Tiered Dresses and Sofas

I think I have a thing for the modern tiered ruffle.  Last week while reading my House Beautiful I spied this gorgeous skirted sofa with a waterfall pleat detailing.  It adds the perfect feminine touch to a modern sofa.  Then when I saw Blair wearing a dress in a similar style, I knew I had to do a post.  Just loving the depth and layers to her frock. Inspired by her accessories, I’ve made a little outfit for the sofa as well.

Here is the outfit version, styled by Atlantic-Pacific

And here is Verellen’s Jasmine sofa, virtually-styled by me…
I’ll take all of the above please.  Do you dress like your sofa?  Maybe you should.
  1. Danika

    I was just going to post about this sofa today! Love the pleats. I’M gonna make a bed skirt like this. Totally kicks ass.

  2. Sofa is perfect — so up my alley! That neutral glam look I love so much.

    Love Bee and her blog! Her dress is stunning but I’m not a pearls and bow kind of girl (if you couldn’t guess). I’ll take her bag!

  3. Love your virtual styling!! I was just thinking about having an interior decor that goes with one’s personal style! Such a timely post!

  4. Your virtual styling really captures Blair’s look well! If my sofa looked like this I’d definitely dress to match. I guess in a way I do dress to match considering both my sofa and clothes are often covered in dog hair… sad, but true.

  5. Wow, thanks for stopping by, Jamie! Such a an of your style and work.

  6. Gorgeous! Can’t get enough of black and white. I also like the pleats on the sofa. It gives it even more personality. Love your blog!
    Jamie Herzlinger

  7. nkp

    I was taken aback by that sofa as well when I spied it in HB. It’s rare to find something new and intriguing about a sofa. This one is really beautiful.

  8. uuugh no, if I did I would smell like fritos and raunchy stank feet thanks to Timmy.

    Love the waterfall pleated sofa!!!

  9. I think I could spend hours oogling Blair and her amazing outfit concoctions…oh wait, I’m pretty sure I do…(c: I absolutely *love* this comparison, the detailing on that sofa is so tailored and amazing. I love dressing up my sofa, no couch is complete without some fab pillows!

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