Tolix Chair knock-off

Home Decorators has knocked off the Tolix Chair.

They call it the Garden side chair, and are selling it for $99.
What do we think?  Cheap substitute for the Marais A chair?  The Marais A is crafted of sheet steel, while the Garden chair is brushed aluminum.
The official reproduction, $250, Design Within Reach
Or good option for someone on a budget?
The “garden chair” in a dining room setting.
 I thought they looked a little stout next to the “real” chairs, but they are actually the same dimension.
One more view to analyze….
I don’t know if I’m sold.  But it sure is tempting to get close to the look and save some serious dough.  (6 chairs, $150 less, you do the math.)
I like them better than Crate and Barrel’s option.  But at least it seems CB was doing their own interpretation, and not a blatant copy.
Lyle Chair, $199.
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  2. Melissa

    This look like crap…hey when i can;t afford something, I still buy they good stuff and forgo a bunch of odds -n -ends. Quality speaks volumes over quantity. They look cheaper than they are! MAke good choices people…this is the kind of thing you regret buying everyday, and turns out to be a waste of money. Buy the real deal only and less junk…de-clutter your life and enjoy the real thing.

  3. I just asked for a set of these for my birthday! I have been obsessed with these forever but cant swallow the price on the originals! Thanks for sharing!

  4. The finish makes it look too blocky… bummer. The price is right!

  5. yeah, not too bad if you reeeally have to. but the brushed aluminium kills it for me. but then, this is my favourite chair, so i’m probably hard to convince! : )


  6. Ha, I am with NKP as well…somehow seems a bit off…plus very partial to the originals. Great find nonetheless!

  7. I like the shiny a lot, and for six, which we would need, I might go for it. But definitely not the same. Have you ever bought chairs from Home Decorators? I’m curious about the quality. XO!

  8. I’m with NKP, not quite right.

    And I think you’re being kind with “stout.”

  9. nkp

    I’m all about finding a budget-friendly alternative, but this one just doesn’t do it for me. It just does not have the same finesse.

  10. I have no problem buying a knockoff of something fabulous I simply cannot afford. If it look good, it is good!

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