ART ART ART and it’s impact on room design

loren taylor symphony house

When I find myself captivated by a pretty space, one of the first things I study is how the art is influencing the room design.  It’s crazy how much art changes the feel of a room.    Yet lots of people leave …
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Really Cute (And Reasonable) ART on One Kings Lane

Design Manifest Loves One Kings Lane Art

Do you shop on One Kings Lane?  It’s one of those sites that I will completely forget to check for awhile and then I’ll head over and be blown away by the selection.  Over this past weekend I found myself …
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Favorite Finds of the Month- Soft, Sweet and a little Exotic

DM faves soft and sweet

I tend to vacillate between a few design moods- loving bold,dark and exotic, favoring neutral, layered, and textural, etc.  This month I’m really feeling color, but in a very soft way.  I want pale pink, coral, soft blues, grays, maybe …
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Michael Zavros

I think I was searching for horses when I stumbled upon artist, Michael Zavros’ work.  While his equine pieces are interesting, it’s the paintings of interiors that I find most compelling.  (Shocking right?)  What can I say, I like his …
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My Office Nook

Minimalists, avert your eyes!  Today I’m talking about my office nook.  It’s sort of the colorful thesis statement to my boldly embellished-but-edited design essay.  But before we dive right in, let me rewind to yesterday.  Hot diggity dog!  I’m blown away by …
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