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That’s what They Say.
I Say its Modern, Rustic, Industrial Goodness for your Home
Who’s They?  ROOST, my dears.
Roost: Declan Chair, Workshop Cage Lamps and Recycled Scaffold Mirror and Console

**I hope that in my new home I am lucky enough to have a piece of furniture, or lighting, or one of the many delicious decorative accessories from Roost.**

For those not in the know, Roost is a wholesaler who sells the most beautiful pieces, or as they say, the “elements that make a house a home.”  Many of their pieces are recycled or vintage.  I like that most of their stuff is simple, but quite catching. 

Antwerp Dining Table and Bench

I also like their mantra:
“We strive to get the details right, to provide products that are creative without pretension, that can meld in different ways and that add character…”

Best of all though, I like their styling; the way they effortlessly pair the pieces to create such enticing vignettes.  When I first received their catalog, I wanted to hop into each page and nestle into their imagined world.

Do I love the porthole mirrors, the cowhide rug, filament bulbs, reflected press tin ceiling… 
or All of them All together?
Do I need an owl lamp, owl salt shakers, owl candles, owl bookends and candleholders atop vintage suitcases?  NO, but it looks so snazzy!

Their modern, bohemian look reminds me of Anthropologie, only less girly.  Actually I know for a fact that Anthro buys from them, as I’ve seen a few of Roost items in their store.

I spied Roost’ Agadir poufs in my local Anthropologie
The object of my current lust and affection?   The sandblasted Marble Coffee Table.
It’s so perfect because its clean, yet rugged, white, yet not sterile.   I liked that the top is honed, not polished. I think it would be very happy in my living room.   Plus the base is recycled railroad ties so I would get green points from Mother Earth, right?
Also on my Want List ….
Circa Bar Cart
It just feels right to me that we have some sort of rolling liquor dispensary in our new home.
Casablanca Tea Tables
Forget Tea!  I’m imagining cheeses and pastries artfully displayed.  And then consumed by me.
Silk Blossom Pillows and Mohair Throws
Love the texture of these pillows and I just want to wrap that throw around me.
Declan Chairs and Metal Trestle Table
Could these Declan Chairs be the solution to my Tolix Chair dilemma?  Mmmm don’t love them quite as much 🙁
Enough about me, how about some fun items you may want…
Do you like deer busts, but think they are a little passe’?  Solution: Get the whole friggin animal! 
carved wood deer family
You Know You Want It!
 You’ve always wanted a birdcage lamp, right?  A vintage print block mirror?  You didn’t?  How about now?
Personally, I don’t love these Cebu sphere lamps hanging from the ceiling, but I DO dig the one on the ground.  It would be a great way to illuminate a corner.  Only I fear I’d have a great urge to punt it across the room…
I like this Enzo Articulated Lamp because it looks cool.  Plus I’m pretty sure I could use it as a mechanical arm if I ever lost a real one.
Or if you are the practical type, how about some pretty boxes to hide ugly things?
temple boxes 
And sometimes, its just a little thing, or the whole setting that captivates me…
mmmm are those cinnamon graham crackers??
Phhhheeewwww I think I’m Roosted out for today.  Check out Velocity Art and Design for a pretty thorough Roost Collection.  Other items are only available through designers/wholesalers.  Feel free to email me if you want more info…
  1. Becca

    you know i love the owl stuff! those owls are alot less, er, frightening then ours. hehe

  2. thanks guys!
    Raina- Yes I love their Moroccan-esque collections
    Erin- I’m right with you on the cage lights. I’m imagining how lovely they would look clustered over my kitchen island!

  3. I’m having a love affair with cage lights right now. That bar car ain’t too shabby, either.

  4. nkp

    Love their stuff as well. Great post. So many of these items are on my wishlist.

  5. jordan

    i noticed your comment on another blog, and had to come check yours out {i love your vocab…weird? haha}
    great blog.

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