A few thoughts on my home and my dreams…

house settlement day

{Settlement Day, September 2012} I’ve owned my little cottage for almost 3 years now.  It seems unfathomable it’s been so long, yet at the same time I’m already itching to move on.  I have that sort of real estate affliction …
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Happy New Year!

stein pic - med

Hey All.  Sorry for the extended absence, but not to worry, everything is great over here.  The past month + has been spent with family cherishing the good life.  On top of a very merry Christmas and New Years, we …
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Living {Real} Life

living room fireplace before

Lately I’ve been noticing that I’m living my life a little differently. Whereas in the past my free time has been spent decorating my home and blogging all about it, recently I just don’t care.  I guess I’d rather be …
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Real Life

naomi and friends in kitchen

I just had the most wonderful weekend.  I hosted my high school best friends and we had our own intimate reunion.   Spring has finally kicked in here in Philadelphia so we got to have lots of outdoor time both in my …
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Scenes from Mexico

scenes from mexico

Mexico was amazing.  Pure Heaven.  The first two days, in typical Me fashion were purgatory.  I was totally sick and the weather was cold and rainy and let’s just say my spirits weren’t high.  (Literally, I couldn’t drink while my …
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