Bedtime Story… Or how I hacked my Ikea Bed

naomi and hand blocked paisley

A girl,  a Dream and a few yards of DIY Hand-Blocked Fabric

Ok, the time has come for me to tell my bed story.  Note:  I’m not calling this a DIY.  Frankly it was very difficult and involved collaborations with a professional carpenter (dad) and fashion designer/ expert sewer (sister) and I don’t recommend doing the whole thing yourself.   I didn’t read a single how-to post before starting this project, I didn’t prepare at all, I just dove in and realized half way through I was way over my head.  I’m dumb, silly, lucky and a little bit wiser now.

Nevertheless, a lot of you have asked about it.  So let’s get down to it.

wood stamp paisley

It started with a hand-carved paisley wood stamp.  The first thing I did when I put an offer on the cottage was buy this stamp.  I didn’t know where I would use it or what application (curtains, bedding, upholstery, on the walls?), but I knew I needed it in my life.  I bought the paisley block print from HERE on Etsy.  I loved that the scale was large (8″ high) because most of the wood blocks I found were only half the size.


Inexpensive Upholstered Beds!

I just ordered an awesome bed for my client and was so excited about it I had to share.  There is a fantastic store in Chestnut Hill called Linen, that has really reasonable upholstered headboards (and beds) in every great style you could want.

The beds offer all the same goodies as Restoration Hardware or Crate and Barrel- kiln dried sustainable wood construction, recycled polyester fiber padding, and over 20 fabric choices.  But they have more too- like the option to supply your own fabric (essential for me!)  You also have 4 nailhead trims (nickel, antique nickel, brass and antique brass) and the ability to add or take away the nailhead detailing.
The bed we ordered looks just like Restoration Hardware’s Warner Bed, only it was nearly half the cost.
Another option looks just like the popular Colete bed by Crate and Barrel, but also for less.
Headboards start from $649-1049 and complete beds with rails start from $1,199-1,499 (twin – king.)  Philadelphia locals, stop by their cute showroom where you’ll also find Serena and Lily and Dwell Bedding products.  And out-of-towners, don’t fret, they can ship to you!  For more information on products, please contact Linen directly.  (IE- I don’t work for them, just passing along a good source.)
LOVE this bed!  Can you imagine it in a fantastic print??
all pics by design manifest
PS- I’m sharing my happy spot on My Little Happy Place today!!  Thanks to Alison for letting me share :)

sweet shapely dreams

Good Lawd!  There is something about the 30 year old body that makes it mechanically impossible to behave like a 21 year old anymore.  I tried my best this past weekend, and now all I really want to do is curl up in bed.  One of these gorgeous arched headboards would be a great place to get some R&R while also feeling super stylish.  It always fun to see alternative headboard options.  Whether its doors(?) or screens, I love the shape and personality they add to the room.

Ken Fulk

ps- despite feeling like I got hit by a Mack truck, I’m feeling much better.  Thank you for all your kind words. xoxo

Robert Redford, You Sly Fox

(Left to Right: Brickmakers Table, “1934 Chair” its the Marais/Tolix obsession of mine, Firefly pendant, Spice Market Kilim Rug,  Sphero Chandelier, Modern Factory Stool, Tugboat Console, Richardson Reeves Bed.)

(Left to Right: Monopolie Iron Bed, Scrivener Stool, Gramercy Pendant, Turville Table and Gridwork Chairs, Antique Sari,  Willowcreek Slipcovered Bench, Amba Batik Pillow, Gearworks Table.)

I don’t typically think of Sundance catalog when I want to do home-furnishing lusting, but today Mr. Redford’s side project got me excited.  So many delicious goodies!

I’d gladly take every item above, but I am particular excited about these factory stools.  It’s height adjustable so it could be a table, a chair, a sculpture.  I’m diggin’ the red, but the white and black are cool too.

Oh and check out their outlet center!  This Bolinas Trestle Table is marked down from $1,595 to $995.
I’m outta here like Vladimir.  Happy Weekend Peeps!

rustic-industrial-light-filled beauty

I was curling up to my newest edition of House Beautiful last night when it happened. I fell in love with a house.

This happens quite often. But it doesn’t seem to lessen with each occurrence.
This love affair? The Home of Ballard Designs Buyer, Jill Sharp Brinson.

I enjoy the neutral palette with deliberate, exquisite pops of color.
Patterns and textures punch up the space. It’s so serene and adaptable. Switch out the textiles, add some colorful art, and the space would feel completely different.

The house is filled with light wood or white antiqued furniture. This isn’t typically something I like, but it works so well here.
And it doesn’t feel like grandma’s shabby chic over crowded home. Why does it work? Sparse furnishing and the monochromatic palette.
The cabinets look as though they always belonged there. I liked them juxtaposed with the industrial metal table. Something soft with something hard.

The metal tables and shelves really made me giddy. That’s right I love industrial furniture in a home! Not a whole house full, but selective pieces in each room add a little intrigue
She was able to bring an industrial flair to this rustic and traditional home.

Best of the rustic? This tub. It looks aged, cozy and inviting.

Each room seems to have minimal furnishings, which gives the home a more modern flair. This entry is simple and beautiful with neutral limestone floors, a metal table, and a mirrored chandelier.

While all the furnishings and decor were inspiring, it was truly the architecture that made me fall for this house.
three little words really…

Just amazing. This is the place I want to cook in.

We all know the kitchen is the heart of the home, yet usually our kitchen is surrounded by walls, cabinets, or perhaps open to the family room.
This kitchen feels like it is outdoors to m,e and I love it.
The iron panes feel a little industrial, a little rustic… its just a wonderful architectural element. A full wall of glass without the iron would feel far too modern for this space.

Another view of the kitchen. LOVE. oops did I say that again?
I like the light wood here. Any more, I feel like all I see is white kitchens.
These feel like Swedish antiques.

Another huge iron window in the bedroom looks out into the garden.

the windows don’t have to be huge to make an impact- I like this small arched unit in the bathroom. Again, we have a light wood console- so farm house chic- paired with white walls and iron windows. I thought the placement of the mirror was interesting. They get a mirror and a view while brushing their teeth. What do you think? Would this mirror be enough for you?

I should also mention one other architectural element. The gorgeous soaring vaulted ceiling.
How about the loft with iron rail and exposed wood beam? LOVE. (that’s the last one, I promise.)

For more information on this beautiful home check out House Beautiful.

(all images courtesy of House Beautiful)