Trailer Park Chic

I am totally smitten with the Malibu beach trailer of Liberty Ross.  It has the perfect balance of anything I’d want in a seaside home; happy & bright, boho & colorful, casual yet well edited.  A rattan bed, patterned pillows, driftwood coffee table, sheepskin rug and my sweet baby tolix chairs… does it get any better than this?  Oh yea, its Malibu beach front.  Who needs a mansion when you can slum it like this?

PS- I’m officially obsessed with the name Liberty.

All images scanned from C Magazine

  1. Oh my gosh– My mom begged us to name our child Liberty, but alas, we only had boys. :-)

    Loved this post!

  2. Erin

    Can I name boy #2 Liberty? Prolly not.

    So, I was imagining perhaps a cute vintage airstream, but that’s not a trailer! That is amazing.

  3. Beautiful – all of it. Edgy and sun-soaked.

  4. Jeeez big is this trailer ? it looks humongeous.Be happy to live there !

  5. Obsessed with the name Liberty and the antler chandelier and rattan bed. Gorg!
    xoxo -e (

  6. liz.

    I’ve always loved Liberty Moss’ personal style and now I know I love her decor sense as well…also, I’m not sure I know the correct definition of the word trailer, this looks positively expansive!

  7. A trailer, what?! This is so chic. I love the style and presence of personality. Just my style!

  8. That’s a trailer? Maybe in Malibu terms!
    Love it. Need to look thru them again!

  9. Oh my word. Love that wood dining table and that whole dining room, SO much. Goodness. Saving that for sure! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  10. I love the artwork!!! I also love that it’s in Malibu!!! Oh and the Tolix chairs… All fantastic!!

  11. I’ll slum it like that any time! Looking forward to meeting a fellow Philly blogger at all the upcoming events

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