Sister Pride: Free People Party Collection

I occasionally take to the blog to gush over my incredibly talented sister, Megan, and today is one of those proud days.  Meg is the fashion designer behind Free People’s Party collection.  It’s a limited edition, fancy-pants collection that allows her to show her skillz and create intricate & delightful dresses and ensembles.   She attended a prestigious couture school in Paris and is now bringing a little couture to Free People.  Below is a video of her talking about the collection and a little preview.  Love you, Meg!

(Look for my nephew, Toby, to make an appearance)

I wore this one to a wedding recently…

I got to watch a lot of the process when she designed this one.  I even got to give her input!  Dying to try the final version on…

“When I’m designing Party, I always get excited about tapping into the fantasies and daydreams that I think every girl shares, whether it’s a glamorous castaway or red carpet starlet. I love for every dress to tell a story about the girl who is wearing it and where she is going. Party is the place where all daydreams come to life — covered in crystals, rich in embroidery, ready to transport you into your favorite state of mind, and get you noticed big time!”

See the whole Party collection HERE

Recent Acquisitions & a Guest Post

I’ve been spoiling myself a lot lately.  I guess its ok.  I’m in that rare time of life where I don’t have a husband or children to consider, I make a decent living and… well I love to shop.  And since shopping isn’t fun without sharing, I thought I’d let you guys in on my scores from the past week.

A dream came true last Friday when I found two Chinese Chippendale Faux-Bamboo armchairs for a really reasonable price.  Ever since Jonathan Adler hit the design scene and made colorful, happy Chinoiserie hip again, I’ve been dying for a set.  Now the question is, do I use them in my showroom or home?  Let’s ignore the fact that I don’t actually have a home at the moment and shouldn’t be making purchases for an imaginary space.  Homeless Hoarder, much?  You know it.  Time to think about upholstery fabrics…

Something about ModCloth was calling my name yesterday.  In a matter of minutes my shopping cart filled up with three sheer blouses.  Tobe has the exact same skull blouse.  I admired it greatly at Blogfest.  Anyway, I went all Single White Female and bought myself one because she lives in Kansas City and I’m not so worried we are going to show up to a party wearing the same thing.  Thanks for the inspiration, Girl.

I also bought stuff last Friday for other people; like paying clients.  I’m obsessed with this vintage faux-horn statue.  (It’s actually ceramic.)

And this little vintage lamp is too cute and perfect for finishing off GirlyGlam Dressing room.

That’s all!  Time to retire that checkbook for awhile…

Want more still?  Good news, you can find me over on VMac & Cheese for Victoria’s delightful series “Behind the Scenes.”  I’ve long enjoyed this guest series and was a little hurt she didn’t ask me to partake sooner.  Just kidding.  Not really.  Please check it out HERE and learn a little more about Me.

newest obsession

A couple of weeks back I picked up a pair of $13 bell bottoms at the GAP.  They are the perfect level of stretch and softness, the perfect blue denim and they make my butt look good, if I do say so myself.  So obviously they are my new favorite pair of jeans.  There isn’t an outfit out there that isn’t enhanced by them- it’s like instant awesome.  I may never wear another pair of pants again.  (LIE- I also picked up a slightly shimmery pair of skinnies and they are my second-rate best friend- the one you know you can rely on to hit the town on a Saturday night.)

I like seeing how stylish ladies are wearing the bells these days.

Whoa, must find a red pair of bells.

And what about me?  Less stylish, Less posed (?) More iPhone-mirror fashion here…

Ok, I promise not to offend you with any more fashion dressing room shots.  

I certainly don’t fancy myself a fashionista.  I do, however, fancy myself a pair of $13 jeans.


sources for top images from my pinterest

A look to covet- red and teal

I was perusing a summer issue of Lucky Magazine (I’m way behind on my reading, ok?)  and came across a look that made me instantly smile.  Even though summer is fading into fall, I still think I could rock a flirty scarlet sleeved dress.  Paired with cute accessories and just the right touch of teal and this makes me feel energized and happy.

Robert Couturier does the red-teal look just right too.  It’s such a punchy combo, yet in his rooms it’s class all the way.

Do you mix red and teal in your fashion, or in your home?  And most importantly, could you rock a head scarf?  I always feel incredibly silly when I try, but my sister Meg can pull it off.

Tiered Dresses and Sofas

I think I have a thing for the modern tiered ruffle.  Last week while reading my House Beautiful I spied this gorgeous skirted sofa with a waterfall pleat detailing.  It adds the perfect feminine touch to a modern sofa.  Then when I saw Blair wearing a dress in a similar style, I knew I had to do a post.  Just loving the depth and layers to her frock. Inspired by her accessories, I’ve made a little outfit for the sofa as well.

Here is the outfit version, styled by Atlantic-Pacific

And here is Verellen’s Jasmine sofa, virtually-styled by me…
I’ll take all of the above please.  Do you dress like your sofa?  Maybe you should.