weekend recap and a design showhouse

Good Morning Loves!  Are you feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed?  It was a long full weekend for me and I am in desperate need of coffee.  

I kicked off the weekend by checking out Chestnut Hill Center for Enrichment’s Design Show House.  Then it was on to drinks with a friend, home cooked meals, more drinks, a food truck, and an engagement party with delicious Greek Food.  (Can you tell how I Like to spend my weekends?)  My sister and I tried to do DesignPhiladelphia’s viaduct tour, but it ended up being pretty lame, so we just wandered around the museum area by ourselves.  I will never tire of the garden of the Rodin Museum or the view from atop the Art Museum steps!


But back to the Design Show House, I must say I was impressed.  Two hip-hurrays for Philadelphia designers.  My favorite room was no surprise to me- it was the dining room by Mona Ross Berman.  (You may have caught her beach house design recently featured in House Beautiful that I blogged about here.)  Her happy, preppy, colorful aesthetic was evident again in this dining room.  The picture doesn’t do it justice, but I loved so many details; the Schumacher wallpaper, simple white drapes with just the perfect orangey coral trim, Moroccan style ottomans covered in a punchy Kravet print and the host chairs in China Seas.

I also enjoyed the reception room- particularly the pairing of the Asian art against the green walls- by designer Hannah Dee. 

I was swooning over this sofa designed by HobNob design.  Pretty sure that’s a Robert Allen fabric.  The solarium by Designsource featured gorgeous suzani textiles, large drifttwood and a cozy linen covered ottoman cube-table.  Unfortunately, there are no pictures that captured the serenity of this space.

My BIG complaint with the show house is that they wouldn’t allow photographs to be taken, but also didn’t get good pictures of the house published, or offer a catalog to take home.  There were so many great details that I wanted to remember, that will simply be lost.  Had the Center for Enrichment put together a color brochure of the spaces, I certainly would have paid a little something to take the memories home.  Boo for you Chestnut Hill, BOO for you.  For those of you who missed it, the Show House is now over.  Wish I could share with you all of the beautiful rooms, but I suspect they are being dismantled as I type.

I really dream of designing a room in a show house!  Have you ever been to one?  What did you think?

  1. Hannah

    Hello! Hannah Dee here! A friend just let me know you had posted about the showhouse I participated in and how wonderful and gratifying to see you write about my space! Thank you very much! It was a blast participating in it, most fun being the opportunity to meet some of my fellow local designers. I was so excited to meet Mona Ross Berman and her room was definitely on the top of my “Like” list for the house.

    The pretty sofa in the upstairs room was from Angela of Hob Nob Design. She has a great store in Chestnut Hill and a wonderful aesthetic. Thought you’d like to know.

    Thanks so much for the mention!

  2. That marble side table with the brass lamps, i’m completely swooning over! Might need you to make a trip to NYC soon, in desperate need of some revamping in our loft. xo

  3. Erin

    That wallpaper is super dope! Headed over the Schumacher now…

  4. That first picture of the dining room is sooo you Naomi, even down to the black cabinet with the lamps (very similar to yours) I absolutely love it too. Wish I could find chairs like that!

  5. Oh that IS frustrating! Did the designers get any good photos?

    I’m loving the buffet in the dining room, and of course, that stone console table in the entry! Hello!

  6. The green walls are so fabulous!! That is definitely a fantastic foyer…and I love the feel of that dining room…a little bit of traditional, but with *flair*! (c:

  7. I’ve never been to a Show House! Sounds exciting. But I love the green walls in that second room! So unexpected…

  8. I’m surprised they don’t let you take pictures. Your weekend sounds full and productive! I can’t say the same for myself.

  9. Ashley

    What a shame that they don’t let visitors take pictures. What’s the idea behind that anyway, especially if the organizers aren’t going to publish quality images of the showhome!?

    Glad to hear you had a wonderful weekend. Seems like you are a busy little bee!

  10. Brandi

    I have never been to a show house but I would love to go. I would suspect it would not be my style if it were done with your usual famous dallas designers though. So strange that they didn’t offer a brochure or something. Perhaps all the designers have photos on their websites?

  11. We have a show house in Dayton, Ohio every spring. I was lucky enough to get to participate this year! It was a lot of fun – and also a lot of work. I designed a playroom for kids complete with a play castle that my dad and I built together. You can see some photos of the space here if you’re interested!


  12. nkp

    We have great annual show houses in Atlanta. You are so right, boo on them for not allowing photos nor providing a way to take the memories home.

  13. Looks like such a great Show House. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a show house of such caliber like this one or the Kips Bay in NY or other big cities. Nashville needs to step it up a bit. Glad you had such a fun weekend!

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