SALE: Branch Chandelier

Hiya!  Just popping in to say Ballard’s Branch Chandelier has been reduced from $299 to $179.

So if you’ve ever been eyeing it, now’s the time to snag it.   
And then spray it white.  
Or red. Or orange.  
Or gold.  Yea spray it gold.
PS- I previously obsessed about employing it over my table.  See here.  
 (My dining room inspiration back in February.)
(I did at least get the Expedit shelves…)
And happy Monday to you all!

Is it bad that I want a bed from PB Teen?

Pottery Barn Teen has an iron canopy bed that is very similar to one I’ve long admired from Anthropologie.  While its iron is thicker and then lines are less gracefull, the price is cheaper and the measurements more flexible for lower ceilings.

Maison Canopy Bed, PB Teen, $999 Queen
Height is certainly something to consider when picking this type of bed.  Not all of us have soaring ceilings.  And I hate seeing a too-big piece of furniture cramped in a room.  But it would be hard to argure that this is lovely….
Italian Campagin Canopy Bed, Anthropologie, $1,698 Queen
PB Teen also offers it in white.  What do we think?  I favor the black myself.
And my dreamy, creamy set-up….
anthro’s bed featured in Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles
Seems a nice way to start off the week.  I’m sick, so I’d much rather be in bed right now.  Can’t complain though, as I’ve just returned from 4 glorious days in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  I highly recommend it to those who enjoy beaches, excellent restaurants, cobblestone streets and pretty architecture…..

the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Due to my design A.D.D., I’ve been tackling 4 home projects at the same time.  (bedroom, guest bedroom, dining room and bathroom.)  While none are near finished, I thought it would be fun to show snippets of some new acquisitions and changes.


Lucite Desk Chair

I picked up this little lady at my favorite used furniture warehouse, Z Brothers.  Just over the Walt Whit bridge into South Jersey, this place is a gold mine, chock full of mid-century beauties.  Don’t be daunted by their high asking prices, either.  They wanted $300 for the chair, and I got it for $150.  Non-Locals, they are also on Ebay!
There is alot going on in my home office- black walls, bright pink desk, daybed full of pillows- it is to be my little bohemian hideaway.  I was looking for a chair that would be interesting, sculptural, yet not take up a lot of room, visually. 
I considered buying a ghost chair for about 30 seconds, and then I decided I wanted something more unique and vintage.  I grabbed this one and I couldn’t be happier.  She’s upholstered!  She’s clear! She’s comfortable!  She’s on Wheels.  We are besties.
check out that back side…
Sigh, if only all purchases could be this rewarding.  This brings me to…
Upholstered headboard
I thought I scored the deal of the century when I scored the Victoria Queen Upholstered headboard on Overstock for $300.  Double nailheads?  Yes please.  Neutral, natrual fabric?  Great.
It’s a piece of crap.  There are three visible seams in the fabric that protrude out awkwardly.  And maybe I’m being picky, but the nailheads look crooked to me.
I’m so upset.  This isn’t tailored; it’s sloppy.  This is not the statement I wanted to make.  But I’ve thrown away the box and it’s already installed.  And to add insult to injury, it’s on sale today for $100 less than I bought it.
So, Help! Can I make it work with the right bedding and pillows??
Please, I beg you, I need advice.  Do whatever I can to return it?  Or deal with it?
and to add to my anxiety, let me show you …

Our one and only Bathroom
The ceiling of our bathroom got ripped out this weekend, and I’ve been having to deal with the aftermath of this:
It’s a bit cleaner now, but we have NO ceiling lights, in fact we have zero ceiling.  Try putting your makeup on by the light of a dim lamp.  Grrr.  Lets just say I haven’t been looking my hottest this week.
All of this would be worth it if I was getting a sparkly new bathroom, but all I’m getting is an insulated ceiling.  Talk about underwhelming.
Any who, that’s all for now.  Next week I’m gonna show off a few things happening in the dining room!

look what mama scored on craigslist!

The correct answer is: four (4) vintage Knoll ® Saarinen Tulip Side Chairs for the bargain price of $300.  For those not in the know, these white plastic aliens are heavyweight prize fighters in the Mid-Century Modern furniture world- going for $1,200/chair in mint condition.

Now obviously mine are not perfection. They will need new cushion covers (I have 3 foam cushions and will need to obtain a 4th.)  Plus the white finish leaves little to be desired.  So they may be getting a glossy white spray job.  But overall I’m pleased that I was able to find authentic chairs for $75 a pop.
Part of me is like, Shit, Naomi, your house is turning into a trash yard of mid-century furniture.  (Eames-inspired lounge chair, BRNO Chairs, tulip chairs.)  This was never my goal.  I wanted a mixed space with bits of modern, traditional and ethnic flairs.  I wanted thoughtful and eclectic!  
Have I gone too far?  
I just could not physically pass it up.  It would have been a design crime to let these guys go.

But this is what I’m thinking…. mix in a wood table and wood chairs at the ends and maybe I’ll be alright.

Shall I show you my inspiration?
Vicente Wolf is his name, and he marries white fiberglass chairs with woody traditional elements like its nobody’s bidness.
Thanks, Vicente, I love your work.

Other people do it too..

nuevo estilo

Are you sold yet?  Bailey still isn’t sure.  
But here’s hoping I haven’t gone so Mod I can never come back!

PS- thanks to my Guy for letting me haul lots of random furniture into our home, and to Nelya for encouraging me to get them (and bargain down $50!)

My relationship with my Ikea Nightstand

See me and my nightstand?  Don’t we look happy together?

Well, it wasn’t always that way.  Like all relationships, it took work.

After a brief online flirtation I had high hopes.  Only 30 dollars!  Good proportions!  Customizable!

But when he arrived, the first impression was disappointing.

 What the EFF is this!  You call yourself a nightstand?  This is bullshit.

He seemed so complicated.  And we didn’t even speak the same language.

no written instructions?  Are you kidding me?
Soon I learned that he wasn’t as confusing as I initially thought.  But he was kind of plain.

unfinished wood?  May as well be wearing socks with sandals.

And the more I looked, I noticed he had a few flaws.

Nobody told me about visible screws!

Well, maybe the flaws weren’t so bad.  Maybe I could work with this.

(It’s called Wood Fill, and I forgot to photograph that stage.)
After a little (stain & lacquer) makeover, I was surprised how much more handsome he looked.
well looky who’s bringing sexy back
And I was quite impressed with his flexibility.

Whatever finish I want??

White lacquered drawers mixed with the wood frame, Please.

So. Very. Shiny.
Then when we accessorized with some bling, I had to catch my breath. 

I was… smitten.

My relationship with Nighstand is still quite young.

But you know what?

I think he’s a keeper.

The best part?  The are TWO!
*** this makeover was ENTIRELY inspired by Aubrey and Lindsay‘s makeover of the Ikea Rast.dresser.  For detailed information and instructions, please check out their blog(Though I did not use the same stains, paints or pulls)  ***

Since so many people have asked, here are the products I used:
 2 Ikea Rast Dressers- $60
1 Qt Minwax Early American stain, 2 coats- $7.50
1 Qt Martha Stewart for Home Depot “Glass of Milk” in eggshell- $10
1 Qt Minwax Polycrylic lacquer- $10?  (or you could skip this step and just get high gloss paint, might not be as glossy though)
6 Siro Cabinet Hardware Nuevo Classico Antique Silver Ring Pull ( SIR-04810 )- $25

Total cost for two night stands: = $112.50