A few Peeks at my favorite Bathroom Yet

Last Friday Dad and I were out at our Malvern Project reviewing final details for a master suite renovation we plan to begin soon.  We’ve been designing it for months and its full of stunning details and finishes.  I’m really quite excited to see it come to life.  This will be our second project with these clients as we designed and renovated their hall bath last year.  The hall bathroom went from standard builder-grade hum drum to a classic, collected beauty.  Our goal was traditional with a twist: natural woods, marbles and subway tile combined with mixed metals, stand-out lighting, interesting shapes and delicious textiles.  Every time I visit this bath I can’t help but smile.

Here is the BEFORE…

Malvern Reno Hall bath before

A closet crowded the entry, The shower was tucked to the left (not seen) and the whole space felt long and narrow.

This is how it looked when I visited last Friday…

Processed with VSCOcam

We flip flopped the toilet and the shower making the shower to focal point at the end of the room.  

(And yes with a window in the shower!)

The toilet is now tucked into the old shower alcove, quite inconspicuously.  (Not seen.)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Library Sconces provide unexpected lighting for the round iron-rope mirror.

All fixtures are matte black- Jason Wu for Brizo.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

My client was down for open shelving instead of your typical linen closet, so we chose a faux bamboo etagere.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I just love the way she has styled it!

I helped her select the navy Serena and Lily towels.

Processed with VSCOcam

We designed the sink cabinet to look like a classic chest.

The bottom two middle drawers are actually one deep drawer.  Gotta have a place to store bigger items!

The rug is vintage and I love how it pops off the Carrara hexagon floor.

* * *

Once we finish the master suite I plan to have both bathrooms shot professionally, but until then I thought you guys might enjoy this little peek.


Vein Cut Silver Travertine

We have been designing A LOT of master bathrooms recently.  It’s really rewarding working with a mix of  clients with varying home styles and taste preferences.  While traditional style reigns supreme in the western suburbs of Philadelphia, once in a while I get lucky and score a client who is looking for a modern design.  (Note- I love all styles, but as a designer its fun to mix it up a bit.)  Right now I have a young stylish couple who are seeking a design that is clean, modern, warm and totally chic for their master bath.  My client turned me onto to vein cut silver travertine and this will be the jumping off point for the design.

This travertine, also known as “Ocean Blue Travertine”  has an organic linear look with veins of silver, beige and brown running through it.  Some batches are more blue, some are more tan, some are more stripey, some are more blotchy.  My preference would be for a little more blue and definitely more linear.  Sourcing the right lot is definitely key!

horizontal vein cut silver travertineSarah Richardson

When the tiled up the whole it has a very contemporary, yet organic look.

vein cut silver travertine set on horizontalSarah Richardson

It can be set horizontally.  I like the size of the large rectangular tiles above.  They look like they are around 12×24.  (9×18?)

Or they can be set vertically for a different look.

vein cut travertine set on verticalHome of Delphine Krakoff

Which look do you prefer?

I personally prefer them tiled subway style with offset joints…

offset silver travertin

Another way to go is stacked.  This is a little grid-like to me.  I like the extra movement that comes with the offset tiles.

stacked silver travertine

With the cool, contemporary look of this tile, I really like it paired with a warm wood vanity instead of a painted cabinet.

warm wood paired with silver travertine

Often times you will see people go balls to the walls and do the tile all over the walls and floors…

silver travertine on walls and floorsSteven Gambrel/ House and Home

I favor contrasting the busier walls with a darker, simpler floor.  Something like below…. the travertine is not vein cut silver, but can you imagine if it was?

travertine walls dark floor

It’s a fun new material to me and I’m enjoying how its shaping the design of this bathroom.  What do you think of vein cut silver travertine?  Would you consider it over the oft-used Carrara Marble?

Almost Fabulous {A Cottage Mini-Update}

Mom and I did a little DIY roller shade for my bathroom window in one of my favorite fabrics, the signature print by Stone Textile.  Unfortunately we forgot to take note of the orientation of the spring roller and the fabric is now backwards.  Not a big deal, I just have to take it off and re-glue it.  In the meanwhile, its been sitting like this for several weeks.  Just keepin’ it real.  Life, home, decor isn’t always perfect.  But, I think I when get around to turning it around it will be pretty fabulous.

bathroom shade inside out

bathroom shade front

PS- I waterproofed the fabric, because this window sits in my shower.  I’ll pull together a full post once I finish the shade!

Before & After: Project Modern Organic Bathroom

Today I’m excited to share a bathroom renovation by my father and I that I LOVE.  I’ve posted some peeks during the process, but now you guys get the real deal.  This was a repeat client (our favorite!) as we previously designed and remodeled their kitchen.  We love when clients come back to us with new projects because A) it means we did a good job the first time and B) I already have a sense of their style and personality so it makes the project so much easier.

My client is really fun.  She gravitated towards a more modern aesthetic, but also wanted the space to be warm and comfortable.  She wasn’t afraid to take a few risks which is always a thrill for me.  Pushing your comfort zone always creates the best results.  When I walked into the finished bathroom I was just floored.  The guys transformed the space into something beautiful (and functional!)  Most importantly, my clients love it.  Score one for the home team.

gray stain linen cabinet antique mirrored doors design manifest

An antique-mirrored linen cabinet provides plenty of storage, including two hampers.


Bathroom Moments

This may be TMI, but I took my first bath last night.  I wish I could claim it was life changing, but the tub was only 2/3 full and the water was lukewarm at best.  (Gotta turn up that water heater!)  Nonetheless, as I lay there sipping on wine, listening to a mix and staring at my fine fine tile job, I couldn’t help but feel a huge sense of accomplishment.

This bathroom used to be a crowded, dark, bleh space.  And then my father and I teamed up and transformed it into this bright, warm, functional  funky perfect oasis.  I seriously love my 5×8 bathroom.  Storage is good (more on that soon) the shower is fantastic and the details are really coming together.  It’s not quite done yet, but here are just some bits that I have been enjoying day to day.

bathroom mid stage design manifest

sink and basket

rug and wall

 {Bathroom Before}