Favorite Finds of the Month- Soft, Sweet and a little Exotic

I tend to vacillate between a few design moods- loving bold,dark and exotic, favoring neutral, layered, and textural, etc.  This month I’m really feeling color, but in a very soft way.  I want pale pink, coral, soft blues, grays, maybe just a touch of yellow.  I like the sweetness of pastels balanced by touch of global influence: a bench that looks like it belongs in Morocco, a gilt mirror with an Italian flair, a chandelier with an exotic shape.  Pastels can get so girly and that’s just not my thing.  You need to throw in something rough, patina, something not so perfect.  Finish off with a few modern and masculine elements and you have yourself a winner.

Here are a few pieces that I am totally crushing on this month.  They all fall into this soft, sweet spot I’m loving with interiors.

DM faves soft and sweet

pillow / chandelier / painting

rug / bench / mirror

And a few rooms I’m feelin’…

colorful melbourne home

{Miranda Skoczek’s home}

nuevo estilo space pastels

{Nuevo Estilo}

soft pink boho room skona hem

{Skona Hem}

ellen pompeo trailer

{Ellen Pompeo’s trailer}

Goes so well with my fave vintage flatweave rug we have for sale on our instagram (@designmanifest)

armenian vintage flatweave rug design manfiest

striped multi-color vintage flatweave rug- design manifest

38″ x 102″

$400 with free shipping to US

email naomi@designmanifest.com if you would like to purchase!

see more details – http://instagram.com/p/yX1hRPmHS2/?modal=true

One Room Challenge: The Master Bedroom

Yay it’s the first day of the One Room Challenge!  I am so pumped to transform my bedroom from an empty space to beautiful, finished room.   I plan to do it up in my signature Preppy Bohemian Style and I won’t be afraid to use a little color along the way.  I’m probably totally crazy for agreeing to take part in this 6 week makeover challenge when I haven’t even moved into my home yet!!  (I’m moving in next Tuesday.)  I’m not going to lie, I’ll probably get a little crazed along the way, but I work well under pressure and nothing like a deadline to help you git her done.

As a reminder the One Room Challenge (ORC) is a 6 week start to finish makeover of one room.  I am doing my master bedroom because a girl’s gotta have a place to sleep.  20 total bloggers are taking part in the challenge and I will share all of their details below.  This isn’t an actual competition, but as I’m uber-competitive  I will treat it as one in my own head.

Here is the culprit.  I plan to decorate it hard.

master bedroom before

closet wall before

Cons: the room had several choppy wall sections plus the wall color and carpet weren’t working for me.

Pros: The big bay windows, Light on two sides, My bed fits.  Pine floors hidden under the carpet.

We made a few construction changes to the room which I shared on Monday.

(Including tweaking a few walls and refinishing antique pine floors.)

You can see that post Here.

Here is a little mood board of what I am planning for the room.

In my own home I always edit as pieces fill in, so I may change it along the way.

cottage bedroom scheme design manifest

What does it all mean and how will I use it?  You’ll have to stay tuned every Wednesday to see!

I’ve already taken the first necessary steps in completing the design…

Painting is complete!

I wanted the room to be moody yet also energetic, so I went bold with a teal wall.

1 bedroom painted main wall

I used Benjamin Moore Naples Blue on both the walls and trim.  (Eggshell for walls, semi-gloss for trim and doors.)

2 bedroom painted slanted wall

And, just in case you are wondering, NO I don’t think a dark color makes the room look smaller.

I think it makes it more fabulous and enchanting.

3 bedroom painted three doors

There are 4 windows and 3 doors in this room and I didn’t want them to make the statement.

When I use white  it will be a purposeful pop in this design!

4 bedroom painted bed wall

Enough about my room for this week, here is a list of all the amazing bloggers taking part in ORC this time around…

ORC Banner Blog Headers

Amazing talent here, guys!  I can’t wait to check every single one as soon as I’m back from my vacay.

You can follow along with their makeovers as well.   Take a little peek at the links below.

Coming Up Next Week:  Since I move in on Tuesday, I will be sharing the room essentials next Wednesday.
Previous Bedroom Updates

A Favorite Budget Solution for the Dining Room

Soooo I’ve been hinting at it, but my “house” search is officially on!  I use the word house lightly because I’m having a really tough time deciding if I want an apartment in downtown Philadelphia or a house in a quaint town outside the city.  A yard and space OR city conveniences and culture?  A big renovation or more money to spend on furnishings?  So many questions, so excited to get decorating.  One’s thing for sure, I look forward to giving my dining set a makeover, because I refuse to have the same look in a new place.  

{My old set- Black chairs with black and white chevron upholstery}
Painted dining chairs are one of my favorite solutions for a budget dining room makeover.  A coat of paint can totally change the look and feel of chairs and improve the personality of the whole room.  Any wood set can get a coat, or it’s fairly easy to find budget rattan/bamboo chairs that are begging to be made-over.  Whether its a crisp white, bold red, antiqued blue, or classic black, these chairs are setting the tone for the rooms below.  What is your dream dining room chair color?  I’m still deciding mine :)

Alassandra Branca/ Veranda

Southern Living

Julia Buckingham Edelmann / The Everygirl

Isabel Lopez-Quesada-AD Spain, via Head Over Heels

Podge BuneHouse Beautiful

Atlanta Homes

Extra credit:  I love painted chairs mixed in with non-painted chairs.

Great as the head chair, or as side chairs with something different on the ends.

Declaring Independence from Boring Kitchens

Happy 4th of July!  What are you doing reading blogs right now?  Are you Canadian or something?  (Just kidding, I big-time heart my Canuck readers and blog friends.)  For me, Independence Day is all about BBQ’s, outdoor living and time with friends and family.  I very much appreciate that my forefathers fought for my freedom to sit in a lounge chair while eating ribs and watching fireworks.

Other than us take-out types, prepping for a good 4th of July party means time in the kitchen.  What better way to declare independence than being bold and free in the kitchen?  Here’s a little red, white and blue inspiration for you.  I love colorful cabinets and when done in classic colors like red or blue, spaces look so vibrant and timeless to me.  Could you embrace a colorful kitchen?  Or are you not ready to live so free?

Hotel Pulitzer Bar via La Dolce Vita

Does anyone know the source of this one?

the red accent… plus a chair

I really love red as an accent color.  My favorite is it used on a single piece of furniture- like a console or a chair.  It can be such a powerful stand-alone element .  (When its repeated, it can quickly turn themey, though.)  We applied this theory to MrBoy’s Bath with his bamboo mirror.  Now I’m working on MrBoy bedroom and know we need another singular pop of color.  These images below make such a compelling case for red.
(Does anyone know this source?  I searched for a while and couldn’t find it.)

Jenna Lyons’ Office

Mona Ross Berman  (bet you didn’t know this room was by her, huh?)

 I love red and blue!  This will be happening in MBB.

Elle Decor

That last one in particular serves as inspiration in the bedroom.  

A couple days ago I stumbled upon this chair in a second hand store.  Guess what kind of paint coat it’s going to get?  Red, Baby!  Project MrBoy Bedroom is underway.