Almost Fabulous {A Cottage Mini-Update}

bathroom shade inside out

Mom and I did a little DIY roller shade for my bathroom window in one of my favorite fabrics, the signature print by Stone Textile.  Unfortunately we forgot to take note of the orientation of the spring roller and the …
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It’s my Cottage One Year Anniversary!

living room before and after

It’s hard to believe that’s its been exactly one year since I signed on the dotted lines and bought myself a little cottage.  Part of me feels like the time has gone by in a wink, but when I think …
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Bathroom Moments

bathroom mid stage design manifest

This may be TMI, but I took my first bath last night.  I wish I could claim it was life changing, but the tub was only 2/3 full and the water was lukewarm at best.  (Gotta turn up that water …
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Happenins’ 2/22/13

huff post piece

Exciting Week over here at DM!  Yesterday I get a little message in my inbox from Roxy telling me I’m featured over on Huffington Post.   Whaaaaaat?!?  Its crazy, exciting, flattering and I am thrilled.  If anyone has found me …
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Cottage Update: Medicine Cabinet Crush

medicine cabinet

Still down in Mexico.  It’s a little piece of heaven!  (Look for a little recap when I’m back on Friday.)  I must admit though, as I stand at the shoreline, watching the turquoise, blue, cobalt, ocean waves, I can’t help …
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