ART ART ART and it’s impact on room design

When I find myself captivated by a pretty space, one of the first things I study is how the art is influencing the room design.  It’s crazy how much art changes the feel of a room.    Yet lots of people leave it as an afterthought when putting together their home.  It’s the cherry on top, it’s the finishing touch.

In my opinion, there is no wrong way to design.  You could start with a sofa, a painting, a fabric, rug,  photograph, whatever.  Art doesn’t have to be driving force, but it IS a strong influence.  Art is great way to contrast, soften, add color, add graphic emphasis.  You can use art to get more serious, or get a little cheeky.   Design for me is always a bit of a balancing game.  Adding a bit more traditional to a modern space,  a little bit of rustic to soften a glamorous one, etc.   A little thing like a picture on a wall can totally sway the vibe of a space.  I love seeing the way the designers below have decorated their walls.  Each room is quite different and the art really influences the personality.

loren taylor symphony house

Atlanta Symphony Associates’ Decorators’ Show House / Loren Taylor

flower print veranda


parker kennedy for atlanta homes

Atlanta Symphony Associates’ Decorators’ Show House / Parker Kennedy

Gabriella Palumbo living room

Design Sponge (Gabriella Palumbo)

yellow sofa art on bookshelves house and home

House and Home

mindy kahling ilving room


liz damrich smpl

Liz Damrich via Style Me Pretty

Gabriella Palumbo bedroom

Design Sponge (Gabriella Palumbo)

amber lewis domaine

Amber Interiors / Domaine Home

symphony showhouse'

Atlanta Symphony Associates’ Decorators’ Show House / Matthews Furniture  & Design

natural wood and black wall no art house and home

House and Home

How bout that last one?  No art at all.  Sometimes bare wall are sexy too.

Really Cute (And Reasonable) ART on One Kings Lane

Do you shop on One Kings Lane?  It’s one of those sites that I will completely forget to check for awhile and then I’ll head over and be blown away by the selection.  Over this past weekend I found myself drooling over the art collection.  They have some really beautiful prints and photographs and they come framed (and ship cheap!!)  I LOVE using original art in my client projects, but sometimes the budget doesn’t allow for every piece to be a custom creation.  I love the idea of mixing in a few of these pieces with a few original pieces of  and creating an amazing art collection.

Some of my Faves (All Under  $375 Framed)

Design Manifest Loves One Kings Lane Art

Horses / Sunset / Skirt

Flowers / Feathers Triptych

Nude / Black White Scribble / Pink Gold Abstract

Ballerina / Nude / Balloons


Favorite Finds of the Month- Soft, Sweet and a little Exotic

I tend to vacillate between a few design moods- loving bold,dark and exotic, favoring neutral, layered, and textural, etc.  This month I’m really feeling color, but in a very soft way.  I want pale pink, coral, soft blues, grays, maybe just a touch of yellow.  I like the sweetness of pastels balanced by touch of global influence: a bench that looks like it belongs in Morocco, a gilt mirror with an Italian flair, a chandelier with an exotic shape.  Pastels can get so girly and that’s just not my thing.  You need to throw in something rough, patina, something not so perfect.  Finish off with a few modern and masculine elements and you have yourself a winner.

Here are a few pieces that I am totally crushing on this month.  They all fall into this soft, sweet spot I’m loving with interiors.

DM faves soft and sweet

pillow / chandelier / painting

rug / bench / mirror

And a few rooms I’m feelin’…

colorful melbourne home

{Miranda Skoczek’s home}

nuevo estilo space pastels

{Nuevo Estilo}

soft pink boho room skona hem

{Skona Hem}

ellen pompeo trailer

{Ellen Pompeo’s trailer}

Goes so well with my fave vintage flatweave rug we have for sale on our instagram (@designmanifest)

armenian vintage flatweave rug design manfiest

striped multi-color vintage flatweave rug- design manifest

38″ x 102″

$400 with free shipping to US

email if you would like to purchase!

see more details –

Michael Zavros

I think I was searching for horses when I stumbled upon artist, Michael Zavros’ work.  While his equine pieces are interesting, it’s the paintings of interiors that I find most compelling.  (Shocking right?)  What can I say, I like his style and I wouldn’t mind living in his world.

All pieces by Michael Zavros

My Office Nook

Minimalists, avert your eyes!  Today I’m talking about my office nook.  It’s sort of the colorful thesis statement to my boldly embellished-but-edited design essay.  But before we dive right in, let me rewind to yesterday.  Hot diggity dog!  I’m blown away by the positive response to my home.  There were literally times last night when I had to get up out of my chair and do a little jig over a particularly kind comment.  It been such a high and I just wanted to say THANK YOU to those who are leaving nice notes, spreading the word, re-posting, tweeting, facebooking, or just quietly checking me out on your own.  As I’ve been known to say, you rock like Keds and tube socks.

Ok now that we are done making out, let’s talk about this desk area.  So the obvious stuff- the wall is blue (Olympic Brilliant Blue) and the desk is hot pink (Glidden Very Bery.)  I knew my white and wood Rasts would be the perfect foil to all that color, but the original version were feeling a little flat to me.  Danika came to the rescue, providing me with her Harper O’verlays.  (Custom-sized to fit the Rast.)  Easy peasy: spray glue, spray paint, instant oomph for my drawer fronts.  I heart them.

(crooked lampshade, I want to punch you in the face.)

The foo dog lamps are from Barbara Cosgrove.  I just seem to need a little bit of Asian in each of my areas. You can quote me on that.

I gave my JC Penney stools a fancy new upholstery job using the Basset McNab floral I showed back here.  (Notice the chevron from my dining chairs is in that post too?  I totally was giving you guys hints.  Sike, I actually had no clue what I was doing with it back then.)  

Mixing red bamboo stools with a pink and blue wall… am I crazy?  What can I say, I love a good clash.

Onto the ahhhrt.  The centerpiece is a vintage Indian poster that’s 3D- made with real fabric and beads.  Me Likey.  I bought it from the Loaded Trunk and you can see a better pic of it here.  Flanking in on the left side we have the ostriches by John Murphy and naked butt guy, picked up a thrift store.  Rounding out the right side is what I presume to be a Picasso print, also a thrift store purchase, and my astrological bulls, snagged on 20×200.

The shelf is woody and rustic.  I got the idea from Nelya and actually bought it on Ebay!.  The print on the shelf is by Joan Miro and was picked up at an awesome mid-century warehouse in Fishtown. 
And that about sums up my office nook.  I don’t really use it as an office as evidenced by the fact that I don’t have a proper desk chair.  It’s where I store my record player, tools & supplies and laptop when it’s charging.

I recognize there is a WHOLE LOT going on here.  Believe it or not, I actually took a few items away during the design process (thanks, Coco Chanel) and I’m still mad I didn’t style the desk for the shoot.  I love that its super saturated but isn’t just about the color.  Layered eclectic beauty.  Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Goodness that was long!  Hope that wasn’t totally boring and you enjoyed the details and sources.  I have a crazy day today and tomorrow, so I’m gonna play hooky until Thursday.  Tune in next time- I’ll be diving into the living room.  SO many bonus shots there!



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Interior Design by Design Manifest
Photography by Courtney Apple