Traditional Wood Table with Tulip Chairs

Look what I pulled out of the basement?  What do we think of the combo?  I love modern chairs with traditional tables.  I think they add such a nice balance and fresh vitality to a space.  Now if only my tulip chairs weren’t missing their cushions (D’Oh!) and didn’t have the cheapest paint job ever.  I think its time to bring these babies back to life.

carved leg wood table white tulip chair design manifest

That doesn’t mean I’ve made any decisions, RE: multiple tables and chairs.  It just means I’m a sucker for a project.

PS- thanks for the amazing comments and thoughts on Wednesday’s post!  You guys gave me a lot to think about.

  1. Kim Grey

    They look great together! The juxtaposition of the traditional wooden table and modern white chairs is fabulous. I love dark wood dining tables with white chairs. Love it!!

  2. Loves it. You will find another home for chrome chairs — they’re super versatile. Put a pair in a room somewhere and a pair in the basement… like money in the bank 😉

    • Naomi

      If only my basement didn’t have wetness issue. That sounds like an uninsured bank! (And yes, I will eventually waterproof my basement. Blech.)

  3. I couldn’t agree more- I love antique tables with modern chairs. also love having a handful of antique pieces with modern lighting- lamps, chandeliers, etc.

  4. Went back to the other post to catch up (so behind with blogs these days) and yes I love this combination. I have a poor man’s version of that combination in my dining room and I haven’t gotten tired of it! And that table is gorgeoussssss. So curious what you’ll do to hoist it up, if you decide to go that direction. Anyway, since I haven’t been commenting lately, just wanted to say that your home is looking GREAT! But you already knew that 😉

    • Naomi

      Thanks, Elisa! Great to hear from you. I’m leaning towards casters.

  5. Elisa

    They look great together! Love the b +w too.

  6. Rosie

    Hey, nice legs! I am so in love with the legs on that table. I’m also loving the tulip chairs. Maybe you can use the chrome/leather numbers in your lounge?

  7. Leah

    i never got to weigh-in the other day on the table/chair thing, but I love the table with the tulip chairs! if casters can get the table to the right height, then refinishing the chairs and table as you can would be worth it! i love that the table is an heirloom and really beautiful.

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