What We are Working on Now ….. PART 3….. *** Current Interior Design Projects *** “Station Road Project”

Hello, Wednesday, how do you arrive so quickly?

So I’m back to talking about projects we are working on  right now.  Station Road is the last of the major decorating projects to discuss.  (Though we did just begin a new project in Chestnut Hill, so I guess it isn’t the last!)  I would describe Station Road as my Pretty Project.  Not that they all aren’t beautiful, but when I think of our choices, they are all so PRETTY.

What does Pretty mean?  A mix of jewel tones.  Soft patterns.  Feminine touches with just enough of glam to make her happy.  A bit of mid-century and boho mixed in to speak to the Mister.  Fresh Traditional with just enough edge to not be saccharine or sterile.

My clients bought their house in Wynnewood, making the typical migration from the city to the burbs.  She reached out to me before settlement and had us jump on designs as soon as it was theirs.  They were hoping to have minimal home overlap and to be able to renovate the new home and move in as soon as possible.  With big changes happening on the first floor sometime soon (fingers crossed) we focused on the bedrooms.

This was the master bedroom as the old owners had it…

bedroom before

My client was interested in adding more color.  She was down for pattern, metallics, mirrored, lacquer, wood, chinoiserie… just nothing too busy or ultra contemporary.  Since the bed wall was large and bare, I suggested we add wallpaper.  I wanted a soft pattern that work well with the other textiles, but not be too bossy.  Instead, we chose a pattern for the head pillow that would serve as our focal point/inspiration for the design.


I’ve long wanted to use this birdy floral by G&J Baker.  I LOVE the colors.

We had so much to pull from- soft blue, teal, lavender, fuschia, yellow, pale green… the design could have gone in a dozen of different directions.

Wanting it to remain gender neutral, we took it easy on the pinks purples and layered on different shades of blue and a pop of citron.

Bleached woods, a touch of brass and mirrored nightstands finish off the room.

bedroom mood board 1B

bedroom textiels

So far the wallpaper has been installed and it’s so pretty!

wallpaper detail station road

We also added a little softness to the adjoining master bathroom in the form of more wallpaper.

bedroom into bathroom

Bedroom wall into bathroom

The master bedroom has a sitting room off of it and we created a complementary design for this space.  While the bedroom is decidedly more feminine and glam, the sitting room takes on a more casual, bohemian vibe.  I found a faded turkish rug that had many of the same colors as our bedroom inspiration fabric and built the room from there.  Bonus points- Hubby enjoys the Turkish rug!  See, designing for both sexes is so easy.

Sitting Room BEFORE as the old owners had it

sitting room before 1

The Turkish Rug…

sitting room rug

We also had to figure out how to use this long skinny room with lots of windows.  The request that it be a den for TV watching, with an office AND a vanity area.  A lot to pack it, but I think the floor plan laid out nicely.

Station Rd Sitting Room

We’ve finalized nearly every decision, just need to figure out which fabric we will use to recover my client’s Bergere chair.

sitting room textiles for chair

If all goes as planned, we will be installing the majority of the items in two weeks!  I’m pretty excited to see it come together.  Next up is finalizing the daughter’s room, and it just may be my favorite bedroom yet.  Don’t worry, we will be sharing that design soon!

Our Bedroom Update {85%}

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated you on the progress of redecorating our bedroom.  What was supposed to be a 6 week makeover (remember the ambitious One Room Challenge plan? hahaha) has turned into a never ending, ass-dragging, spare moment kinda renovation.  Unfortunately free moments are few and far between right now.  Between interior design, custom furniture and construction projects, both George and I have our hands full day and night.  I feel super guilty nagging him about things like closet door handles when we both have so much on our plates.  But you know what?  Forget the aesthetics of wanting a pretty closet, its hard to open doors without handles.

Luckily we have made some real progress (including the door handles!) and we are almost done.  85% looks good to the unknowing eye, but to me it’s still missing so much to be a pulled together “finished” room.  Photographing the space actually helps me look at the space with a more critical eye.  What is needed? What is missing?  What should I take away?  Oh and then there’s George to consider…. I suppose it’s his room too.  I tolerate sharing the design process to a certain point.  Actually I really enjoy collaborating with the boy.  But I also like to believe I have the final say.  What can I say, its the control freak decorator in me.

