To hoard or not to hoard

hello my dears!  I’m back from my phone and internet free weekend.  It was a truly fabulous retreat for me.  I had lots of time to reflect on my life.  I pondered things like, Do I like where I am heading?  What am I doing to hold myself back?  How can I be a better person?  And most importantly (for the blog,) Am I turning into a furniture hoarder?

I checked the math, and recently the rate of my object acquisition has been increasing exponentially compared to my furniture release.  Meaning- I’m buying shit, and not getting rid of the old shit.  It’s getting to be a bit of a problem.

Exactly two weeks ago today, I proclaimed to the world that my dining table was pretty enough for now.  It’s not my “vision” but it’s solid and I have other areas to work on in my home.

Then eight days later I decided that layered table cloths are the best thing since fried macaroni and cheese balls.  (If you haven’t had one, you are missing out.)  And layered table cloths look best with round tables.

So without a further thought or devotion to my existing table,  I went and picked up one of these guys off Craig.

(It’s the Docksta)
I don’t need this table.  But I did get it for FREE.  Yup that’s right, Suckers, NO MONEY, No wammies!
And I wasn’t just happy about my score.  I was crazy-dance, wide-eyed, high-fiving myself thrilled over a stupid fake tulip table.
Bri was kind enough to illustrate my altered state, for those of you who need help understanding my crazy.
Thanks, Bri!  (Only my boobs aren’t that big.)

But, Friends, I promise, I’m trying not be a hoarder.  I really am.

For instance, last weekend, I passed a chance to scoop up this daybed at an auction.

You see I don’t really “need” a daybed frame.  So even though I thought it was the bomb and could surely turn it into something super cute like this…

by the fabulous Molly Luetkemeyer
Nope.  I restrained myself.  And now I’m pretty sad about my loss.
(unfortunately I did not get Bri to illustrate my sadness.)
You know what I’m not sad about?  My table.
So let’s recap.  Free table = crowded, happy dining area.  Lost bed frame = sad, non-crowded bedroom.
What’s the lesson here, folks?

ps, if you need help understanding how my table could be awesome, you should check out this post.

  1. Haha! I totally relate, its so hard to pass up on good finds…our garage was pretty bad for sometime than I finally said no more (well actually my boyfriend did).

  2. I’ve been obsessing over a huge, gorgeous daybed. It would have been hard to pass that up…

  3. Lesson= buy more furniture! PS Trader Joe’s fried mac n cheese balls are amazeballs!

  4. Jessie

    I love this post! Freebie tulip table lookalike and comic in one post? Fabulous and funny! Can we say fabulously funny?


  5. How amazing that you got that table for free! Fantastic score 🙂

  6. Danika

    Hahahaha! I love Bri’s illustrations! I say hoard until you make yourself sick, than purge and sell. If only we could all have infinite warehouse space to store all our awesome finds in. Ahhhh. Perfection. And that daybed is going to haunt my dreams now. F-awesomeness!

  7. Awesome score! Can’t wait to see what you do with it! Found you from Full House.

  8. WOW…free! How can you say no? I hate when I see something amazing that I must have and want but no room in the house is like…goodness, now I have to think of what can I get rid of to make space. grrrrrrrrrr I feel your pain!

  9. Hoarding comes with the territory- and the daybed would have been a no-brainer- yep, strap on top of the car would have been my solution- bet it would have been yours too if it would have been for free like the table.!!!!!!!.You never regret what you did, but what you did not do- so enjoy the full fabulousness of your super fab free table.

  10. LindsB

    that table is awesome and free is even better- I say keep on hoarding!

  11. OMG I love this. Just came over from designstILes. I am SO going to enjoy your posts!

  12. Bahahha I make myself laff. Is that normal?

    Damn girl that daybed was dope. But no need dwelling on the past. As much as we all shop for house crap I’m sure you’ll find more fabulousness somewhere else.

  13. Sometimes it’s okay to be a hoarder. Like when you find fabulous free stuff. I’m a huge fan of these tables and I think it’ll look great in your cool pad.

  14. Hilarious, but if it’s free and you love it…I say why not?!

  15. You are so much stronger than me. That daybed would have been strapped to the top of my car, hillbilly style (this is Tennessee..)

  16. I need Bri to make me an illustration. How awesome is that? And a free table??? I saw a free sofa on Craigs and if I could figure out how to transport it, that puppy would have been mine. I try not to be a hoarder too, but it’s really hard! Love your tulip table!

  17. I TOO have a vintage tulip table sitting in my basement (where the heck to put it?) because it was only $5.00 and super cool. This seems like a pretty specific hoarding problem. Perhaps a club is in order?

  18. Lisa

    there is always room for a tulip table!

  19. Holy fabulous! 🙂 Just think how sad you would be without that FREE table. Besides, furniture hoarding has to be better than the couponers and their crazy stock piles. Wouldn’t you rather have a free table instead of 60 bottles of mustard?

  20. Awesome score! I never turn down free stuff… which is why I, too, am a hoarder.

    And I love Bri’s illustrations.

  21. Hoarding, Schmoarding…I say, there is no such thing as too much fab furniture! Okay, that is a total lie and I have begun the hoarding furniture thing, too. I think my husband is concerned. (c: But holy crap, FREE?!?! You just can’t pass that up! Especially with said layered table cloth fabulousness…and your office is OFF THE HOOK fab. I fell in love the second I laid eyes on your berry colored desk goodness. Divine. (c:

  22. Great score! I love tulip tables as well!

  23. The table was free, thats all that matters. For real. I am all for hoarding. Seriously. I am currently hoarding benches in my apartment. There are two in desperate need of recovering. And yes I COULD do it myself, but I think they truly deserve to be tufted in only a way my lovely upholsterer can achieve.

  24. anita

    It’s all about the ebb and flow…
    One Craigslist listing later, your old table will be out of there!

  25. Ha ha! Bri always gets to the heart of the matter.

    The “free” part increases your table’s fabulousness exponentially.

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