Recent Acquisitions & a Guest Post

I’ve been spoiling myself a lot lately.  I guess its ok.  I’m in that rare time of life where I don’t have a husband or children to consider, I make a decent living and… well I love to shop.  And since shopping isn’t fun without sharing, I thought I’d let you guys in on my scores from the past week.

A dream came true last Friday when I found two Chinese Chippendale Faux-Bamboo armchairs for a really reasonable price.  Ever since Jonathan Adler hit the design scene and made colorful, happy Chinoiserie hip again, I’ve been dying for a set.  Now the question is, do I use them in my showroom or home?  Let’s ignore the fact that I don’t actually have a home at the moment and shouldn’t be making purchases for an imaginary space.  Homeless Hoarder, much?  You know it.  Time to think about upholstery fabrics…

Something about ModCloth was calling my name yesterday.  In a matter of minutes my shopping cart filled up with three sheer blouses.  Tobe has the exact same skull blouse.  I admired it greatly at Blogfest.  Anyway, I went all Single White Female and bought myself one because she lives in Kansas City and I’m not so worried we are going to show up to a party wearing the same thing.  Thanks for the inspiration, Girl.

I also bought stuff last Friday for other people; like paying clients.  I’m obsessed with this vintage faux-horn statue.  (It’s actually ceramic.)

And this little vintage lamp is too cute and perfect for finishing off GirlyGlam Dressing room.

That’s all!  Time to retire that checkbook for awhile…

Want more still?  Good news, you can find me over on VMac & Cheese for Victoria’s delightful series “Behind the Scenes.”  I’ve long enjoyed this guest series and was a little hurt she didn’t ask me to partake sooner.  Just kidding.  Not really.  Please check it out HERE and learn a little more about Me.

opinions needed!

First of all, thank you so much for all your compliments on my chandelier.  It’s not my dream light fixture for the space, but I had it, so I’m quite pleased it worked out so nicely.  Sometimes good design isn’t about whats perfect, but instead a mixture of what you already have, what you can find for a great deal, and a few element you are willing to splurge on.

For those of you who are asking to see more- I promise I will!  I’m not trying to tease you with these peeks, I’m just literally in the midst of putting the rest together.  Once something looks decently pretty, I’ll be sharing for sure.  And occasionally, I may lean on you guys for advice,

Actually, I could use some help today.  Do you guys remember my Eames Lounge Chair?

Well to refresh your memory, my mom found the chair and its ottoman next to a dumpster.  (It’s not an original, but still quite a score.)  It’s been cleaned up best as possible, but its really due for an upholstery job.

I toyed with the idea of going kinda crazy and reupholstering it in a linen or velvet, but at the end of the day I think this chair should be leather.  Or at least vinyl.  

Now my big debate is whether I want to upholster it in black or dark brown.  White has been ruled out, as I prefer the moody darker look.  But I don’t know if I want the classic look of black, or a warmer feel of dark brown.  Both go with everything, right?

I don’t have a lot of black in the apartment.  Then again, I don’t have a lot of brown either.  But I do have woody tones and an organic feel going on.  Which makes me feel dark brown is better.

this one is too light, but I do like the vibe of the room

But black is so classic.  It’s the design the Eames Husband and Wife design team intended.  And it’s chic.

One thing I am leaning towards is splurging on leather instead vinyl.  I really want it to feel warm to the touch.

 Opinions, Please??

PS- I found this image while searching the interwebs.  I don’t know if I’m totally frightened, or totally in love….

unlabeled sources: thehousehometumblr, elle decor via sketch 42,  via this is glamorous, Apartment Therapy,  Lonny, Decor Pad

The perfect patterned Louis dining chair

Hot Damn!

I walked into Tori Burch in the King of Prussia Mall on Saturday and saw this glorious chair…

A Louis XVI square back dining chair upholstered in a glorious purple suzani fabric.
I just love the mix of the traditional frame with the modern ethnic print.  Unexpected and such a showstopper. 
The rest of the store was pretty cute too.  But lets be honest, it was all about the chair for me.  I may have scared the salespeople.

** Does anyone know where I could obtain purple ikat fabric like this?? **  That would be awesome.

CORRECTION:  As Anita so kindly pointed out, this fabric is Ikat, not suzani.  Suzani is embroidery and Ikat is dyed.  This is clearly dyed fabric in circular shapes similar to suzanis.  Thanks, Anita!
(PS I knew that, I was just having a brain fart.)

skirted dining chairs

I’m having a moment with skirted dining chairs.  I just think they are the perfect companion with a chunky wood table.  I adore that they are both casual and tailored.  Since they have a softer, feminine edge to them, I really like them mixed in with more masculine elements.  Wood, metal, and modern chairs are great companions.

House Beautiful

Slipcovered versions can be removed and washed.  Doesn’t get much more practical than that!

I really like this look: Skirted arm chairs on the end of the table, and different chairs used in the middle.  The skirt is a great application here, because you don’t have two different leg types competing.  (Three if you count the table legs!)

We are using this Lee dining chair on a current dining room project.  It’s going to be mixed with a modern chair.  Should be smashing.
PS:  I’m also having a moment with skirted sofas.  But that’s another topic all together…

tulip chair waffling

Friends, I must admit that I am frozen in my tulip chair upholstery project.  I was initially ALL about a patterned cushion.  I thought it’d be the perfect little pop of fun amidst a sea of white.  So I picked out a fabric that coordinated with my new danish chairs:

Seriously for a few weeks I was all about this blue and white combo.
I even went ahead and bought the fabric.
I suppose I was inspired by these…
via decor8

via domino
But then I started to reevaluate.
My dream table looks something like this:
And this is now my official, Designer opinion:
I would never in a billion years recommend this to a client, so why am I pushing this on myself?
(The answer is I am incapable of passing up free/cheap deals on good furniture, irregardless of era or style which leaves me with a crazyperson collection.)
I’m thinking my patterned chair cushions would work if I stick with my curtain teak dining table.  Which looks quite similar to this.  Only imagine danish chairs at the ends.
And someday down the line, when I’m ready for my rustic dream table, it may mean its time to give the danish chairs back to Mom, and cushions need to be recovered in white.  
(Reminder:  Dream set up with fabulous funky arm chairs on ends)
So here’s the question…  
Patterned cushions because I want them NOW?
White cushions because I now I’ll want them LATER?
Who am I kidding, I never know what I’m going to want later.
meanwhile, here’s some more pretties.

andreas larsson via diversion project

Two years ago I was all about ornate Louis XVI chairs, so it really cracks me up that now I lust after white plastic.  Ah design.  I love you and your little surprises.