Vintage chrome and leather dining chair score

Hello?  Is anyone out there still reading?  I hope so because Fall is in the air and I’m raring for a comeback from my unintentional summer vacation.  Something about Autum makes me want to recharge at home and that pretty much always turns into nesting.  And nesting means lots of fun ideas to share.

I”ll start with this weekend’s flea market find: 4 Vintage chrome and leather chairs.  The brown leather has the perfect patina  and I love it paired with the  modern chrome plated bases.  On top of being handsome, the leather sling seats are super comfy.  Oh and I got them for a great price.  Holler!  I love shopping vintage.  Philly locals- I found them at Clover Market and bought them from Three Potato Four‘s stand.


vintage chrome leather dining chairs tulip table vasarely pop art design manifest dining room


vintage chrome leather chairs design manifest cottage

They are so comfortable and delicious. I really love the warm and modern vibe they add to my home.  Mixing chrome with brass and gold?  Yes Please.

vintage chrome leather dining chairs design manifest

I wasn’t planning on keeping my pedestal table (Ikea Docksta,) but it sure does work well with the chairs.    Now I have serious table dilemma because the chairs add a wrinkle in my dining room plan that I discussed  HERE.

mid century modern chrom leather chair design manifest

But we will dig into that in another post…  Man, I’ve missed blogging!   I promise to keep you in the loop as my dining room continues to evolve.  I”m feeling inspired to jump back into Cottage projects.  Summer Break was nice, but now theI’m excited to reveal some awesome projects in upcoming weeks.  Plus my own pet project, The Cottage.  Happy Fall and happy decorating to you all.



  1. Nathaniel K

    I found the whole set today in California and I wanted to know more about them I have four chairs and two tables one dining table and a smaller coffee table anyone have information on this piece. It’s the same exact chairs

  2. juliana

    I just discovered your blog and I’m obsessed with your cottage. Just gorgeous. I love, love, love the dining pendant. Any leads on something similar in the NYC area? And I know this is silly but I was wondering what kind of white you used in your walls (dining and kitchen). Thanks for sharing and can’t wait to follow your blog now that I know better.

    • Naomi

      Thanks, Juliana! I used Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore. The dining pendant is the Edmund by Artertiors Home.

  3. Elisa

    Great score, they look amazing with your dining pendant.

  4. so jealous! that is an amazing find! It looks great in the space!

  5. These leather seats are so comfortable and nice. I love the macho strong feel of them. It appears that they will make the other person sink in comfort and set the right posture 😉

    What say? 😉
    Jessica x

  6. Kristen

    Happy Fall! Love these chairs!

  7. Katie

    I said it on instagram and I’ll say it again…amazing score!! Would LOVE to find something like these. And welcome back…can definitely relate to the nesting impulses as the weather turns. Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  8. Flea Market finds make me REALLY miss Philly! What an excellent steal! I’m looking for chairs myself (Aren’t I always… can’t stop). I’m glad you’re blogging! I’ve just recently picked it back up during my transition from Philly to ATL. 🙁 I miss Philly. I might have to resort to living my life vicariously through you via the internet. Keep the post coming!!

    • Naomi

      Jess- Isn’t there amazing vintage down in ATL? I’ve been dying to go to Scott’s Market down there. I can understand missing Philly, but I hope you learn to love your new city too! xo

      • I just recently heard about Scott’s Market from a friend. I missed the September show (it was this weekend), but I have it in my calendar for October! I’ll be sure to write a post. 🙂

  9. Gah, I just can’t get over those chairs! It looks amazing up in there!

  10. Love that they bring so much elegance and patina to the space. I feel you re the IKEA table (the quality isn’t really on the same level as the rest of what you have going on), but the look is spot on. Can’t wait to see how it evolves, though. I know you’ll rock something unexpected, timeless, and welcoming. Plus, comfy in a dining chair should be the FIRST quality one looks for – hate to see a dinner party end early due to sore bottoms. 😉

  11. Hell yea! They look perfect, so glad you got them. Thrifted/vintage chairs that are so much cooler than any new chairs you could find, done and done!

  12. Jenny B

    Welcome back! Those chairs are ridiculously gorgeous. Great to see full on pictures of your whole downstairs space. It really gives an idea of how much value you have added to that house, of course design wise, but structurally as well.

  13. Those chairs are the bomb (not sure people still say that, but it seems fitting in this case)! I think they add an edgy masculine mod vibe to your space. Love!

    • Naomi

      YES- I Like the masculine vibe. I tend to teeter on the edge of crazy art/gold/boho/hodgepodge lady, so I need to balance it out with some modern touches.

  14. also noticed you switched out the art above the dining room buffet. looks great!

    • Naomi

      Thanks, Christine! Yea, I switch out things seasonally. (Ok, maybe weekly.)

  15. oh, those are perfect!!! love the chairs with the table and that gorgeous pendant. SO jealous!

  16. Kat

    Glad you’re back;) Was just checking out Clover Market online the other day…gotta hit that up sometime, even just for inspiration. Dining room’s lookin’ good…that light, man, icing on the cake. Excited about some more cottage posts!

  17. Nancy

    These are fantastic Naomi and so glad you didn’t pass them up. Happy fall to you!
    xo Nancy

  18. Ashley

    Welcome back! And, seriously, your cottage (from the shots above) look like a place you’ve lived in for YEARS. It’s so gorgeous and I can’t believe you’ve put it together so well so quickly.

    And the chairs? They are a major find! What’s the plan for your other dining table?

    • Naomi

      I don’t know!!! Definitely plan to discuss on here once I get it delivered.

  19. I am so glad you bought those chairs! They look awesome and if they are comfy – even better! I think they keep the space feeling open and oh my that pendant lamp is stunning!

  20. Rosie

    Totally jealous. Love those chairs! And they look like they’re in great condition, to boot. The whole first floor is looking fantastic!

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