When I last did a proper update was had just painted the whole room BLACK.  My initial design scheme (see it HERE) was mostly  white with a bit of black and coral, but  I had to adjust the textiles slightly when we changed the nightstands to green.  That was an impulsive yet defining moment in the design planning.  Adding just a bit more color does feel more true to my style.  Its easy to get seduced by a look that you want, but isn’t necesarily you, but I find I’m happiest when I do ME.  That seems especially important in the bedroom, right?

design manifest bedroom- green nightstand, curtain wall

I added in my fave black floral pillows to unify the scheme.

George hates these pillows, but I adore them, so that was a battle I won.

I just thought it was necessary to bring the green into the room and I love how pillows have so many great colors.

Plus I love the balance of the more girly floral paired with the tribal mucloth and faux fur blanket.

(Floral and White Pillows will be available in our shop we are opening soon!)

green nightstand black floral pillow coral fretwork pillow design manifest

This is my side of the bed and due to the ceiling slope, there is no room for a table lamp.  I may hang a light or use a floor lamp to the left of the nightstand…. still working that out.


* * * One Room Challenge {Linking} * * * Naomi’s Bedroom- Week 3

{Hey all thanks for the all the compliments on the kitchen progress so far!

If you missed yesterday’s post you can fin it HERE.}

Hellllooo and welcome to a little game I like to call “Let’s Shop Naomi’s House!

One of the perks of being a former craigslist and auction junkie is that I have a nice little collection of furniture.  Who cares if I leave my guest room, living room and 3rd floor depleted?  This One Room Challenge is focused on my master bedroom (again) and if there are a few holes elsewhere, I’ll just deal with that later.  It’s the musical chairs of decorating.

Here is a rundown of my furniture I plan to use in the master…

design manifest curved headboard

I’ll be stealing the curved white upholstered headboard from the guest room and moving it into the master.

Design Manifest Rast White-stained wood Nightstand

As much as I’d love new-to-me mismatched nightstands, it’s just not in the budget…

So I’ll be using two of these Ikea Rast hacks from my collection.  Unfortunately I discovered over the weekend that  Harper  Overlays started falling off, so I will have to DIY something in the next 3 weeks.

Awesomesauce.  Just what I needed: Another TO DO to add to my To Do list.



* * * One Room Challenge {Linking} * * * Naomi’s Bedroom- Week 2

Jiminy Crickets, I’m exhausted.

6 weeks, 2 major projects…what was I thinking?

dad figuring out plan

{Dad, helping me figure out venting details on the fly.  He’s the best.}

Going into week 2 of my bedroom renovation I feel 50/50.  50% excited that the design is coming together in my head and happy about the progress made so far and 50% terrified and stressed out that I won’t finish in 4 short weeks.  This project is absolutely our bottom priority and if my carpenter, Brandon, gets called to another job before he finishes…. well I’m shit out of luck.

Why did I do this to myself again? ! ?  I’m an impulsive, silly, design-obsessed girl.

While our official One Room Challenge project (the kitchen) was planned out and materials were ordered several weeks ago, my bedroom project had NO Pre-Planning.  If you would have asked me last Wednesday if I was doing double ORCs I would have laughed in your face.  But then Dad stopped by with Brandon in tow and they started demolishing my closet…. and I made the reckless decision to share.  And now that I put it on the internet, I guess I’m committed.

Luckily I’ve been dreaming about this bedroom closet change for about a year now, so it was easy to whip up a plan.



One Room Challenge Linking Event: Naomi’s Bedroom

Hey guys!  Nutjob Naomi, here yet again.  Two days in a row of blogging?  Is the apocalypse near?  Nope, just a double renovation instead.  I thought it would be “Fun” to renovate my bedroom and share it Thursdays for Linda’s One Room Challenge Linking Event.  As you know, I’m already renovating a client’s kitchen and sharing with it you every Wednesday for the Official One Room Challenge.  Big Reveal November 5th.  Why would I take on a 2nd renovation?  Lordy Lordy… either the timing worked out right or I’m just flat crazy.  Maybe it will be fun?

Linda can contest that I take the ORC very seriously.  High expectations, high stress and the complete desire to create The. Best. Room. Ever. is the only way I know how to play the game.  For the bedroom, I’m planning to be less of a perfectionist (HA!) and just rolling it.  So you can expect quickish posts and the potential that I might not finish everything in 6 weeks.  I’ll try… but I’m at the mercy of breaks in our construction schedule.  Plus, I haven’t planned ahead AT ALL.


It looked like this when I bought my cottage two years ago…

master 2

And then I made it over for the One Room Challenge a year and a half ago….

room horizontal


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