Almost Fabulous {A Cottage Mini-Update}

Mom and I did a little DIY roller shade for my bathroom window in one of my favorite fabrics, the signature print by Stone Textile.  Unfortunately we forgot to take note of the orientation of the spring roller and the fabric is now backwards.  Not a big deal, I just have to take it off and re-glue it.  In the meanwhile, its been sitting like this for several weeks.  Just keepin’ it real.  Life, home, decor isn’t always perfect.  But, I think I when get around to turning it around it will be pretty fabulous.

bathroom shade inside out

bathroom shade front

PS- I waterproofed the fabric, because this window sits in my shower.  I’ll pull together a full post once I finish the shade!

It’s my Cottage One Year Anniversary!

It’s hard to believe that’s its been exactly one year since I signed on the dotted lines and bought myself a little cottage.  Part of me feels like the time has gone by in a wink, but when I think about it,  SO much has happened since those early days.  I feel like a different person and the house has been transformed into a whole different (better) kind of home.

Highlights of the renovation include a bathroom gut job, painting my existing laminate kitchen cabinets turquoise, removing all of the walls (and half walls!) on the first floor and creating an open concept plan.  I also used a heck of a lot of paint.  I ripped up maroon carpets to discover antique pine floors. I attempted to make a headboard and subsequently burnt out on DIY’s for the next 6 months.

Here’s a little round up of my project so far.  You can click on the title or the picture to see all posts related to each room!

the living room

living room before and after

living room before and after 2

the dining room

design manifest dining room before and after

design manifest dining room before and after 2

the kitchen

design manifest kitchen before and after

design manifest kitchen before and after 2

the bathroom

design manifest bathroom before and after

the master bedroom

design manifest master bedroom before and after

the guest room

design manifest guest room before and after

the lounge

design manifest lounge before and after

Reading this first post I wrote the day after settlement still puts a big smile on my face.  I was so hopeful and excited.  Six months of waiting and renovating tested my patience and honestly, my self esteem.  (Who wants to live and work with their parents 24/7 ?)  October  through December were NOT good months for me as I sunk into a anxious state of depression.  (I talked about it in this post here.)  I impatiently moved in mid-February (even though the house wasn’t finished) and quickly began putting my decorative touches on every little nook and cranny.  Work, life and exhaustion plagued my progress, but I was happy just to be doing my thing and living in my own home.

I still have a lot to do, but I’m grateful that I’ve been able to take my time and allow the space to evolve as I live in it.  The more I use the cottage, the more I learn what it really needs.  Some rooms I love (bathroom, guest room,) some rooms I can’t seem to get right (master bedroom,) and some rooms I’ve barely touched yet (lounge, dressing room.)  I think year two is going to be a lot of fun and I look forward to sharing it with all of you!



Bathroom Moments

This may be TMI, but I took my first bath last night.  I wish I could claim it was life changing, but the tub was only 2/3 full and the water was lukewarm at best.  (Gotta turn up that water heater!)  Nonetheless, as I lay there sipping on wine, listening to a mix and staring at my fine fine tile job, I couldn’t help but feel a huge sense of accomplishment.

This bathroom used to be a crowded, dark, bleh space.  And then my father and I teamed up and transformed it into this bright, warm, functional  funky perfect oasis.  I seriously love my 5×8 bathroom.  Storage is good (more on that soon) the shower is fantastic and the details are really coming together.  It’s not quite done yet, but here are just some bits that I have been enjoying day to day.

bathroom mid stage design manifest

sink and basket

rug and wall

 {Bathroom Before}

Happenins’ 2/22/13

Exciting Week over here at DM!  Yesterday I get a little message in my inbox from Roxy telling me I’m featured over on Huffington Post.   Whaaaaaat?!?  Its crazy, exciting, flattering and I am thrilled.  If anyone has found me through Huff Post, welcome!  I hope you enjoy the Cottage renovation and I also recommend a tour of my old loft.  Stay tuned because I’ll be sharing a new project next week.

Here’s a little excerpt, but you can see the whole piece HERE.

huff post piece

Had I’d known the interview had been picked up by a major news source I may have used 6 less exclamation points.  Ooops.  Hehe.

Double Dose:  My work was also featured in this month’s HGTV Magazine!  If you see the March issue flip to page 69- Van Deusen Blue was my fun creation for a young client.

hgtv magazine pic

Blog Highlights:  My DIY Curtains made me feel like a major success.  I’m still so pleased how a little greek key trim can add so much sophistication to a basic white curtain!

Sneakity McPeekity:  Speaking of curtains, we hung my shower curtains.  Yes I have two.  Still need to steam them.  More on those soon.  Other bathroom posts HERE.

shower curtain

Elsewhere:  Two great posts about blogging.  Manrepeller and Erin both made me think.  I have to admit that I often have negative and confused feeling about this whole blog world.  It’s still relatively so new… we are all pioneers in a way.  Yet I’m still so grateful for all the opportunities it has brought my way!

Off to a very busy day.  Have a great weekend All!

Cottage Update: Medicine Cabinet Crush

Still down in Mexico.  It’s a little piece of heaven!  (Look for a little recap when I’m back on Friday.)  I must admit though, as I stand at the shoreline, watching the turquoise, blue, cobalt, ocean waves, I can’t help but think affectionately about my new medicine cabinet.  Not obsessively.  Trust, I have other thoughts.  But I am excited to fill it up with my essential goodies when I move in next Tuesday(!)


medicine cabinet

Don’t mind the sconces.  I’m working on recovering the shades.

Check out the inside!  The double mirrored interior is such a nice touch.

medicine cabinet open 2

I just love the arched top (the perfect little Moroccan flair) and weathered wood finish.

Get it HERE. It’s on sale too!