Vintage Acquisitions

On Friday I stopped by a few of my favorite local antique spots and ended up walking away with a few beauties for myself and for clients.  All were had at amazing steals.  I love shopping vintage!

I have this beaded crystal chandelier on loaner and may end up hanging it in my showroom.  It’s a ceiling mount which is great because we end up moving the table a lot for events and can’t have a low lying fixture.  I have to decide if it mixes well into my scheme.  It’s a really lovely piece and actually within my budget.  The big question for me is what I would use for pendants over the island.  I’m thinking something more modern to contrast and balance out this ornate lady.  Anyone have any ideas?  (See the layout here.)

I picked up this gilded mirror and it will be headed to GirlyGlam Dressing room which we are installing next week!

I nearly stole this frame, it was so cheap.  Love the detailing.  It will either go into GirlyGlam, or I will keep it for myself.

And that’s it for now.  I have a 3 hour dental procedure at noon (boo!), so I’m trying to squeeze in some work before then.  I hope you all had lovely weekends.  Mine was perfection; shopping downtown, art viewing, day drinking, paint sampling, boyfriend snuggling.  I can’t complain.  Other that the dental work…

  1. Major Scores! It’s going to look awesome!

  2. First of all….dentist=major drugs. For me anyway…have a real fear 🙁
    Second…that chandelier…whoa.

  3. Dude, I love vintage finds! And is there anything that beats day drinking?!

  4. Those are friggin fantastic finds! That mirror is the bestest!!!

  5. Ashley

    Beautiful x3! Looking forward to seeing your showroom come together!

    Good luck with the dentist…I’ve got an appointment soon that I am fearing!

  6. The Now

    AGH that chandelier is amazing and I would die for that mirror!!! Great finds! xoxo Elizabeth

  7. Love the lighting! I think maybe something modern would be just the thing to go with it. Perhaps some kind of fabric shade? I love finding old cheap frames like you did, just the perfect touch!

  8. Meant to write much “luck” lately. Need to proofread better.

  9. Love it all, especially the chandy. I’m not having much lately. Definite dry spell. Oh well. Hope your dental procedure goes well. Did I mention before that my husband is a dentist? They get a bad rap sometimes, so I have to put in a good word. 🙂

  10. Erin

    Well, boo… maybe its little sister is out there. preferably for half the price.

  11. Any weekend where you pick up loot like that is perfection in my book! And I love the beaded chandy…crossing my fingers that it works into the office scheme!

  12. Erin, I agree something simple is the way to go, but at 12″ diameter I’m afraid they almost compete with the chandy. (It’s 15″D x 21″ H.)

  13. I love finding vintage frames. So much cheaper then custom frames. I’m off in a bit to hit some antique stores as well. I went Saturday and it was a bust.

  14. That chandelier is amazing! What a great find, Naomi! I definitely think you need to hold on to that baby.

  15. I bought that same exact frame about a year ago from a furniture consignment shop! I ended up painting it and turning it into a chalkboard. So ironic though that you bought the same one! 🙂

  16. Nice finds! That chandi is gorgeous! I’m really itching to go thrifting after seeing everyone’s finds lately…

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