Vein Cut Silver Travertine

We have been designing A LOT of master bathrooms recently.  It’s really rewarding working with a mix of  clients with varying home styles and taste preferences.  While traditional style reigns supreme in the western suburbs of Philadelphia, once in a while I get lucky and score a client who is looking for a modern design.  (Note- I love all styles, but as a designer its fun to mix it up a bit.)  Right now I have a young stylish couple who are seeking a design that is clean, modern, warm and totally chic for their master bath.  My client turned me onto to vein cut silver travertine and this will be the jumping off point for the design.

This travertine, also known as “Ocean Blue Travertine”  has an organic linear look with veins of silver, beige and brown running through it.  Some batches are more blue, some are more tan, some are more stripey, some are more blotchy.  My preference would be for a little more blue and definitely more linear.  Sourcing the right lot is definitely key!

horizontal vein cut silver travertineSarah Richardson

When the tiled up the whole it has a very contemporary, yet organic look.

vein cut silver travertine set on horizontalSarah Richardson

It can be set horizontally.  I like the size of the large rectangular tiles above.  They look like they are around 12×24.  (9×18?)

Or they can be set vertically for a different look.

vein cut travertine set on verticalHome of Delphine Krakoff

Which look do you prefer?

I personally prefer them tiled subway style with offset joints…

offset silver travertin

Another way to go is stacked.  This is a little grid-like to me.  I like the extra movement that comes with the offset tiles.

stacked silver travertine

With the cool, contemporary look of this tile, I really like it paired with a warm wood vanity instead of a painted cabinet.

warm wood paired with silver travertine

Often times you will see people go balls to the walls and do the tile all over the walls and floors…

silver travertine on walls and floorsSteven Gambrel/ House and Home

I favor contrasting the busier walls with a darker, simpler floor.  Something like below…. the travertine is not vein cut silver, but can you imagine if it was?

travertine walls dark floor

It’s a fun new material to me and I’m enjoying how its shaping the design of this bathroom.  What do you think of vein cut silver travertine?  Would you consider it over the oft-used Carrara Marble?

  1. rok

    Have you seen it in a kitchen? I think it looks cool, and need something light (but dirt hiding) in the kitchen, but I don’t know anyone with travertine in the kitchen.

  2. sue

    loving the vertical look… it reminds me of horn… very organic indeed!

  3. I really like it on the floor… feels woody. Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  4. Leah

    I definitely like it more off-set and with the warm wood vanity. it will be interesting to see how it turns out! my brother’s building a home right now and using really large tiles in all of the bathrooms, except for the kid’s. I convinced them to use white subway offset!

  5. Lori

    I used that Steven Gambrel room as my inspiration for our bath redo, off-set stacking the stone on the walls and using a similar paint color for cabinetry and brass hardware for a little warmth. I love it! We did use an off-white subway tile in the shower though because I’m not into sealing my shower every few months and cleaning with special stuff. Stone showers just don’t seem practical to me.

  6. I actually prefer it set vertically! It gives the illusion of higher ceilings and somehow looks more unique, IMO.

  7. Love this tile. You’re right, the lot is so important!! Agree with offset joints and keeping a more neutral floor. Love the spa like feel it creates, probably more so than carrara…it just seems more organic and cozy.

  8. Sherry

    I just finished my master bathroom and I did come across this tile. It is very pretty… However, I don’t think I would do wall to wall with this tile. I’d like to see what you would do with it!

  9. ahh! We have that tile in our master bath. While it wasn’t my first choice, it’s kind of grown on me. I would prefer something else, but it is interesting, and almost has a wood-like feel to it. Anyway – I hope we get to see what you do with it, i’m sure it’ll make me feel better about mine 🙂

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