Making a Statement in the Bedroom- The Modern Canopy Bed

I’m working with a client right now on her master bedroom and I am just dying to install a canopy bed.  The room is quite large (almost 20′ wide) with a high tray ceiling and it is really begging for some kind of statement right in the middle.  Insert fabulous canopy bed.  I love the versatility of these beds; they can be traditional, modern, whimsical, bold.  When creating a layered bedroom I love pairing a traditional bed with more modern nightstands, or a clean metallic bed with rustic woods.  It’s so fun to mix and match around a canopy bed.

Here are a few spaces that are inspiring me while working on this design.

If it were my room, this would be my choice hands-down: chrome, chinoiserie, in-your-face gorgeousness.   But that’s a little bold for my client’s style…

chrome canopy bed with chinoiserie wallpaper behind

We will be keeping it more neutral, more soft, with subtle, selective doses of pattern and color.  I’d say this room is more in-line with the feel.  I love the patterned fabric behind the bed!

white poster bed with curtain fabric behindvia House Beautiful

I wish that we could fit a sofa or chair at the end of the bed.  It’s such a chic and cozy look!  (PS- how great does this bed look in a smaller space below?  We may do a different finish on the ceiling as well.)  Alas, we do not have the space, so we will need to do a bench or stools.

canopy bed in small space cozy symmetrical layouts

I considered doing a chrome bed as a modern statement in the middle of the room and pairing it with traditional finishes and furnishings.  It makes for quite the drama piece!

Angie Hrankowsky chrome canopy bedAngie Hranowsky

poster bed with floral

But ultimately it felt too modern.  The rest of the house has been decorated and we have to think about the flow and personality.  So while we are doing our own thing in the bedroom, I also want to be sensitive to my client’s tastes and comfort.  An iron canopy bed just felt more appropriate to me.

I love how iron canopy beds can be soft and strong at the same time.  They are a little rustic and romantic.

neutral bedroom with iron canopy bed


Because comfort is extremely important, we are considering an upholstered canopy bed.  It’s the best of both worlds.

iron upholstered canopy bed

Above and below is the bed I have in mind.  I love the soft curve of the headboard.  Imagine a gorgeous patterned paper behind it?

iron upholstered canopy bed with sunburst mirror above

We will want to do reading sconces next to bed.  This is a little tricky- between finishes and placement.  I’m thinking nickel or brass and inside the bed frame, like below.  (No curtain in the back, though.)

iron upholstered canopy bed with curtains at back and sconces

Our rug (carpet) will be more neutral, so I am looking to make a little more impact on the wall behind the bed.  Yep… WALLPAPER!  I only want to do one wall to really highlight the bed and not overwhelm the space with business.  Remember, this is supposed to be a serene and restful space.

This bedroom has similar elements to we want- natural iron bed, neutral textural capert, patterned wall, white bedding and color/patterns on the pillows, but the vibe will be totally different.

iron canopy bed paired with wallpaper behind

PS- I love this Galbraith and Paul paper and we may be using it elsewhere in the house!

What do you think of canopy beds?  Are you as smitten as me?

New Guest Room Bedding

I’m hosting a big college girls’ reunion this weekend (yay!) so of course I finally have a fire under my butt to get my house in order.  One thing that needed a little refreshing were the sheets in the guest room.  I popped into West Elm over the weekend and was happy to see all bedding was 20%off.  I picked up THIS citron striped sheet set and am really pleased with the life it’s brought to the bed.  It doesn’t really match anything in the room as there is no other precedent for citron, but I like the little “surprise.”  When mixing, patterns, stripes were a sure bet.  I hope my friends feel extra cozy.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

{Pillows are Pottery Barn- no longer available, Quilt is from Overstock, Batik bedspread is vintage}


My Guest Room- All the Sources and Details

As promised, here are all the deets on the guest room.

WALL COLOR:  Benjamin Moore’s “Sunlit Coral” (2170-60.)


Headboard: Snagged at an Urban Outfitters sample sale

Curtains:  Ikea with greek key ribbon trim applied to them.  See THIS POST

Euro Shams: Pottery Barn

Blue velvet pillow:  Fabric found at Material Culture, sewn by Me.

Batik-Dyed Bedspread:  Flea Market Find

End Table: Thrift Store


A few Tweaks in the Bedroom

I have to admit that around the finale of the One Room Challenge, I was so crazed with work and social obligations that I kinda threw the finished room together without much time to edit.  Since then I have made a few tweaks that make the room feel more right for me.

The first change was to swap out my red bamboo stools for a wicker set I snagged from my Nana.  (Yes, I know another score from Nana.  How would I decorate without her?)  I LOVE my bamboo stools, but they were feeling too busy in this room, so they’ve traveled downstairs where they can be more of a statement piece.  I really like the shape of these “new” stools- I swear they make my room seem larger!  I also like that they are more natural and neutral.  They are a little dated right now, so I will probably give them a makeover at some point.

wicker stools at end of bed- design manifest

I’m curious, what would you do with these stools?

bedroom with stools and quilt

Now that springtime weather is here in Philly, I’ve also swapped out my down comforter for a quilt.  I have to admit, I’m so much happier with this look.  I’m one of those weirdos who makes their bed every day.  When my bed is neat and put together, I feel better in life.  Comforters are so frumpy, so I had a hard time ever feeling like my bed felt polished with one on there.  It will be back in the winter, when I’ll enjoy the cozy down, but for now I’m neatly tucked in with my quilt and feeling very pleased.

PS- this is the quilt I bought.  It’s very white and and has a nice texture.


One Room Challenge Finale- Master Bedroom Reveal

Holy hell, the 6 week makeover challenge has finally come to the end and thank goodness because this girl is EXhausted.  With a limited budget and unlimited ideas and desires, it truly was a challenge to come up with a distinctive, vibrant yet relaxing bedroom for myself.  I craved deep saturated walls but I also wanted to room to feel crisp and bright.  Pops of white and greek key added that preppy look I was after, while warm woods and vibrant textiles mixed in my bohemian flair.   In order to get the custom look without the designer budget, I opted to do a lot Do-It-Yourself projects.  My hope is the overall effect is sophisticated and chic instead of crafty and cheap.

Thanks so much to Linda for organizing the One Room Challenge and the 19 other blogger participants for motivating me to not totally suck or flake out on the project.  They have all put together beautiful rooms and I hope you will check their links at the bottom of this post.

Without further ado, here is my “Preppy Bohemian” bedroom…

orc week 7 block print paisley headboard bed straight on (more…)