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Have you seen Nicole’s dining room?  I love it all- the mirrored wall, the acrylic chairs with cute cushions, but what I was most surprised by was my admiration for her White (Ikea!) Dining Table.

I’ve always been a wood-dining-table kinda girl.  The chunkier and more rustic, the better.  But there is something very glam and sophisticated about a white dining table.  And we all know that white goes with everything.

I always chuckle how many of my clients shy away from white.  I think, for them, it conjures up images of “country” or “sterile.”  I always try to re-educate them.  White can be modern and sophisticated.  White can also be that needed neutral contrast in a colorful room.  White can break up a whole lot of wood, wood and wood. Which is why it can be so fab in a dining room- a space that can easily become heavy and woody.

Here are some dining rooms with white tables that hit just the right note for me.

Nina Kejser via desire to inspire
Elle Decor

 alexandra rowley via southern living

Jill Stuart via Elle Decor

Southern Living

 coastal living

Juan Carlos Garcia Lavin via Elle Decor

AND here are some table ideas for you…..
The Plinth dining table from Room Service LA satisfies my desire for Chunk and for Gloss.
Those of you on a budget are in luck!  CB2 has a similar offering for 1/3 the cost.
It’s also two feet shorter though, so you’ll have to keep those dinner parties smaller.
West Elm offers their infamous parsons table in gloss white.  But it seems the expandable version only comes in chocolate.  So only small dinner parties… BOO.
And Nicole used the Norden Table from Ikea.  Looks kinda plain here, but its all how you dress it up, right?
$299 and it seats up to 10!
  1. Love Nicole’s whole apartment! What a great round up of white dining room tables! Love the fresh clean look of all of these!

  2. I’m actually ditching my current dining table now, looking into getting something that works with my new chairs. (which I’ll be painting white) … I’m thinking of a modern table like the one she has, but still undecided…

  3. That Ikea table is pretty dope for the money, and the raw wood version of it is not too shabby in person, either.

  4. Im actually considering changing my table! I bought it as a temporary solution and then it just kinda stuck around… I really want to switch to a round table!

    Thanks for the shout out everyone! I really appreciate the kind words!

  5. I am in love with white dining tables, especially combined with wood or colorful chairs!

  6. Asaf- I wont laugh at you kiddo. I’m just glad to educate you a little!

    Nelya- I purposely left off tulip tables, because they are a whole category onto their own. Love them LOTS though!

  7. nkp

    I’ve never thought about actually owning a white dining table, but it photographs beautifully. In fact, I too have admired Nicole’s dining room set up. The lucite chairs and ikat cushions look fabulous together.

    I think you are really onto something when you point out that white is a great way to break up all the wood often found in dining rooms. So many of these images are beautiful, but the Rowley, Stuart, and Lanvin are my favorites.

    Hey wait, I’m sitting here typing this on my all white Saarinen table in the kitchen. Does that count?

  8. Asaf

    I think you’re right about the white table, it looks good when it’s balanced with nice color in the room but I have to say I have a real issue with those plastic chairs. For some reason a plastic chair evokes cheap even with exciting cushions or interesting shapes.

    I guess that means that I’m a little conservative in this contemporary dining room table world…Please don’t chuckle too loudly at me.

  9. Cara

    All of these are great-especially the lucite chairs!

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