I’m so feeling Amanda Nisbett’s Apartment on One Kings Lane

Remember a few weeks back when I told you I was majorly crushing on orange?  Well the feeling is still going strong.  Amanda Nisbet’s apartment only affirms my affections.  Her home was featured last week on One Kings Lane, and I had an instantaneously joyful reaction upon seeing it.

I love how it’s unabashedly colorful and fun, yet it still comes across as polished, traditional and timeless.  There is color everywhere- the art, the windows, the chairs, the pillows- yet it works so harmoniously together.  This to me is updated traditional at it’s best.

AMANDNISBET apartment living room orange curtains

AMANDNISBET living room

The orange pillow (boiled wool by Holland & Sherry) with the purple trim.  So simple yet lovely and fun.


Those orange curtains!  Insert kissy emoticon.

AMANDNISBET styling details

I like how she mixes mostly modern art with mostly traditional furnishings.

AMANDNISBET bathroom wallpaper lavender

Such fun wallpaper in this bathroom.  Makes me a little nervous with no splash guard around the tub.

Hopefully this is an adults-only bath?  Yet it would so cute for a kid!

AMANDNISBET regency console table

Note the vignette with no pop of color feels the most grown up.

AMANDNISBET- dining room yellow and lavender

I don’t think I’ve ever liked a yellow wall (and truth be told, that is my least favorite element about this apartment,) yet still, it works here.

For me its the lavender-orange combo that makes this home come alive.  I really  like the punchy with the soft.  Vibrant yet relaxing.  That being said, I like how the dining area doesn’t have any orange.  If every room had that combo it would come across as more matchy, ie, decorated to me.


I’ll leave you with this quote from Mrs Nisbet.  Decorating hero for sure.

“I’m not shy in my decorating… To me, it’s always about contrasting seemingly opposite things, whether that be materials or styles. That’s where you get the most interesting design.”

— Amanda Nisbet in One Kings Lane





Orange Crush

It may be snowy out in Philadelphia, but let me tell you, it’s like Springtime inside my heart.  I’ve been craving more vibrancy and happiness in my interiors and for the first time in a long time, I’m loving all things orange.

Orange.  It’s a preppy color.  It’s punchy and cheerful and certainly cannot be taken too seriously.  A little goes a long way with Big O, so sometimes the biggest challenge is practicing a little restraint.

orange pillow accents in bohemian room deborah french

Interior Design by Deborah French

What works with team Orange?  Staples like white, metallic (gold and chrome), black and rich wood tones.

white bookshelves with orange back

Interior Design by Kay Douglas via House Beautiful

orange console table

Interior Design by Jonathan Adler via Lonny

I’m an pink and blue girl for life and orange works surprisingly well into that mix.  I need to look no further than my favorite painting to see the trifecta mixing happily together.

Design Manifest Philadelphia Modern Bohemian

My Old Loft

Lately I’ve also been loving orange in multi color rooms that can also feature green and purple.  My orange crush may have hit it’s climax when I discovered this floral fabric.

fabric mix by design manifest- orange- pink- green- blue- purple - floral - leopard - stripe- buffalo check

Just a little bit of orange here, but just enough enough to pair it with an orange chair and have a really fun moment in your family room.

Another current obsession?  This wallpaper is EVERYTHING.

clarke and clarke floral wallpaper

The colors, the jumbo scale… well done Clarke and Clarke!

colorful floral wallpaper in dining room

Wish they wouldn’t have matched the seat cushions here, but I love this for a dining room.

I’d pair it with  modern yet comfortable pieces and keep the rest neutral.

Add an orange accent in an adjacent room.  Less matchy, less decorated.

orange accent pillows

Interior Design by Arent and Pike via Domaine

The easiest way to infuse a little orange into your space is with pillows, rugs and art.

orange rug

Interior Design by Angie Hranowsky via Domaine

orange pillows preppy bohemian

Interior Design by Kimberly Hall via Elle Decor

But sometimes when you go a little bolder- upholstery, casegoods, walls etc, the effect can be stunning.

orange bookshelves

Interior Design by Katie Ridder

orange day bed

Interior design by Frances Merrill via Domaine

orange sofa in room

Interior Design by Deborah French

A few orange decor moves that bug me?  Overly decorated rooms.  These ones feel like they are trying to hard to me.  I guess I’d rather have my spaces feel more collected and natural.  Less decorated.


