VOTE for my Bathroom Design… and the President Too

Well, I figure I have about one more bathroom design post to go before I drive you guys bonkers and make myself look like an indecisive idiot.  This is probably why I’ve never shared my design mid-process before, because I change my mind a lot!  (Particularly for my personal projects where there is no client sounding off on my ideas.) 

So here’s what its come down to- in honor of today, I’m asking that you vote for your favorite design.  I can’t promise you I’ll choose the winner.  Actually I can’t promise you I’ll choose at all.     

I tend to be a crazy perfectionist when it comes to designing my own home.  I think I feel particularly pressured in the bathroom since I’m a bathroom designer and therefore mine should be amazing, right?  But this isn’t my forever home and this isn’t a dream bathroom, it’s just a 5×8 room that I’m hoping to update and enjoy.

Option number one featuring my dreamy open metal sink console, crisp white beadboard and contrasting tealy / bluey / greeny type walls.  (Wall color TBD.)

** editors note- I promise you I will pick a pretty wall color, so if this looks off on your monitor its just because each computer is so different!

Option number 2 featuring the 2-drawer vanity I already bought, painted a classic gloss black. 
My thought is that the dark color will reduce the ripple drawer look and make the whole piece look more sharp.  

I’m not even sure the beadboard will look good with the black wavy doors.   That’s the problem with mood boards- they aren’t REAL. 
But hopefully it works and I can contrast the white beadboard with a pale pink.  (Wall color TBD.)

So which do you prefer- #1 Open Metal or #2 Black Drawers?  We are talking looks and function here.  Kinda like economy and social rights, only much less important.  VOTE AWAY!

And of course I hope you’ll vote in the election today, too.  I don’t care if you are Democrat or Republican or something else entirely, we all should let our voices be known.

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  1. Miriam

    I like the second one, more warm! Next year I will be remodeling my bathroom and I’ll use hot colors and Roca bathroom products for it to make it pleasant and comfy.


  2. I like numero uno. It feels crisper and fresher and I’m always inclined to go that route in a main bathroom. I really like the natural wood contrast against the paint color.

  3. Wholeheartedly love the second one!


  4. I feel like I am late to this party….I love the sink in #1 but I am kind of practical and do like that #2 has storage but is still open. I do not want to throw a wrench into this operation….but what about 1×6-8 boards on the horizontal? It is still a cottage look but maybe cleaner? I did it in a really small bathroom….

  5. Open meta sink AND the pink. The color will give your skin a glow every morning!

  6. Anonymous

    #2 – definitely

  7. Anonymous

    Vote for No:2 looks very classy..

  8. I would say the open metal concept, #1. I love the modern look of the blues and the open feeling of the console. They are both amazing however and I am living with a man who would not do well with pink, so I am training myself away from pink, (sort of).

  9. anton

    Option number 1 is perfect. Elegant, crisp and stylish. Option number two with the dark console feels dark and heavy, not sophisticated or elegant at all.

  10. Design #2.I love the metal console but don’t thinks it looks as good with the paneling. I like having drawers and think the pink will be very flattering.

  11. Lisa C

    option #1 is the best

  12. Mary

    # 1—It looks rich & classic. All things a tiny bathroom needs.

  13. Just LOVE #2! And that rug is gorgeous! Is the greek key swatch in the mood board the shower curtain? If so, where did you find one in that pattern? I just love it and must have for myself!

    Meredith & Gwyneth

  14. Leah

    i really like both, but would probably go with the less popular #2. i like the black, the storage, and the pink!

  15. Erin

    I vote for number one. The second design seems to matchy to me. I think the teal brightens the colors in the rug. Plus, you have been talking about teal since the beginning 😉

  16. Robin

    Pink & black! Pink & black! (ooh, I voted twice) Storage + a more flattering color against the skin + Hollywood glam!

  17. Girl, just pick a sink! You’re gonna drive yourself bananas. For sure. Ok, so the open metal is tres fab, but the glossy black will look amazing and guess what, it’ll have some extra storage which is killer real estate in any bathroom.

  18. Tara

    Absolutely #1 for me! I think the teal color palate with the rug is much more fresh. Maybe it’s because we looked at so many older homes, but the pink walls with black & white tile feels dated to me. PLUS, the metal console is my most favorite thing in the world right now. 🙂

  19. I’m all for the metal sink console but I can see how it’s not as practical… I guess it depends on how much storage you actually need. As for the wall color, I really like both, but I think the pink complements the rug especially well! Whatever you choose I know you’ll make it look fabulous!

