How Do You TUB It?

All different style bathtubs, All appealing to me.  
I adore #1.  I think I’d like to build a nest in there and stay for awhile.  Bathing, though… not so sure.  (the hot water heater better be intensely powerful.)  
#2 I’d like to enjoy whenever I’d visit my parents’ country house.  
#3 would be great for a vacation home.  (Where else to stretch your normal style than in a vacation home?)  
#4… oh #4, I’d like to take you home with me.  

Those hand-made Moroccan tiles paired with a deep soaking tub feel cozy and warm and just perfect.

Where is my bubble bath?

I’ve got bathrooms on the brain right now.  Designing quite a few of them.

a full wall of tile

This bathroom has a full wall of tile on its tub/shower wall, and no tile on the adjacent wall.

Does this look off balance to you?  It doesn’t bother me, but I would have preferred to see it everywhere.  Perhaps the budget was limited.  Or do you think this was intentional?

A full room of a busier tile could certainly be overwhelming.  But this soft green almost reads neutral.  I love the soothing, natural zen feel it brings to the space.

I also want to point out the pedestal tub.  A lot of my clients have the misconception that pedestal tubs are only traditional in style.  (Think clawfoot tubs.)  This one is clean, minimal and calling my name!

Time for my Morning Swim!

Can you imagine… roll out of bed in the morning and hop in the pool.
I’d like to thank my good friend, Maria, for brightening my dreary, Monday morning with this image.

When I first moved to my apartment, I thought my bedroom was big because I could fit a queen bed, two dressers AND a chair. 
Nope.  It seems BIG these days involves having an olympic sized pool in your bedroom.  The turquoise walls and illuminated pool are pretty on the eyes, but is this a place you would really want to sleep?
Personally I think the constant stank of chlorine wafting through my nostrils would have an adverse effect on my dreams.  Plus what happens if I stumble home a little drunky drunky and accidentally miss the bed?
Let’s save this one for the guest house.
Something I could potentially see in my future bedroom?  A Tub.
See, this tub fits right in!  And since its elevated (and drained of water) there is less of a chance of me drowning myself when I go for a glass of a water at night.
It’s a one-two-three punch!…. a bed, bath and outside area.
Hello LUVVAH!  I spy a black bedroom with a pedestal tub in its own special niche.


On the other end of the spectrum yet equally lovely: A light-filled bedroom with a touch of rustic charm and a pedestal tub just calling my name.  Don’t you just want to soak, towel off and climb into bed?
Philosophical thought of the day; Why is it that the bathtub is placed in the same room as the toilet?   Are they really related?  Ponder…..

Soak this up! Colorful Freestanding Air Tub

I’ve been researching bathtubs for a client and came upon this sharp piece made by Aquatic.
This tub features 84 air jets and a very spacious bathing well (71x41x25H.) It’s also decently priced- $ 3,659 from Ira Woods. That’s pretty good as far a freestanding, jetted tubs go. And lets not forget the clean lines and bold red color.

Aquatic offers quite a few color options other than your standard white and biscuit. I’m also liking the rhapsody blue. Now I’m not suggesting you match the tub with colored sink and toilet. No No No. Just a statement tub, thank you.

Aquatic offers a variety of shapes and sizes. Soaking and Jetted Tubs.

Clawfoot Tub.

Drop-in Tub.

Undermount Tub.

That’s all.

Cast Iron- Metal Tubs are a stunning statement in any bathroom

I have a confession. I am obsessed with pedestal tubs. I was looking through my bathroom inspiration files today and nearly everyone featured a pedestal tub of some kind. Clawfoot, Modern, Metal… I just love that freestanding look.

I gasp with joy whenever I see a cast iron tub with a metal exterior. Some are zinc tubs, some are aluminum tubs, some are copper tubs (though I prefer a silver finish.) They can be polished, lacquered, burnished, patina-ed. Ok not sure if that last one is a word.
One thing I am sure of is that I am in love with the way a metal tub impacts a bathroom.

Metal tub paired with a pretty marble wall detail. It’s like a headboard, but for your tub, not your bed. Also, who needs a platform ledge for a tub when you can have a little stool instead. So much more versatile, and its another opportunity to express yourself. I like how this chinese stool brought some green into this room. Image via Cococozy.

Ooo lala, how about the combination of the shiny tub against the rustic beadboard? Modern Country Livin’… love it! Designed by David Phoenix via Desire to Inspire.

I don’t know if I would bathe my dog in the pretty tub, but he sure looks cozy in there! I love it paired with a chair and the pretty curtains. Image via Urban Grace Interiors.

Amazing designer, Brooke Giannetti of Velvet and Linen used this gorgeous hand polished tub in her bathroom.

Here’s a closer look at the Bateau tub from The Bathworks

Nate Berkus’ bathroom from Elle Decor. The room is so simple and unadorned- white subway tile, mosaic floor- yet captivating. This must be because Nate realized that the tub was the star of the room!

This tub looks so regal with its mosaic rug! Image via Material Girls

The Bateau Tub by Water Monopoly. I want to eat, sleep AND bathe here!

These tubs are great. You have the easy maintenance of cast iron interior, and the vivacious visual effect of the metal exterior.

The only downside is that these tubs are silly expensive. But really folks, bathing is a necesity. People are willing to dole out the big bucks for their luxury cars. Perhaps you should treat yourself to a luxury tub.

Happy Bathing!