White Moroccan Splendor

Black and white interior, Moroccan accents, modern furnishings, intricate architectural elements and worldly accessories.  Need I say more?  Oh yea… the view.
Dang my Philadelphia flat sure feels boring right about now.
scanned from Elle Decoration UK
  1. I really enjoy the Moroccan style its so warm!

  2. Brandi

    This is so my style! If this makes your flat feel boring it makes my brick house in the burbs a snooze!

  3. I love the white with the Moroccan! It’s the perfect combo of clean *and* ornate.

  4. You are reading my mind. Scary, really. I am so loving this look which of course is bad because I do not have white walls or white furniture or white floors. Bah humbug.

    If I can finish in time, I’ll post about my current inspirations along these lines tomorrow or Friday…

  5. Moroccan architecture always blows my mind! And so fresh to see it in white… I’ve got to agree with Aubrey- my house doesn’t look so great to me right now either!

  6. Oh my!

    Thanks for that – you made my day.

  7. i love this style. modern with some ethnic touches. that first pic is my fav.


  8. MFAMB

    wow. amazing. rich people are so lucky.

  9. Lovin’ this look! Neutral interiors are not what I typically think of in Moroccan design, but it is gorgeous.

  10. ha! just about any space would seem boring after that! i’m going to guess that your place is pretty amazing, though :)

  11. Moroccan design looks great and these designs are bright, fresh and clean thanks for posting these pics!

    This and mydeco.com always give me inspiration!

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