Lovely, but a little too “by the rules” for me.

thibaut wallpaper

A whole lotta matchy matchy going on here.

Now that I’m done my bitchy moment.  Here are a few of my favorite orange decor items right now.

Orange Crush by Design Manifest






We are incorporating a bit of orange into a few of our current projects.

Can’t wait to see them come to life!

Favorite Finds of the Month- Soft, Sweet and a little Exotic

I tend to vacillate between a few design moods- loving bold,dark and exotic, favoring neutral, layered, and textural, etc.  This month I’m really feeling color, but in a very soft way.  I want pale pink, coral, soft blues, grays, maybe just a touch of yellow.  I like the sweetness of pastels balanced by touch of global influence: a bench that looks like it belongs in Morocco, a gilt mirror with an Italian flair, a chandelier with an exotic shape.  Pastels can get so girly and that’s just not my thing.  You need to throw in something rough, patina, something not so perfect.  Finish off with a few modern and masculine elements and you have yourself a winner.

Here are a few pieces that I am totally crushing on this month.  They all fall into this soft, sweet spot I’m loving with interiors.

DM faves soft and sweet

pillow / chandelier / painting

rug / bench / mirror

And a few rooms I’m feelin’…

colorful melbourne home

{Miranda Skoczek’s home}

nuevo estilo space pastels

{Nuevo Estilo}

soft pink boho room skona hem

{Skona Hem}

ellen pompeo trailer

{Ellen Pompeo’s trailer}

Goes so well with my fave vintage flatweave rug we have for sale on our instagram (@designmanifest)

armenian vintage flatweave rug design manfiest

striped multi-color vintage flatweave rug- design manifest

38″ x 102″

$400 with free shipping to US

email naomi@designmanifest.com if you would like to purchase!

see more details – http://instagram.com/p/yX1hRPmHS2/?modal=true

Designing around a Red Sofa

I’m working on a family room design right now that is to revolve around my client’s existing red sofa.  This is a (fun) challenge for me as I don’t often use red in large doses.  Red can often be overdone- the wrong shade on the walls, or just too much of it everywhere- but with the right design it can be powerful, warm, happy and chic.  Since the sectional is such a big piece visually  I’d prefer not to over-saturate the room with more red.  Instead, I want to find a way to tie it to other colors that will complement it.This is the sofa…



I plan to introduce new colors with a rug and pillows.  Here are my favorite color schemes that work well with red.  Which is your favorite?

I love red mixed with powder blue for a preppy, happy feel.  Tie in a powder blue rug with a pillow that features both red and the same shade of blue.
Interiors 1 2 3
I love red mixed with pink for a romantic yet vibrant room.  Mix in black to add a tailored edge to the space.
Interiors 1 2 3 4

Let’s Talk About My Fireplace

My Fireplace is a big priority to me.  1) I love fireplaces and am so excited I finally have one and 2) It’s right in your face as you walk in the door.  I do intend to make a few changes to it.  Namely paint the hearth- white or black?  I’m leaning towards black.  And paint the interior of the firebox (black? Gray?) so that it doesn’t look too dirty.  Other than that, it just needs to be styled.

{my pad}

As I mentioned in Friday’s post, the television may need to go over the fireplace.  I wish I could do a set-up like this below: shelves on either side with a small television next to the fireplace.  I don’t have a problem with an off-center TV, but the walls next to my FP are so narrow that it would require a teeny-tiny television.  Not very practical for a girl who does get down with her TV watching from time to time.

{Wayne Vincent Photography via Desire to Inspire}

Based on purely looks,  find myself most attracted to the styling and colors surrounding this fireplace.  I’ve been listening to the cottage and it’s been telling me it wants some teal and green up in its joint.

{Christopher and Suzanne Sharp / Vogue / photo by Francois Halard}

Oh I wish I could just do an antique mirror over the fireplace!  They are so chic and would do wonders for visually enlarging my wee cottage.  Look how good it looks with this white brick fireplace.  (Similar to mine other than the fact that I don’t have brick everywhere, high ceilings, or wood beams… sigh.)

Another white brick fireplace with cute stying.

If I can’t finagle room for a television to the left of my fireplace, I may put my bar cart there.  I love the set up and styling here…

It’s a shame I can’t just move into this room.  (Note: More teal and green.)

The truth of the matter is that I’m thrilled with my humble cottage and know I can make it look great.  Perhaps I’ll dedicate a post to making televisions looking chic.  Is there a white TV out yet?  That would look so much better.