Reasons to Celebrate

I’m feeling celebratory.  Business is fantastic, Winter is (please. God. hopefully) ending soon, Romance is alive and well in my life, and my house is FINALLY coming together.  I’ve given myself a summer deadline to complete The Cottage.  Finishing in …
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Creating a Layered Look with Antiques

Today is my first post as a contributor for Meg Biram‘s fabulous new site!  Please hop over to see me share my favorite ways to add in antiques or vintage pieces into a room design.  I don’t think I realized …
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White Lacquer Gold Asian dressers

$395 for the pair   Dear LORD somebody buy these   PalmBeach Regency Cheap, Chic and Vintage.  PBR completes me.  One of the few sites I check everyday.  

Chinese Lattice Designs

My mom knows me so well.  While thrifting, she picked up “The New Book of Chinese Lattice Designs” for me.  It’s filled with 372 designs that were sketched from windows all over West China during the first half of the …
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Chinoiserie Bathroom

This bathroom by ShawnHenderson Design is what my dreams are made of.  The chandelier, the mirror, that wallpaper.  de Gournay wallpaper will happen in my home at some point in my life. Bottom two images via de Gournay Happy Monday, peeps! …
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