favorite colorwave of La Fiorentina is Wine/Magenta.  I’m using it in an upcoming project, though!
Looks great on this sofa!
Ruthie Somers in Domino, via La Dolce Vita
Another fun, colorful option is Coral.  I adore this pillow…
$55 pillow cover by Elegant Touch
As I am a lover of Gray, I also have a soft spot for the gray colorwave.  The gray/tan combo is subtle and soothing.  I love how Ashley Hicks used this fabric as a canopy for a bed!!  And the bedskirt.  It’s official:  I need a patterned bedskirt.
Southern Living, via Blue Label Bungalow
And while it is not my favorites, the brown/white and black/white colors are perennial stars.
Bear Hill Interiors

 Domino, via La Dolce Vita

So there ya have it, my favorite linen geometric pattern.  Are you hooked like me?

octagons and hexagons

I got a Chiasso catalog in the mail the other day.  Typically I toss those right away.  Who needs catalogs when we have the internet?  But I took a peek and spied cute yellow hexagon rug.  Such a simple, happy piece that reads modern, playful and neutral.

I’m pretty much a sucker for anything in a geometric pattern.  They are clean, symmetrical and just pleasing to my eyes.  Octagons and hexagons are complex enough that they create visual interest, yet simple enough that you can easily pair them with busier or larger patterns.
I went searching through my files and came up with quite a few fun octo-hex pieces….
I’m using this fabric to upholster a banquette in a kitchen.
Or this gold-leaf mirror from World’s Away
Crazy about this hexagon coffee table from Room Service LA.  Yes that’s a mirrored top and base, with white in between.
Also adore this credenza by them.  Just love that store!  I have no real desire to visit LA, other than to shop this store.
I can’t think of these shapes without thinking of a little Morrocan influence, so how about a few offerings with an ethnic flair?
The pattern looks fantastic on a floor.  Tiled or painted, but I sure enjoy the painted wood, like below
And for our last offering, a delicious pillow from Be Still.  I’ve been eyeing this pattern up from a long time.  Is it time to take the plunge and have a little hexagon in my life??