Time for my Morning Swim!

Can you imagine… roll out of bed in the morning and hop in the pool.
I’d like to thank my good friend, Maria, for brightening my dreary, Monday morning with this image.

When I first moved to my apartment, I thought my bedroom was big because I could fit a queen bed, two dressers AND a chair. 
Nope.  It seems BIG these days involves having an olympic sized pool in your bedroom.  The turquoise walls and illuminated pool are pretty on the eyes, but is this a place you would really want to sleep?
Personally I think the constant stank of chlorine wafting through my nostrils would have an adverse effect on my dreams.  Plus what happens if I stumble home a little drunky drunky and accidentally miss the bed?
Let’s save this one for the guest house.
Something I could potentially see in my future bedroom?  A Tub.
See, this tub fits right in!  And since its elevated (and drained of water) there is less of a chance of me drowning myself when I go for a glass of a water at night.
It’s a one-two-three punch!…. a bed, bath and outside area.
Hello LUVVAH!  I spy a black bedroom with a pedestal tub in its own special niche.


On the other end of the spectrum yet equally lovely: A light-filled bedroom with a touch of rustic charm and a pedestal tub just calling my name.  Don’t you just want to soak, towel off and climb into bed?
Philosophical thought of the day; Why is it that the bathtub is placed in the same room as the toilet?   Are they really related?  Ponder…..
  1. Amanda

    two things i love, slumber parties and pool parties.

  2. Oh my! I have never seen anything like that first pool/bedroom combo. I would KILL for that. Talk about the good life…
    XX Kate

  3. That first photo. Oh my goodness — how could I ever be unhappy?

  4. OOoooooo, that glassed in outdoor shower thing is hot!

  5. I was once in a house that had a pool in it–too much condensation, but it sure looks awesome!

  6. Megan

    i think this post has planted a permanent seed of desire in my soul for a bedroom soaking tub. this seed may be more powerful even than my desire for a luxury treehouse condo.

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