What’s the Plan?

So after a nearly two year search, three failed offers, and one frightening home inspection your boyfriend has finally found the perfect house. The offer is accepted, the inspection goes smoothly.
How do you celebrate?

A. Call Friends and Family to share the big news
B. Pop Some Bubbly
C. Buy new Modern House numbers (because the current ones are painted on ghetto style)
D. Measure the whole house and draw up existing conditions
E. Go out to your favorite restaurant

The answer is D of course!!! The first step to having a beautifully designed house is to have a floor plan.
And I cannot get excited over a house until I have a plan in hand.

Ok, that is a blatant lie. The true story is that I walked in the door, saw the 10’ ceilings, squealed “its purrrrrrfect!” and immediately started planning a future housewarming party in my head. I’m like the girl who plans her wedding before even finishing the first date. Obviously remove the word “wedding” and insert “house.” But I digress.

(Note calling family and friends and buying house numbers occurred shortly after the inspection. Champagne and Fine dining will wait until after we settle.)

Based off our first initial visit to the house and a few I-Phone photos, I drew up a poor-mans floor plan. I had John fill in the blanks when he went back for the inspection. He confirmed exact room dimensions, door and window locations, stair placement and cabinetry sizes. Don’t forget ceiling heights! (We did. Oops.)

So with information in hand, I sat down at my computer and Waaaaaa LA….Our First Floor Plan!

As you can see it is a long and narrow lot.

The kitchen design was a snap. We will be adding an island, a pantry cabinet and some narrow depth base cabinets along the right wall.

Down the road we will hopefully replace the “L” cabinetry and get ourselves a dishwasher, new range and a stainless hood. For now the 30 year old wall oven will hopefully heat the food just fine. Of course we have some decorative plans to spruce up the current space, but we will get to that later.

Lovely Kitchen Now- Don’t be too jealous

The Living-Dining Area has been more tricky. The space is 14’ wide by 34’9 long, but with the stairs and closets, it’s really more like 11’ wide.
I have been agonizing over my plan and cursing the fact that the house isn’t a few feet wider.

We need 3 zones: lounging/tv, Dining, and Music  (ie, Tha Dance Floor!)
There will be no formality to this space. How can you be formal in a row home?
Our shit is going to be out, we are going to Live in the space, and probably leave a bit of a mess.  Hopefully it can be a hot mess.  I don’t mind if my house guests know the truth.

Since we are both tall, a long deep sofa is necessary. This pretty much rules out the possibility of placing the sofa freestanding in the room. Like it or not, it’s going against the long wall. Other requirements include a long rectangular dining table and some tall Expedit bookshelves to break up that long wall.

This brings me to my television dilemma.

If the living room is to be in the front of the house, the best place for the TV is along the left wall in front of the stairs. This makes me queasy.  Will it visually smack me in the face every time I walk into the door? That’s got to be bad Feng Shui right?
Benefits to this plan include: 1. Dining Table is closer to the kitchen and 2. Record Turntables and speakers can be concealed in the large closet. I’m lovingly referring to it as the “music nook.”

My other thought was to switch things up and move the living area to center of the home. Now the TV and its ugly components can be concealed in the large closet and the dining room moves to the front. Problems with this plan: 1. Where do the record turntable go and will it drive me nuts to see them out in the open? And 2. Is it weird to walk into a dining room?  3. Will the TV be hard to see from an angle?
I love the idea of hiding my TV, and getting a little entry area to welcome me home, but something about this plan isn’t sitting right with me.

Decisions, Decisions. The records may go upstairs into a bedroom. That hasn’t been decided yet.
What would you do in this space?

And would I be totally crazy-face for trying to incorporate a television into a gallery style art wall?

(Art arrangement by Simply Grove with faux TV insert by Me)

I don’t even really like gallery style art. I had to search really long in my inspiration files to find something to show you. Part of me thinks it could be sweet if done well. If I put a frame around it like Mrs Limestone, would that help?

Before I bid you farewell today I just wanted to give a shout-out to some new followers who seem to have found me.  
Thanks so much for taking an interest in my little blog. I know I am very particular about who I choose to follow, so I feel honored for you guys to have chosen me.
Drop me a line from time to time, ya hear?

Later Taters,

  1. Kerry

    (You forgot E. — take all the money from your bank account and hand it over to Home Depot, ha!)

    My last house was long and skinny, which was a challenge to furnish. Your plans look fab though, and I can’t wait to see what you do with the kitchen! So much potential!

  2. Hi Naomi. Congrats on your new home! I really enjoyed looking at your plans. I think another option would be to consider switching out the sofa for a beautiful tv/media unit. Then move the sofa across from the unit. You would most likely be able to see the TV from the Dining area too. And the console/mirror when you walk in would create a little entry. If you are partial to the sofa on the long wall, perhaps a sectional would give you more lounging. Love creative options! 🙂 Thanks too for stopping by City Living Girl.

  3. Thanks, Eve!

    I will try to make my TV as unoffensive as possible.
    Of Course I appreciate you reading. And don’t worry about being self-absorbed. I think having a blog where I write about my dream house all day long is slightly self absorbed too! 😉

  4. I’m assuming that your shout-out is directed towards ME! 🙂 Thanks, I’m flattered! Just kidding. I’m done being self-absorbed for the minute. Anyhow, cheers to the new place, cheers to keeping up with your blog and cheers to making me laugh out loud! Just promise me you will NOT put the TV right at the top of the stairs. That’s all for now!


  5. Ok, I got it! Bedroom is upstairs. Ok, then I would keep the dining area by the kitchen — makes the most sense.

    Hmmm, not sure about the tv. Hide behind a cabinet? Drapes? Recessed into the wall?

  6. Hi Erin,
    Nope no bedroom on the first floor. You may have been confused by my attempt to draw a rug around the living room area?

    Your right, the two of us will most likely eat at the island or sitting on the sofa. (terrible, i hate it!) I still really want that long table for when we have parties. Plus I think we have the space for it.

    Thanks for your input! Its always valued.

  7. Wait, do you have to go through the bedroom to get to the living/dining area?

    What if you had a drop leaf table that could double as a cute storage area/foyer set up at the entrance? How often do you and the hunny actually dine at the table?

    Just a thought…

  8. Thanks, Brit. That’s a nice looking cabinet too. I fear it may be a bit (make that a lot) more than I wanted to spend. But I guess its worth looking into.

    Maria- Now YOU are making me smile!

  9. Naomi,
    I love your sense of humour! Great post, and the TV as part of an art gallery wall is great (just lower I think 🙂

    Thanks for making me smile!

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