White Lacquer Gold Asian dressers

$395 for the pair
Dear LORD somebody buy these
Cheap, Chic and Vintage.  PBR completes me.  One of the few sites I check everyday.


  1. Sheri

    Can you email me more pictures so I can see scratches?

    • Naomi

      Sheri- this is a blog post from 2011. I am not selling them.

  2. Just saw those the other day! They are sooo good!!!

    Christine & Sarah

  3. Erin

    What?! They’re pretty much giving those suckers away!

  4. That’s a big ole deal. Hope someone snatches ’em up.

  5. So beautiful! These are a dream…I am checking them out right now!



  6. Lynn

    Amazing! And now I will be checking that site too. Thanks for the intro!!

  7. These are amazing anddddd so is this store. Found 1.5 million things I want in there.

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