  20. I prefer #1. Now i can see your dilemma. Do whatever your instincts tell you to do. Isn’t this what we advice our clients?

  21. Ashley

    #1. ‘Nuff said. Love that sink.

  22. I want the chrome sink in room #2…but I feel bad since you already bought the other and BE SURE that it looks fab!

  23. Kristen

    Starting to feel like a broken record-open metal all the way!

  24. I am all about open metal sink…love it!
    xoxo -e (modern24seven)

  25. j

    I’ve been way on board with the teal from the beginning. I think it’s gotta be #1!

  26. Anonymous

    Hi!! The Second One!!! Paula from argentina

  27. #2 for sure. it works with what you already have, it screams fun yet chic adult, and it makes the rug stand out more and the console blend in to the background. pick mine, pick mine!

  28. Trust your instincts and go with the sink you love. Return or sell the one you aren’t really on board with, and go from there. What we like is less important than what you like – and we usually really like what you like – so follow your inner voice. Classic, chic and timeless win for me in terms of hard, installed pieces (like sinks, tile, etc.) so I vote for the metal one. Get some lovely baskets for extra storage. Stack some boxes, or just have fewer things. I know you’ll make it sing, no matter what.

    And I voted for real, too. Do I get a sticker? 🙂

  29. Hannah

    Number 1! While I like open metal, I think black drawers are more practical and you will be glad you have them later on!

  30. Erin

    I do love that metal console… Classic. Is there anywhere you can add storage by the sink? And I keep forgetting the mirror is a medicine cabinet. That helps.

  31. Open metal for sure! I love the teal wall color and I think that sink will never go out of style.

  32. Another vote for #1 with pink walls 🙂

  33. PS- the blue walls looked better on my other monitor- on my desktop its looks bad. Don’t be swayed by that!

  34. Thanks guys! I very well may do #1 with pale pink walls. I just wanted to show that the open console allows for a darker wall.

    Stupid drawers are confusing me so much!

  35. Number 1! I know you love that sink, so you should go for it or you will wish you had.

  36. my first thought is that the sink with the metal console contrasts well with the beadboard (and, I think, is more your look) and that the wooden vanity combined with the beadboard looks more “country” and less sophisticated.

    so, I’d say use the sink with metal stand and paint the walls pale pink!

    no matter what your final choice is, that rug has my hand in marriage.

  37. I like #1 the best. I think that sink goes better with the sconces and the mirror.

    Good luck on the decision!


  38. know the feeling!! #1! love, the vanity! not sure about the wall color, fantastic rug! good luck!

  39. Anonymous

    I like number two. It’s warm, cozy and cottagie! However, there is nothing wrong with number one!
    Good luck.


  40. Jaime

    Love #2. Any chance you can put the metal vanity with the pale pink? I love turquoise but so does everybody else. I feel like its more of a risk going pale pink, and I have 4 little girls. Love the site!

  41. Jessie

    #1 is my favorite. I do not know if I could live without storage but I think I would make it work.

  42. Erin

    Ha, we have identical posts today!

    So on the moodboard I am swayed by option 1, but in real life I think option 2 would be the most functional and flattering, assuming that you pick a pale pink or peach that looks good on you.

    And I seriously could not go drawer free. I would do that to my kids in their bathroom, though.

  43. You know I have to vote #2 but can we put the metal sink in that one?

  44. Number 1 for me! The more I see of that metal console, the more I love it. (I think the blue will make the rug stand out more too.)

  45. Anonymous

    ugh….another option is needed.

  46. rosan

    I vote for #2 too!
    I adore the metal sink console.. but the #2 colour scheme is the winner for me. Pale pink paired with black and white is just… a dream. Great idea to paint the vanity unit black! And yes, you do need those drawers!
    I also like how this scheme picks up the oriental rug design in a subtler way than the teal does.

  47. naomi- i really like number 2. i know you were set on the turquoise, but you know paint is the easiest thing to change. how about a BM’s Opal for just a hint of pinky? i love that vanity the best. i had initially really wanted a console sink but i now wish i had gotten something with EVEN a drawer! AND, i think this scheme pays a great tribute to your cute house… looks like iwth the pink,black and white and basketweave floors, like your house will be smiling back from the 1950’s at this update!

  48. Cori

    #1 for sure

    Love your blog:)

  49. Heidi

    I’m all about the metal sink console! Such a chic piece. What about going a bit softer with the wall color, though? Mint, perhaps.

    Can’t wait to see what you decide!

    Live Inspired,

    Heidi Chamoun

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